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Visiting Australia to meet friends and family or just for a holiday? The Australia Visit Visa is perfect for leaser and tourism travel to Australia. One of the world’s most uniquely beautiful countries, Australia has much to offer to every visitor. It allows for multiple types of visit visas based on your purpose of visiting and you can apply for visit visas under Subclass 600/601/651/444/461/417 and 462. Y-Axis can help you travel with peace of mind with our Australia Visit Visa services.

Australia Visit Visa Details

The Australia Visit Visa is used by visiting individuals, families and businesspersons to facilitate short travel and tourism to Australia. There are three major subtypes of this visa:

  • Tourist visitor: Someone visiting Australia for leisure and recreation or to meet friends and family. You can apply for this from outside or within Australia
  • Business visitor: For businesspersons making short business trips for business, negotiations or to attend events. You must apply for this from outside Australia
  • Sponsored family visitor – For family members outside Australia who are sponsored for a visit visa by an Australian citizen or permanent resident

Key points to note about this visa are:

  • You cannot work on this visa
  • This visa allows you to travel and stay across Australia
  • The visa is typically issued for a period between 3 months to one year
Documents Required

To apply for the Australia Visit Visa, applicants must:

  • Show that they have sufficient funds to cover their trip costs for the duration of their visit
  • Have no criminal record and must comply with all Australian laws
  • Meet all health standards and submit medical records as necessary
  • Show valid documentation and invitation letters from sponsors
  • Meet any other requirements asked for
How Y-Axis Can Help You?

Y-Axis is best positioned to help you with your Australia visit visa. Our teams will help you:

  • Assess which visa type to apply under
  • Gather and prepare your documentation
  • Filling of forms
  • Review of all your documentation
  • Apply for your visa

Talk to us to get your Australia visit visa process underway

How much is tourist visa fee for Australia?

A tourist visa to Australia is meant for a short term trip to the country. The cost of the visa depends on the passport you hold and the length of your stay. It might cost you somewhere ranging from 135 dollars to 1000 dollars.

How do I apply for a tourist Visa to Australia?

The procedure for applying for an Australian Tourist Visa is below

  • Online ETA Visa application – Completely filled
  • Information of all the travellers and their passport details
  • Application is linked to passport – After payment
  • Check ETA confirmation to your Email
What are the documents required for Australian Tourist Visa?

The documents required for an Australian Tourist Visa are given below.

Visitor Visa application – Form 1419 (Tourist Visitor)

Personal documents

  • Passport – Notarized copies of all the pages of your passport including the first and the last page.
  • Photographs – 2 passport sized photographs (Recent). The head and the shoulder should be visible in the photos. The size of the photograph should be 45mm x 355mm.
  • Your name should be printed on the back of both the photos.
  • Visiting purpose – You should submit an itinerary that has the information of your trip like all the sites you will be visiting and your activities.
  • Your latest credit score

Financial Documents

  • Your bank statement showing your savings history
  • Copies of documents that show the details of funds and assets that you hold on your name.
  • Documents of last 3 years of tax

If your friend or a relative is sponsoring your visit, you must submit a declaration that they are financial capable of supporting you. These docs might include a tax document, an invitation letter or a bank statement of your friend or relative.

Considering your personal reasons which might urge you to travel back to India, you must still submit the documents of your financial proofs.

Employment Related Documents

  • The letter of employment which has details of your salary, designation, tenure of employment, details of leaves and contact details of the person who issued the letter.
  • Business registration proof has to be submitted if you are self-employed.
  • Proof of retirement must be submitted if you are a retired person.
  • If you are a student, you should submit the proof of enrolment which might be a letter issued by the institute you are studying.

Health Related Documents

  • You might be asked to undergo certain medical tests. This is also a mandatory requirement for entering Australia.
  • Health Insurance proof

A notarized No objection certificate is required for children below the age of 18 years. This is required from those parents who are not accompanying their children. Form 1229 should be filled.

Form 1257 has to be filled and a declaration should be submitted by the person who will be taking care of children who are not their relatives. The declaration should consist the person’s full name, DOB, nationality and address.

How long does it take to get a tourist visa for Australia?

An Australian tourist visa generally takes 20 days approximately from the date of applying for it. There can be delays as you might be asked to submit more documents.

How can I get Australian Tourist Visa from India?
  • Select the type of Sub-Class you want to apply according to your need
  • Upload all the supporting documents
  • Pay the Visa fee online
  • Schedule an appointment for application submission

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