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Why Study abroad?

Choosing to be an overseas student might considerably expand your educational opportunities. Foreign universities in the United States, the United Kingdom,  or Australia have highly reputed institutions, and these three nations are home to a large percentage of the world’s top universities.

Studying abroad can help your career open up to multiple possibilities. Employers increasingly prioritize graduates who have foreign experience and education in today’s globalized society.

Learning new languages, appreciating other cultures, overcoming the hardships of living in another country, and gaining a better understanding of the globe are all benefits you will gain when you decide to study  abroad.

All of these qualities are sought by organizations when hiring, and they will only grow more significant in the future.


Studying abroad is one of the most transformative and life-changing experiences. Y-Axis helps you to make the most of this huge investment in time and cost with its proven strategy which will help you gain admission to universities in leading countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries. As a leading study abroad consultant in India, Y-Axis offers free career counselling and career planning advice. Our team of counselors help you choose an apt study abroad program based on your career choice. We will help you make an informed decision.

We do not partner with universities and are unbiased in our recommendations to students. This transparency, coupled with our end-to-end support makes us the preferred vendor for students who are seeking to study abroad. Our Campus Ready Solution is popular among students and working professionals as a one-stop solution for all their career overseas plans.


Once you have selected the universities/courses based on the geographical areas or the subject, you can see how far they match with the criteria that you have decided. This will help you make a comparison between your choices.

Look for the following information to make an informed comparison between colleges:

  • University ranking
  • Start dates of available programs
  • Content of the course
  • Teaching methodology
  • Career prospects for the course
  • Campus life and activities
  • Accommodation options
  • Admission requirements
  • Course affordability

Documentation needed to study abroad

You’ll need the following documents to apply to universities in order to study abroad:

  1. Application Form– The application form is the most crucial document because it contains all of your personal and professional information. An application form must be filled out accurately. Always double-check your application before sending it to the university where you wish to study.
  2. Statement of purpose (SOP)- This is the most significant part of your application, and will mostly discuss your background, reasons for pursuing your program at the specified university, and career ambitions. Spend a lot of time on your SOP because it will help your application stand out among the thousands of others. Take the help of an overseas education consultant to complete this requirement.
  3. Academic transcripts- This is essentially your academic record, which will include any courses you’ve taken as well as your grades, credits, and degree received (it is easily available from your university).
  4. Letter of Recommendation (LOR)– A letter of recommendation (LOR) is an academic letter written by one of your professors or managers that discusses your abilities, accomplishments, experience, and usefulness to your college or professional organization. This letter allows the admissions committee to gain insight into your life and make an informed decision about your admission.
  5. Resume– A CV or resume will provide a detailed overview of your academic and professional history. Make sure to include all of your degrees, certificates, internships, and relevant professional experience in your resume.
  6. Test Scores- Your test scores must be submitted with your application.The results of English language competency exams such as the IELTS are required by most countries and institutions. You may need to take other exams to study abroad such as the SAT or GRE, depending on your choice of location and institution.
  7. Essays- Some colleges may need you to submit a study abroad essay to demonstrate your commitment to your plans. This essay might be a fantastic opportunity to make a wonderful first impression and demonstrate to the university administration that you are prepared and committed to pursuing the course in their organization.
  8. Valid passport- Finally, you must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after your return date.

How to Apply for a Student Visa to study abroad?

Get to know the visa requirements- Different countries have varying visa requirements, the embassy of the nation you want to study in should be your first stop.

Get a confirmation from your university- Before travelling to your destination, you should always apply for a visa. You must wait until you have received a confirmed offer from a university before submitting the visa application, and you may be required to apply in person at an embassy.

Identify the visa you should apply for- The actual name and type of visa you’ll need varies by nation, but you’ll certainly need a non-immigrant student/study visa. This basically suggests that you do not intend to stay in that nation permanently and that your stay is only for the purpose of studying.

You may require proof of your place on a program from the university or college you plan to attend before you apply for your visa.

Get the required papers from your university- Contact the university or college to find out the visa you need to apply and/or to request that they send you the appropriate papers.

Make your application– You should be ready to apply once your university or college has advised you of the suitable visa you need  and any papers you require  to submit. Ask how to apply for a visa at your host country’s embassy or consulate, or browse their website.

If fraudulent information was provided or crucial facts were omitted throughout the application process, the visa will be revoked.

Processing time- Depending on the country and your nationality, visa processing can take anything from a few days to 2 months. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get your visa in order, since rushing an application is not recommended and may result in you losing your spot.

Get the help of an overseas immigration consultant to help you with the application process.


Y-Axis has the scale and expertise to help students access world class education and then turn this accomplishment into a career launchpad. Our package of services helps students build their dream life whether they want to work, settle or just study abroad.

