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Migrating to a different country to work, settle or study is an expensive & timeconsuming process. Sometimes, even after a lot of time, money & effort hasbeen spent, the migration attempt is unsuccessful. Wouldn’t it help if there wasa way to find out which country you have a better chance of migrating to?

Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation

Y-Axis helps its clients increase their chances of success through an Eligibility Evaluation program. Our thorough process is identifies whichcountries are the best bet for you to work, study or settle down in.Unlike companies that offer you a free evaluation run on a software,our Eligibility Evaluation gives you a comprehensive Report that iscreated by an actual Y-Axis team member that helps you make aninformed decision with high chances of success.


Some countries follow apre-eligibility scoringsystem to removeineligible candidates.Our team runs the tests & scores your profile forsome of the most popularcountries to settle in.


How in demand is youroccupation. Our teamprepares an Occupationprofile for your role, listingout career opportunitiesso that you move to acountry where your skillsare in demand


Based on your profile, skills & your Score, our highly experienced team gives you a transparent probability of success. If we feel you may be in eligible for certain countries, we will tell you so & not take your case for that country.


Based on the kind of visayou are applying for, wegive you the complete listof documentation youneed so you plan better.


For some countries thatdon’t have a score cardsystem, we share withyou a profile of thecountry from animmigration standpoint.This helps immensely inhelping you identifywhere you stand.


We give you a transparentcost & time estimate sothat you can plan yourfinances & schedule better.Visas are a hugecommitment of time & money and we help youget organized with ourEligibilityEvaluation Report.