Australia Subclass 190

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Why Sub Class 190 Visa?

  • Stay in Australia permanently
  • Work in Australia along with PR
  • Travel to and from Australia any number of times
  • Earn in AUD, 5 times more than your current salary
  • Settle in Australia along with your family
Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

A permanent visa, the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190), is granted to skilled migrant workers. It would help if you got a nomination from any of the states or territories of Australia before applying for it.

In the next step, confirm if it is a Subclass 190 Skilled nominated visa. Compare it with the subclass 189 visa. When applying for Australia, you must be a resident of an Australian state/territory.

See supporting information to know more about the subclass 190 visa.

Eligibility Criteria

You gain eligibility to apply for Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa nomination, and you need the following:

  • Willingness to live in an Australian state/territory
  • Must have your Registration of Interest (ROI) selected
  • Aged under 45
  • Be proficient in English
  • Obtain a valid Skills Assessment in a profession listed on the eligible skilled occupation list for this particular visa
  • Must have a minimum of 65 points on the Government of Australia’s points test in SkillSelect for your Expression of Interest (EOI)
Steps to Apply

The visa process includes four steps:

  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Government of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs through SkillSelect.
  • Submit a Registration of Interest (ROI) for a nomination in an Australian state/territory with the EOI number received by you from SkillSelect.
  • If you have been selected, you will apply for nomination.
  • If you get the nomination application, you must submit a visa application for your selected visa with the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government.

You must provide in your application the following documents to demonstrate that you satisfy the requirements:

  • Passport
  • English language proficiency test score
  • Skills Assessment

If you have stated that you are currently working in Victoria in your Registration of Interest (ROI), you must also provide the following:

  • Employment contract
  • Payslips (latest four weeks)
  • Superannuation statement
  • Job role description.

Sub Class 190 visa processing time

The processing time for Australia Sub Class 190 visa is 10 to 12 months.

The processing time can also vary depending on other factors such as the number of applications received, authenticity of the application, and the demand in the particular occupation that a skilled worker has applied to.

Sub Class 190 visa cost

  • The cost of Australian Sub Class 190 visa for main applicants is AUD 4,640.
  • The cost for additional applicants of 18 years of age or above is AUD 2,320.
  • The cost for additional applicants under the age of 18 years is AUD 1,160.
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