In-demand occupations in Finland in 2023

Why work in Finland?

  •  World’s happiest country
  •   The average annual income in Finland is 45,365 Euros
  •  Work for 40 hours/week
  •  Chances to get Finland PR within 4 to 5 years
Migrate to Finland via work visa

Finland has multiple work opportunities. It is ranked as the 8th most prosperous country in Europe, and a significant number of international professionals avail of the opportunity to work in Finland. To work in Finland, most immigrants require a work visa from Finland.

The work visa is different than other visas. It facilitates staying in the country for a longer time. The applicant can stay more than 90 days limit of other types of visa.

If an international professional wants to work in Finland and plans to stay for more than 90 days, they also require a residence permit. They will need a residence permit to work in Finland if they stay for less than 90 days.

If the candidate is coming to Finland to work in a particular professional field, the process of being issued a residence permit for the employee includes labor market testing. It implies that the Finnish employer is required to establish if the job role has any suitable native candidate in Finland or in the EEA/EU. After the assessment of the issue, the Employment and Economic Development Office of Finland issues a decision. Consequently, the Finnish Immigration Service decides on the application of the candidate.

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The validity depends on the type of visa the candidate has applied for. If the candidate has applied for a B permit, also known as a temporary permit, it is valid for only 1 year. If the candidate has applied for an A permit, also termed as a continuous permit, it is valid for as long as the candidate works in Finland.

Depending on the type of the permit, the candidate can apply for an extension each year or every 4 years. A temporary permit needs to be extended every year, while the continuous permit is to be renewed every four years.

The candidate is required to apply for an extension at least 3 months before the permit expires.

Types of Finland work visas

There are multiple types of work visas for Finland. The types vary on the kind of work the candidate is qualified for, while some vary based on the work duration. The different types of work visas are listed below:

  • Job-seekers visa
  • EU Blue Card
  • Business visa
  • Residence permit for self-employment
  • Residence permit for an employed person

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Requirements for Finland work visa

To obtain a working visa in Finland, each employee will need the following:

  • A valid employment contract
  • A valid passport
  • Required size and number of photographs
  • A residence permit for the employee application
  • Medical certificates
Top in-demand occupations in Finland

Detailed information for the various in-demand sectors in Finland is given below:

IT and Software

The European Commission has termed Finland as one of the most digitally advanced countries in Europe in its annual DESI or Digital Economy and Society Index.

Finland is among the leading countries in ICT or information and communications technology in the world. The country hosts globally reputed companies in various sub-sectors of ICT and digitalization, which aim to address global issues.

The IT and Software sector is fueled by innovation. Finland introduced the mobile text message or SMS, the Linux operating system, and the Heart Rate Monitor. The country is the most significant contributor to innovation in the world. The engineering sector of Finland is experiencing a shortage of skilled professionals and offers more than 3,000 job vacancies.

The average annual income of an IT and Software professional in Finland is 64,162 Euros.

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Engineers are much in demand in the job market of Finland. Thereby, skilled international professionals in the engineering field will find an ample number of job opportunities in Finland.

Finland is home to innovative engineering organizations and provides quality education in the fields of engineering and technology. There are over 3,000 Engineering jobs in Finland.

A professional working as an Engineer in Finland usually has an income of approximately 4,280 Euros monthly. The income for Engineers ranges from 1,970 Euros to 6,800 Euros.

Accounting and Finance

The Accounting and Finance sector of Finland is growing at a fast pace. The need for skilled professional accountants is growing because the number of startup organizations in Finland is increasing.

There are approximately 15,000 Accounting and Finance jobs in Finland.

The average income of an accountant in Finland is 58 533 Euros. In addition, they have an average bonus of 2 049 Euros.

Human Resource Management

The working population of Finland is increasingly aging. By 2070, the population of individuals aged more than 65 years will be approximately 1/3rd of its total population. It will put a strain on the earning capacity of the country, and this, in turn increases the expenditure of the country. Due to this reason, the country requires more skilled professionals to address the issue of an aging workforce.

The data about HR jobs in Finland is directly relevant to Finland’s workforce shortages. HR personnel is usually given the responsibility to help companies keep up the positive image they require to attract young and talented professionals.

They are tasked with: screening, interviewing, recruiting, and placing professionals. They are also essential for employee training, relations, payroll, and benefits.

An individual employed in the sector of Human Resources Management in Finland generally earns close to 4,440 Euros per month. The income of an HR professional varies from 1,880 euros to 7,680 euros.

