Australia PR Visa

Know how to apply Citizen/PR dependent visa.

Dependent visas are issued to spouses or dependent children of Australia Citizens or Permanent residents allowing them to reside in Australia. It is family sponsorship route.

As per the spouse visa (sub class 309/100) requirements, the sponsor holding Australia PR visa should enter once in Australia to activate the PR and then can reside in Australia or can be residing anywhere in the world to sponsor the spouse. Australian citizens can also be residing outside of Australia and can sponsor the spouse.

Process time: 21-26 months
  • For Child visa (sub class 101) the sponsor holding the PR visa can sponsor the child without entering Australia.
Process time: 12-17 months
  • In addition, sponsors must be able to justify their relationship is true and genuine.
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Is it easy to get an Australia PR Visa?

Getting an Australia PR Visa is eased if you can score 70 points. Applicants must also have a Master’s degree, work experience in skills list of Australia and a good score in English test. They can then obtain the PR Visa within 12 months.

How many points are required for Australian PR?

The applicants of Australia PR through a Skilled Visa are required to score at least 65 points for applying from 1 July 2018. This change through legislation will affect all applicants with 60 points. It is if they are yet to receive an invite to apply for an Australia Skilled Visa.

It must be noted here that scoring the minimum points of 65 does assure an invite for Visa application. As per the latest data, the points needed for Skilled Visas remain high. As a result, several individuals now opt for sponsorship from a State.

As a matter of fact, applicants need at least 70 to 75 points to receive an invite for Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa application. Applicants have 2 primary methods to enhance their score – State Sponsorship and the English Test.

What are the pathways to obtain Australia PR?

There are 3 pathways through which applicants can obtain the Australia PR:

Australia PR through the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

The Government of Australia has launched a new Visa replacing the Subclass 457 Visa from March 2018. It is the Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.

The 482 or TSS Visa is divided into 2 streams:

  • STSOL – Short-Term Skilled Occupations List: If you qualify for only the STSOL, then you do not have a transition pathway to Australia PR.
  • MLTSSL – Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List: If you qualify for the MLTSSL, then you have the pathway for transitioning to Australia PR after 3 years.

Australia PR through the Skilled Migration Visa

To apply for Australia PR through this pathway, you must select the appropriate occupation. You will also need the required IELTS bands score and Skills Assessment results. This is a points-based system. Thus you will have to score the minimum required points which are 65 now. Nevertheless, higher scores will only enhance your chances of getting the invitation to apply for the Visa.

Australia PR as Partner of Permanent resident or Australian Citizen

You can apply for Australia PR as a Partner Visa holder. This is as a Fiancé, De facto partner or Spouse of Australian Permanent resident or Citizen or qualified New Zeeland citizen. The PR Visa, in this case, is offered after 2 years of applying for the Partner Visa. This is based on the current status of your relationship.

How much do I need to invest in Australia to get PR?

Below is the investment required for Australia PR under the Investment Visa streams:

Business Investment Visa: Business owners or successful investors must be willing to invest at least AUD 1.5 million for 4 years

Significant Investor Visa: Individuals who intend to benefit Australia must make an investment of at least AUD 5 million for 4 years

How many years do you have to live in Australia to be a citizen?

Applicants who have obtained their Australia PR after July 1, 2007, must fulfil the below requirements for obtaining Australian Citizenship:

  • Must have resided in Australia legally for a minimum of 4 years
  • Must have resided in Australia for a minimum of 12 months as PR holders
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