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Luxembourg Tourist Visa

Luxembourg is the second smallest country in Europe but is one among the wealthiest countries in the world. The country’s rich history makes it a tourist’s paradise.

If you are planning to visit Luxembourg, then you will need to get the short-stay Schengen visa. With this visa you can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period. The visa can be issued either for single or multiple entries.

Since Luxembourg is part of the Schengen agreement, with this visa you can travel freely within the Schengen countries including Luxembourg.

About Luxembourg

Referred to as the Gibraltar of the North, Luxembourg is a country situated in northwestern Europe.

Luxembourg is bordered by Germany on the northeast and east, France on the south, and Belgium on the north and west.

One of the historic crossroads of Europe, many have left their cultural imprint on the country. Luxembourgish is the national language. German and French are the languages of administration.

Luxembourg has a high proportion of foreigners living within its borders. Almost half of the total population of Luxembourg is overseas-born and consists of German, French, Portuguese, Belgians, and Italians.

Prominent tourist destinations –

·       Luxembourg, the Capital City

·       Guttland, charming villages with old farmhouses

·       Éislek region (Luxembourg Ardennes)

·       The Moselle

·       Minett, the land of the red rocks

·       Mullerthal, the Little Switzerland of Luxembourg


There are many reasons that make Luxembourg worth visiting. These include –

  • Medieval old town feel
  • A mini-European microcosm, packing the best that Europe has to offer
  • Impressive trail network, making it among the densest pedestrian networks in Europe. International trails connect Luxembourg with Germany and Belgium.
  • Fairy tale castles
  • Easy to get around, travel times between Luxembourg city and anywhere else are quite short given that Luxembourg is only 999 square miles in area.
Eligibility requirements to apply for tourist visa:
  • Completed application form
  • Passport with a validity of at least six months
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Return air tickets
  • Covering letter with details of the traveler, purpose of visit and duration of stay. The letter should be signed by an authorized signatory
  • Income Tax Returns of the last 3 years
  • Original bank statements with details of transactions of the last six months
  • Details of the hotel where you will be staying
  • Medical insurance policy
Visa processing and approval:

Your visa will be processed in 15 working days; however, the approval is based on the decision by the consulate.

Before you apply for a tourist visa, ensure that you meet the visa requirements and have the required travel documents.

Ensure that you pay the required fees for the visa

Here are the details of the total visa fees for different categories:
Category Fees
Adults Rs.12878.82
Child (6-12 years) Rs.11078.82
How Y-Axis Can Help You?
  • Advise you on the required documentation
  • Advise you on the funds that need to be shown
  • Fill out the application forms
  • Review your documents for the visa application
Which visa will I have to apply for?

You will have to apply for a Schengen short stay visa (Visa C) for transiting through or staying in the Schengen Area for a maximum duration of continued or interrupted 90 days’ stay in each period of 180 days. This is also commonly referred to as the “90/180 Schengen Visa Rule”.

This visa also offers applicants the opportunity to enter other Schengen countries. Furthermore, you will have no limitations on visiting or entering any of the Schengen countries. The Schengen Visa C is therefore issued not only for a single entry, but also for double or multiple entries

How can I know if my visa is single entry, double entry or multiple entry?

The number of entries allowed on your Schengen visa can be checked from the label entitled –  




Here, a ‘MULT’ label stands for multiple entries. Similarly, a ‘1’ label denotes single entry, and a ‘2’ label is for double entry.

Single-entry visa

As illustrated in the visa sticker attached to their passport, a single-entry visa allows its holder to enter the Schengen Region only once, within a given period of time. If the visa holder has left the Schengen zone, he or she will no longer be allowed to return, even though the number of days permitted by the embassy issuing the visa has not been spent there.

Double entry visa

A double-entry visa usually applies in the same manner as a single-entry visa. The only difference between a single-entry visa and a double-entry visa is that the second one gives you the option to return after you have left the Schengen area again.

You should be very careful not to exceed the number of days allowed to remain in the Schengen Zone, as well as the time during which you are allowed to stay in the Schengen Zone


What is the difference between Schengen Visa A and Visa C?

