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Work Overseas

See How Y-Axis Finds You a Job

  • There is a shift in international visa rules - instead of skilled migration, most countries are now focused on employer sponsored visas.
  • Last year alone Canada issued over 200,000 work visas, Australia over 68,000 and the UK over 42,000. Europe has introduced the EU Blue card to allow foreign workers to come and work in Europe.
  • The world is looking for skilled professionals & visas are being readily issued.
  • Y-Axis offers a number of services to candidates interested in working overseas.
employer sponsored visas

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Talk to Y-Axis Staffing Solutions

  • This is the International Recruitment Division of Y-Axis.
  • Our Account Managers source job orders from employers & placement agencies around the world.
  • Our Recruiters match suitable candidates with available job vacancies.
  • We coordinate interviews & subsequent job offers.
  • This is a free service. There is no charge to the candidate.
  • The employer pays Y-Axis a fee for each successful candidate.   
International Recruitment

Don’t wait for employers to pick you. 

Use our SAS services which has helped 100s of candidates like you! 

  • Our international job search division offers various services for those looking to work overseas.
  • Our most popular service is the Smart Applicant Service (SAS).
  • A dedicated and experience consultant will market your profile for 3 months.
  • When you get an interview call, you attend the same & negotiate terms with the employer yourself.
  • You do not pay a placement or recruitment fee.
  • After you get your job offer, Y-Axis will process your work visa for a fee.
  • Our SAS team has the experience of doing this for many years and generate hundreds of leads and interview calls for our clients from all over the world.
resume marketing

If you are looking to migrate & settle overseas PERMANENTLY, talk to Y-Axis Immigration Consultants.

Immigration & PR Visas are available for skilled & qualified professionals, for families and for investors. A PR visa allows you and your family to live, work & settle overseas.

Benefits include free education for children, medical & retirement benefits. You can work with any employer or start your own business.

Y-Axis has helped 1000s of clients migrate and we can help you as well. Talk to us about your options today! 

immigration service
  • Y-Axis helps you unlock global opportunities with a resume crafted to leave an immediate impact.
  • Our writers possess years of experience and do what needs to be done to ensure your resume doesn't end up in the rejection pile.
  • We bring our up to date knowledge of global hiring trends to create your resume in the language hiring managers understand.

Get Started today to get a benchmark setting Resume.

resume writing

Y-Jobs - The 100% overseas jobsite! 

  • Why Y-Jobs is unique?
    • Only Overseas Jobs
    • Find Occupations in Demand along with regular job openings
  • Linked with Y-Axis Staffing Division
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Are you looking to settle abroad?
As one of the world largest and fastest growing immigration firms,
our experience and expertise matters...

check eligibility

Australia, Canada, New Zealand and a number of other countries offer options for those who want to settle as permanent residents.  But before you apply, you need to be sure that you actually qualify as per the current rules.  

Y-Axis offers a technical evaluation for those looking to migrate. This is a mandatory requirement as it allows us to be sure you actually qualify for immigration & keeps our success rate high.   

If your evaluation is positive, Y-Axis will accept your case for processing. If your evaluation report is negative, Y-Axis will give you a complimentary report for another country. 

Most immigration programs are point based & the Eligibility Report is an elaborate document that contains your Score Card. 

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where to immigrate

Currently the following countries offer migration:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Austria
  • Hong Kong
  • South Africa

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occupation list

Each country has it’s own list of occupations in Demand.

Are you on the list? Find out now. 

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How Y-Axis work
How we work? 

The first stage of the immigration process is to get an evaluation of your profile. If your evaluation report is positive it is recommended that you proceed.

After you have signed up for our full service, you are assigned a process consultant who will work on your case.

Filing for your immigration visa involves many stages and paperwork before the final application. Sometimes English or French language tests or Education or Skills Assessment is needed.  

Y-Axis assists and hand holds you through the process, advises you on what is needed, prepares your application if required before a complete set is handed over to you.

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why migrate overseas

Why people migrate?

Why invest in a Green Card?

Why is it smarter to go on a PR card than a Work Permit?

 Immigration and visa consultants

Why should you choose Y-Axis Consultants?

Because nobody knows overseas careers like we do. Nobody!

Because 50% of our clients are referrals.

Because we have the highest success rate & are the largest immigration, visa and overseas career consulting company in the world! 

Are you currently in Canada & need a new visa or an extension?

Y-Axis can help you with your visa extension or conversion.

Are you currently in Australia & need a visa?

Talk to our partner company Y-Axis Australia for assistance with your new visa, your visa extension or conversion.

Study Overseas

Are you looking to study abroad?
We can help you with your admissions & visas

Start your admission process now

Give life to your dreams of an overseas education and career with Y-Axis. We help you identify the best colleges and courses in the countries where you have the best prospects of a career. Book a counseling session and learn more!

overseas careers

Applying for a Student Visa?

Would you be able to impress the Visa Officer that you are a genuine candidate; have the financial resources and will return home?

When a whole career is at stake then, don’t take a Chance. Because if you do, you not only lose the application money, the time and effort you spent but also one whole year!

 By using Y-AXIS Professional Student Visa Services you can be sure that you did not leave anything to chance.


study visa consultants
Already graduated abroad

Are you looking to stay back and work rather than return home?

Graduating international students are encouraged to stay back and gain work experience under various visa categories.

Y-Axis can help you apply for the right visa, market your skills, successfully apply for jobs and help you find work.

study overseas

Research your Study options

Want to see what opportunities the world has to offer a bright young person like you? Check your options with the Y-Axis Global Opportunity Finder.