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The hospitality industry is becoming a significant sector in terms of the creation of jobs and the number of individuals it employs. It also helps in shaping the perspective of Finland across the world. The job opportunities and tax revenue generated by the hospitality sector contribute to the economy of Finland.

In Finland, the sector of hospitality employs approximately 128,700 professionals. In the hospitality sector, over 30 percent of the professionals are below the age of 26. The workforce of the hospitality sector has grown by 21% recently.

The average income of a professional in the hospitality sector ranges from 27 217 Euros to 44 321 Euros.

Sales and Marketing

The GDP of Norway increased by 2.6%, a faster rate than any other country in the Nordic region, and its GDP per capita was more than 36% of the EU average.

It helped in boosting consumer purchases and retail sales in the country. Retail sales rose by 3.9%. The boost in the sales and marketing sector aided in creating more job opportunities in the sector. A professional in the sector of Sales and Marketing in Finland generally earns close to 5,260 Euros per month. The income in this sector ranges from 2,440 Euros to 8,720 Euros.

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According to the Finnish Constitution, the public authorities guarantee adequate health and medical, and social facilities for everyone. The healthcare system of Finland is based on public healthcare facilities that can be availed by everyone residing in the country. In addition, multiple private healthcare facilities operate in Finland.

It creates a huge demand for healthcare professionals in Finland. Currently, there are more than 11,000 healthcare sector jobs in Finland.

According to the data from Statistics Finland, the average income of healthcare professionals in Finland is 3,228 Euros per month.


One of the significant attributes of the education system in Finland is STEM. It has become an essential part of the Finnish education system. In Finland, STEM has a problem-solving orientation and an instructional approach to education. As Finland is experiencing a shortage in the workforce, there are multiple job prospects for international professionals in the STEM sector in Finland.

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Finland is becoming a popular destination for educators. The growing number of private language schools has resulted in an increase in demand for TEFL or Teaching English as Foreign Language educators in Finland.

Multiple opportunities are offered to teach English as a 2nd language in Finland. Teaching is among the most lucrative job sectors in Finland. A candidate can find ample job opportunities in international and private schools. The entry requirements to teach English in the country are an undergraduate degree with a TEFL certificate. Few schools have their requirement, which should be checked before applying.

Kindergarten teachers are in demand in Finland. Currently, especially professionals who are individuals are proficient in English. The field combines education, teaching, and care. There is a requirement for experts in the sector of Early Childhood Education and Care in Finland.

The average income for a Teacher in Finland is 45,604 Euros a year. The average income for a Teacher ranges from 32,653 Euros to 54,953 Euros.


Finland has a high demand for nurses the country. There is a significant workforce shortage in the nursing sector in Finland, and the country is planning to welcome nurses from abroad. An increasing number of nurses are required in healthcare facilities, in the public as well as private sectors. Finland aims to recruit close to 30,000 nurses by 2030 in order to address the requirements.

A healthcare professional employed in the nursing sector in Finland earns approximately 4,530 Euros per month. The income of a healthcare professional ranges from 2,910 Euros to 8,720 Euros.

Steps to apply for Finland Work Permit

Here is a list of the steps you need to take when you apply for a Finland work visa:

Step 1: Find a job role

Step 2: Apply for the work permit

Step 3: Visit the local mission in Finland

Step 4: Wait for a response

Step 5: Arrive in Finland

Work Permit to Finland PR

They can obtain a Finland PR or permanent residence permit when they have lived in Finland continuously on a residence permit or “A permit” for 4 years, without any interruptions. They can obtain a EU residence permit when they have lived in Finland on a residence permit continuously for an uninterrupted duration of 5 years.

Finland registers multiple citizenships. It implies that a citizen of Finland can also be a citizen of another country. Even if the Finnish citizen has citizenship of more than one country, the authorities of Finland will consider them to be a citizen in Finland as well as abroad.

After they have lived for 5 years in a country with a continuous permit, they can apply for permanent residence in Finland.

Obtaining the citizenship in Finland through an application requires the following eligibility criteria:

  • They have lived in Finland for an adequate period of time. The required period depends on the circumstances. Generally, it takes a minimum of 4 to 7 years to gain permanent residency in Finland.
  • The candidate has no criminal record.
  • They have an existing employment offer in Finland.
  • They have adequate proficiency in the Finnish or Swedish language.

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