Visa A: Airport Transit Visa allowing the holder to travel through or transit the international zone of a Schengen country without entering the Schengen Area as such.

A Schengen transit visa is compulsory for those travelling from one of the non-Schengen states to any other non-Schengen state with a changeover of flights in a Schengen country.

Visa C: Short Stay Visa allowing the holder to stay in Schengen Area for a specific period of time, based on the validity of the visa.

There are three categories under this visa:

· Single-entry visa,

· Double-entry visa

· Multiple-entry visa

Do I have to get travel insurance for visit visa for Luxembourg?

Travel medical insurance is mandatory for all applying for a visit visa for Luxembourg. Cover provided should be a minimum of EUR 30,000.  

You are supposed to have travel insurance policies in compliance with the law of the Schengen country if you are using a Schengen visa. The Schengen travel insurance policies may cover medical needs, disruption of cancellation or travel, injuries, loss of passport or luggage.


What happens if I overstay on my Schengen short stay visa (Type C)?

If, for any reason, you overstay, you might have to bear consequences such as –  

  • Being fined 

  • Future Schengen visa applications to be reviewed further than the usual scrutiny and might be refused altogether 

  • Processing time for future visa applications to be extendedfrom anything between 30 to 60 days 

  • You also stand the risk of being banned from entering the Schengen Area for 2 to 5 years.

Although no general policy on overstaying penalties exists for all the Schengen member states, each country imposes various types of penalties.

Therefore, the implications of staying too long in the Schengen territory, whether your visa or the 90 days allowed for citizens of the countries protected by the visa waiver scheme, depend a lot on the number of days you have overstayed too long and the country you have overstayed in.


I heard that the Schengen visa fees is to be increased. Is it true?

Yes. From February 2, 2020, you will have to pay EUR 80 as Schengen visa fee. Currently, the fee is EUR 60.  Here are more details:

Visa Category Visa Fee in INR Visa Fee in Euro
Schengen Visa (Adult) 4400 60
Schengen Visa (Child between 06-12 years of age) 2600 35
Will the fee be refunded if my visa is refused?

No. The fee is not refunded as the visa fee covers the costs incurred for the examination of the visa application.  


Can I appeal my visa refusal?

Yes. You may appeal against the decision of visa refusal. In a standard form, you will be duly notified of the exact reason why your visa was refused.

By submitting an Appeal Letter for the denial of the Schengen Visa, you can appeal against the refusal. You must offer very clear reasons why you feel that your request has been denied incorrectly and why the decision has to be reversed.

Can my visit visa for Luxembourg be extended?

Do keep in mind that a visit visa for Luxembourg can only be extended if you have a very strong reason for asking for an extension. 

The only acceptable reasons for seeking extension of Schengen short stay visa are – 

  • Force majeure
  • Important personal reasons
  • Late entry
  • Humanitarian reasons

Short-stay Schengen visa extensions are allowed by the legislation of the European Parliament and of the Council (E. However, if you do not have a good reason to apply, you would have very little chance of getting an extension.

If you would like to extend your visa and remain in the Schengen Zone for a longer period of time, you can start planning your application, which varies from the standard Schengen visa application. The very first thing you have to do is decide the reason why you want to apply for a renewal of the Schengen visa. Then you can move to the other steps after finding that out.

My passport will expire in 2 months. Can I apply for visa?

No. Your passport should be valid for at least another 3 months from the date that your requested visa would be expiring.  


What are the medical tests required for the Luxembourg tourist visa?

There are no medical tests that must be completed because the permissible stay will be fewer than 90 days. However, there may be medical restrictions for the long-term categories. It is recommended that you receive a medical checkup before travelling to a new country in both circumstances.

Is it possible to convert the tourist visa to a work visa?

A short-term permit cannot be converted into a work permit. Short-term Schengen visas are non-convertible. Additionally, you are not permitted to work while on this permission. If you require a work permit, you must apply once you have returned to your home countr

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