Study Opportunity Finder

Visit Opportunity Finder

invest overseas

Virtual Consultant

Entrepreneur Visas

Invest Overseas

Are you looking to invest abroad?
We can help you enter on an investor visa to the USA, Canada, Australia...

invest overseas

Are you looking to invest abroad?  Talk to us about your options. 

Visas available for businessmen & self employed people and anyone who has the funds and wants to settle overseas. 

Investor Visas

Investor Visas allow you to invest overseas & settle there permanently. Investment amount varies from country to country. 

USA EB5 Visa, UK Tier 1 Investor Visa, Ireland Immigrant Investor Program, New Zealand Investor Visa, Dubai Investor Visa.


Start your evaluation now

Make an informed investment decision by having Y-Axis analyze your eligibility to invest in different countries. Our migration and visa consultants can then advise you on the entire overseas investment process to give you the best shot at success.

Entrepreneur Visas

Start Up / Entrepreneur Visas 

Many countries offer visas to entrepreneurs who are looking to set up a business overseas.  

The popular visas are

Canada Start-up Entrepreneur Visa, Quebec Entrepreneur Program, UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, UK Sole Representative Visa, Australia - Business Talent Visa, Germany Entrepreneur Visa, Ireland Start-up Entrepreneur, Singapore Entrepreneur Visa – Entrepass


Get your visa process started now!

Y-Axis is the world’s fastest growing B2C immigration company and our visa services are among the best in the world. Talk to us today to get visa and migration solutions for yourself or your business.

Visit Overseas

Applying for a Visa?
Don’t take a chance. Use Y-Axis to get it right the first time.

Permanent Residency (PR) Visas

PR Visas allow you and your family to work  & settle overseas - permanently.

Immigration & PR Visas are available for skilled & qualified professionals, for families and for investors.  A PR visa allows you and your family to live, work & settle overseas.

Benefits include free education for children, medical & retirement benefits. You can work with any employer or start you own business.

Y-Axis has helped 1000s of clients migrate and we can help you. Talk to us about your options today! 

permanent residency visa

Whether you want to travel abroad to find a job or want a work visa for a job offer in hand, Y-Axis can help you. 

Not only are we among the world’s best immigration companies, but we are the leading work overseas company in India.

Start now to get a work visa quickly and affordably!

work visa services

Applying for a Student Visa?

When a whole career is at stake then, don’t take a Chance.

By using Y-Axis Professional Student Visa Services you can be sure that you did not leave anything to chance. 

study visa consultants
Planning a holiday overseas?

Should you apply for a visa before leaving the country or can you get a visa on arrival?

We can help. Y-Axis processes all categories of visas for all countries.

By choosing Y-Axis Visa Services you increase the probability of getting your visa and making your holiday happen. 

overseas holiday services

Applying for your spouse & children?

Most visas allow you to bring your family in as dependents. The rules are complex.

We have 15 years of experience in processing thousands of visas and will provide detailed information & guidance in making a successful application. 

dependent visa services

Are you eligible to apply for the UK settlement visa?

Do you want to bring your spouse/dependents to live with you in the UK?

We have the expertise of having processed Tier 1/ FLR/ ILR applications and can help you settle permanently in the UK. 


UK settlement visa
Been refused your visa?

Is your visa application rejected?

Don’t give up. We can help you make a successful appeal.

We have the expertise and specialize in cases with prior rejections and have a very high success rate. 

Visa petition
Why bother about the details when we can take care of it?

When you come to Y-Axis to file your migration/visa petition,we realize you expect the best and would like to be treated specially. After signing up with us, you don’t like the idea of running round banks, universities, employers, notaries and police stations to compile your application package.

concierge service

Travel Overseas

Are you planning to travel abroad?
Use our travel services and relax!

International ticket issuance

Y-Axis Solutions provides the best possible solution for all your travel needs as we offer you a one –stop solution to all your ticketing requirements, for both domestic as well as International ticket issuance.

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tourist accommodation

Accommodation is important to any tourists who want to travel to another destination or on a trip as you are always going to need a place to stay such as Hotels, Guest houses, Camp sites and Caravan parks etc.

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visa services

By choosing X! Visas, you get the services of Y-Axis Visa & Travel Services, the leader in immigration and Visas.

When you choose us, you increase the probability of getting your visa stamping and making the process as smooth as possible.

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holiday packages

We plan a holiday for you the way you want it. We offer both fixed and customized packages within your budget. We represent the brand brands like Thomas Cook and Expedia.

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travel insurance

Why buy your travel insurance from our partner
1. Backed by specialist travel insurance companies
2. Claim online with access to 24/7 phone assistance
3. Extend your policy while travelling
4. Give a little back: support a community project
5. Great cover for a range of adventure activities

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exchange currency services

Many of us travel frequently which involves exchange of currency. But how do you go about and find out which rate is the best for you or how much can you get for the funds exchanged etc.

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concierge service

Why bother about the details when we can take care of it?
Y-Axis has concierge services in the following cities:
In India: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai
Abroad: London, Melbourne & Toronto.
Let us know what you need.

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International sim card

Travelling abroad? Carry our International SIM Card and enjoy local call rates for the country you are travelling to. Save up to 85% on your

International Roaming expenses with our International SIM Cards when traveling abroad for business or leisure. Enjoy a wide range of benefits with our Postpaid and Prepaid SIM Cards.

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