Professional counseling to help you choose the right course and college

Complete support during the process from choosing the right course to  help with the entrance exams to the application process

Ace your IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT & SAT tests with our live classes to help you score well on the exams to study abroad.

Proven expertise in securing visa & other documentation

Unbiased advice that puts you on the path to success

Both SOP/LOR that gives an insight into yourself can significantly strengthen your application

Concierge is a done-for-you service taking care  of essential tasks.

Job search services* for the USA, UK, Canada, Australia & more


We work for you

Unlike most overseas education consultants we work for you not for a university. As we don’t depend on commissions from colleges or universities, we are free to advise you on what is best for you.

Moreover, as we are not financed by a bank or a VC or are listed on the stock market, we have no pressure to make sales. This freedom allows us to think freely and come up with a solution that works for you, your life and career.

As an Indian company we understand the aspirations, the pains and tribulations that our families go through to give us a good education. As parents normally fund the education with a student loan, we realize that we should not burden them for its repayment. Y-Axis charts a program so that you should, upon graduation, be able to repay your student loan.

This kind of thinking not only allows you to repay your debt but also, in doing so you become financially independent and also increase your confidence and self-esteem.

We offer you great value

We bundle all our services so that it comes to you at a great value and convenience. For a small fee you get India’s best career consultant working on your side for a lifetime. The package includes counseling, course selection, documentation, coaching for entrance exams & student visa application.

When you see the unit price of our services, you will see how reasonable and fair we are.

We make it a great investment

What does your money buy you? Just a degree? You should be getting more than that.

You can get not only a degree but also a skill that will get you not only a job but also a PR visa.

Did you know some courses are eligible for a PR Visa and others are not? Once you enter a country on the wrong course or degree, you will not only find it difficult but also very expensive.

If you plan and strategize well you can make it a great investment that can change your life positively. You have one chance to make it happen and you have to do it right the first time.

We offer a relationship of a lifetime

We don’t see you as a one-time customer. We would like to be with you for a lifetime in every step of your journey even after you graduate. Sometimes we feel that this is when you need us the most – when you have just landed and need someone at the airport, when you have a migration issue or need to find a job abroad.

Our counseling is life changing

Our Y-Path for students charts a path for you to become a Global Indian who makes his parents, friends, community and country proud.

Y-Path is a result of Y-Axis’ years of counseling experience that has helped thousands of Indians to settle abroad.

Nobody understands overseas careers like we do. When we say that we mean that nobody understands it in its totality – in all its implications from funding to immigration to finding a job. To us admissions is the easy clerical part – the harder part is to chalk a career path for you.

Our processes are integrated

We are not only a one-stop-shop, all our services are integrated to ensure a smooth flow from one department to the other and one stage to the other. Even after you graduate you can continue using our customer  service.

Y-Axis adoption of cutting-edge technology, including and Genesys, allows us to provide you with an enhanced customer experience. We are just a call, e-mail, chat or even a small drive away.

We offer you Premium Member & Verified Status

When you sign up with us, you appear in our open resume bank as a premium member which allows potential employers to contact you directly. To help them verify who you are, you will show up as a Y-AXIS Verified student, which means we would do the basic checks about your identity and credentials and endorse you.

We market you for a job upon graduation

Before you realize it, you will have graduated and will be searching for a job. We will provide you all the support needed for the job search.

You become part of Global Indian Community

We will help you network with other Indians living abroad. As a member of our own network you will also have the opportunity to share your experiences that will help other students.

We offer you immigration support

We are presumably the world’s largest immigration firm and no other firm has the experience we have as an overseas education consultant filing new applications. Several thousands of Indians have settled abroad using our services. We can guide you through all your student visa and immigration related matters upon your graduation.



We help you discover the right course based on your preferred career path.


Our service package ensures we are with you at every step of your journey from entrance exams to admissions to visas and post-landing support.


We take pride in providing unbiased advice to students. We are not in partnership with any university and are an independent overseas education consultant.

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Why Choose Us?
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Discover the right course based on your preferred career path

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One Stop Shop

Y-Axis helps you at every step of your journey from admissions to coaching to visas and post-landing support

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Serve Students Not Universities

We do not partner with any universities and provide unbiased advice to our students

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Why Choose Us?
study abroad consultants

Right Course > Right Path

Discover the right course based on your preferred career path

student visa consultant

One Stop Shop

Y-Axis helps you at every step of your journey from admissions to coaching to visas and post-landing support

overseas education consultants in India

Serve Students Not Universities

We do not partner with any universities and provide unbiased advice to our students

*Under Job Search Service, we offer Resume Writing, LinkedIn Optimization and Resume Marketing. We do not advertise jobs on behalf of overseas employers or represent any overseas employer. This service is not a placement/recruitment service and does not guarantee jobs.

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