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Georgia Tourist Visa

Georgia is located between Europe and Asia and is home to the Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. Its most famous tourist attraction is the Vardzia, a cave monastery belonging to the 12th century. Other famous places here include the ancient wine-growing region of Kakheti and the capital, Tbilisi, famous for its architecture.

For tourists wanting to visit the country a tourist visa is required. This is valid for 3 months. There is also an e-visa facility to obtain this visa.

Eligibility requirements to apply for Georgia tourist visa:
  • Have a genuine reason to visit the country
  • Have the finances to support your stay
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Have proof of motive to return to your home country
Documents required for the visa application:
  • A valid passport whose validity will exceed the duration of the visa you apply for by six months
  • Passport size photos
  • A copy of your completed and signed application form
  • Details about your itinerary
  • Proof of hotel bookings, flight bookings
  • Copy of tour ticket
  • Proof of having enough finances to support your travel and stay in the country
  • A cover letter with all the required details about your itinerary
  • Letter from the organization where the applicant is working
  • Recent statement from your bank
  • Income tax statements
  • Travel insurance policy that will cover major injuries or accidents

Before you apply for a tourist visa, ensure that you meet the visa requirements and ensure that you pay the required fees for the visa.

Here are the details of the visa fees:
Category Stay duration Fees
Single entry 15 days INR 1700
Single entry 30 days INR 2528
Single entry 15 days INR 2528
How Y-Axis Can Help You?
  • Advise you on the required documentation
  • Advise you on the funds that need to be shown
  • Fill out the application forms
  • Review your documents for the visa application
Do I need travel insurance for my visit visa Georgia?

Yes. Travel medical insurance is mandatory.

Travel insurance policy: A document which proves that you have travel health insurance coverage for the whole of the Schengen zone, with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 in the event of any medical emergency, such as illnesses, injuries and even repatriation in the event of death.

What is the processing time for visit visa Georgia?

10 days is the processing time for a visit visa Georgia.

Do keep in mind that, in individual cases, the processing time can be extended to 30 or even 60 calendar days.

The Embassy is committed to issuing visas as soon as possible, provided they have complete and satisfactory information about the applicant.

The processing period can be extended to 30 days because of the number of applications received by the embassy/consulate or the uniqueness of your situation.

It can take up to 45 days for exceptional applications to be processed by the embassy/consulate.

What is the maximum period that I can stay in Georgia?

The total period that an alien can stay in Georgia is not more than 90 calendar days in any 180-days’ period.

Do I have to appear in person if I’m applying for a short stay visa to Georgia?

Yes, you will have to appear in person.

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