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I sincerely appreciate the way you conduct this H1B job search process. Your dedication ensured a smooth and efficient job search and processing. Your excellent service made a significant difference in my journey.

Sweetlin Grace
April 2024 Intake

I am extremely pleased with the exceptional service provided during my H1B job search. Their expertise in handling resume services and job search strategies not only saved valuable time but also alleviated potential stress, allowing me to focus on other critical aspects of my plans. Her commitment to client satisfaction truly made a significant difference in my journey. I highly recommendY-Axis for anyone seeking dedicated and effective job search support.

Sudheer Y
April 2024 Intake

Y-Axis helped me so much with my H1B visa process. My process manager was super nice and made everything easy and not scary at all. She knows a lot about making resumes and finding jobs and filing visa. She saved me lots of time and made me feel happy instead of worried about finding a job. If you need help with an H1B, you should ask at Y-Axis.

Jaspreet K
April 2024 Intake

No visa in the world is as lifechanging as the H1B

Join a $27 trillion economy

The US economy is 3x larger than China’s and 9x larger than India’s. No country on Earth offers the kind of economic opportunity the US does.

Your spouse can also work

As the spouse of an H1B visa holder, your spouse can also apply for work authorization. This way, both you and your spouse can earn in dollars, effectively doubling your income.

Move between jobs

H1B visa holders have the benefit of portability. They can move between jobs, provided the new job is in a specialty occupation and the new employer files a new H1B petition.

Extend your work authorization

The H1B visa allows you to work in the U.S. for a period of upto 3 years initially and can be extended upto six years.

Seek Permanent Residency

The H1B is a dual-intent visa, meaning that H1B holders can legally seek permanent residency in the U.S. while on a temporary work visa.

Grow - in all possible ways

Working in the US gives you the opportunity to grow socially, intellectually and financially. Your family has access to the best education and healthcare. Whatever your interests, the US offers you a platform to engage with them.

And there is no time like now to apply for an H1B visa

Fewer H1B visa petitions are getting denied, meaning that your chances of getting an H1B visa are higher than ever.

H1B workers are earning more than 2x of typical U.S. workers.

Create a life in the U.S. with H1Bhive

H1Bhive is designed for ambitious IT and Biotech professionals who are in huge demand in the US. We’ll help you make the right moves to find an H1B sponsor regardless of whether you are in the U.S. or not.

Don't let others get ahead of you

Work in tech or Biotech? You need an H1B visa

The U.S. is a beacon for technology and biotechnology professionals. An H1B visa does not just get you into the U.S. but also dramatically expands what you can achieve in your life!

Work at the cutting edge

The U.S. is home to Silicon Valley and other tech hubs at the forefront of innovation. Work with pioneering artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and high-tech companies.

Work with the best and brightest

The U.S. attracts top talent from around the world. Through H1Bhive, join teams that are not only talented but also diverse.

Learn & earn

The U.S. tech and biotech sectors offer some of the highest compensations. H1Bhive can help you find lucrative positions that also help you grow as an individual.

Build the best connections

The U.S. provides unparalleled opportunities to connect with industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in your field.

Get global recognition

The U.S. attracts top talent from around the world. Through H1Bhive, join teams that are not only talented but also diverse.

Your growth is India’s growth

The skills you gain in the U.S. can be a competitive advantage. When you decide to contribute or return to India, these skills and networks will be priceless.

What is the H1B application process?

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. companies to employ graduate-level workers in specialtized fields such as in IT, finance, engineering, mathematics, science, medicine, etc. Here’s an overview of how the H1B visa process generally works:

Step 1

Find a sponsor

A sponsor is a U.S. employer that offers jobs to individuals who meet the H1B criteria

Step 2

H1B petition filing

Your H1B sponsor will file an H1B petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The petition includes Labor Condition Application (LCA) approval from the Department of Labor (DOL), which ensures that hiring the foreign worker will not adversely affect the conditions of U.S. workers.

Step 3

H1B lottery

Due to the high demand for H1B visas, the USCIS has instituted a quota of 85,000 visas issued each year. When the number of petitions exceeds this cap, a lottery system is used to pick out petitions which will be processed.

Step 4

Petition selection & approval

If the petition is selected in the lottery, USCIS will review it. If approved, the foreign worker can apply for the H1B visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Approval is not guaranteed and depends on the merits of the individual case.

Step 5

Visa application & interview

Once the petition is approved, the foreign worker must apply for the H1B visa with the Department of State (DOS) and may need to attend a visa interview.

Step 6

Admission to the United States

Upon visa approval, the beneficiary can enter the United States. The H1B visa typically allows for an initial stay of up to three years, which can be extended to a maximum of six years.

Your H1B Sponsorship Solution

Since 1999, Y-Axis has helped thousands of individuals work, study and settle abroad in countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and Germany. We can help you too.

  • Dedicated H1B strategist
  • Detailed analysis of your profile
  • U.S. format resume and cover letter
  • Keyword optimization for your profile
  • LinkedIn profile creation and optimisation
  • List your profile on jobsites and apply on your behalf
  • Get premium listing on Y-Axis international jobsite
  • Apply to companies that sponsor H1B visas for your job profile
  • Resume marketing to increase your visibility
  • Market your profile to hotlist of employers & companies
  • We apply to hundreds of relevant jobs on your behalf
  • Your strategist will prepare alternative plans as well for you

1000s of people have succeeded with our services - you can too!

My consultant was very patient and helped me with all my documents.

- Tejeswar Rao

My consultant gave me full support. He crosschecked, and guided me with my US visa application.

- Deepti Talluri

My consultant was very patient and helped me with all my documentation.

- Srividya Biswas

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