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Why apply for a Work Permit?

  • Rapid economic growth
  • Excellent work-life balance
  • 5x more income than your current salary
  • Millions of job opportunities in various sectors
  • Professional jobs market is truly global
  • Better career opportunities and prospects
  • Develop your cultural intelligence
  • Expand your professional network
  • Healthcare & social benefits
  • Retirement benefits

Know your Work Permit Status  

Do you want to build a career and settle life abroad? Y-Axis has helped thousands of individuals and families settle in the world’s most liveable countries as one of the world's leading overseas career specialists and a leading work visa agent. We’ve seen firsthand how moving abroad can dramatically improve not just the migrant’s life but that of their family and parents. Our comprehensive overseas career solutions make us the #1 choice for professionals seeking to work abroad.

End-to-End Job Search Services

Y-Axis has streamlined the steps of working abroad to make your journey smoother. Our process aims to make your profile more accessible, attractive, and engaging. Our services begin with helping you create a resume that meets international standards and help you craft an engaging LinkedIn profile. We then market your profile in the countries of your choice and work to get you interview calls. A dedicated Job Search consultant will work with you on your international career, guiding you through the process.

Our Job Search Services Include the following:

  • Job Search Strategy Report: With the help of experts, we create a comprehensive report based on your profile and decide on positioning it in your target country
  • Opportunity Research: We identify industry trends and job sources to get you more job offers. We help you modify your profile to present it on different platforms.
  • Job Applications: We register your profile on various portals and job sites and even apply to relevant job postings on your behalf. 

What is a Work Permit?

Working abroad can dramatically transform your life and career. Working in a foreign country would surely require you to acquire new abilities. You will learn new soft skills, such as communication and networking, as well as new technical skills in your new career abroad. After all, navigating a new location without knowing the language requires resourcefulness, and working in an international team will improve your communication skills.

Working overseas also allows you to learn a foreign language. This will help you in your work and make a living abroad easier. Besides this, your new language skills will positively impact your career.

Working in a foreign country is a fantastic way to broaden your personal and professional network. Working in another country exposes you to fresh opportunities because you will collaborate with locals and expats from other countries. You will also develop friendships with people from various walks of life, some of which will last a lifetime.

Having an international assignment on your resume may help you find work in the future. Talent mobility is a hot topic in recruiting, and an increasing proportion of future professions will necessitate foreign travel. Working overseas will demonstrate your flexibility and independence and make your resume stand out. Additionally, any other talents you acquire abroad, such as language skills, will enhance your resumé.

Benefits of working abroad 

  • Grow your career and have international mobility
  • Earn dollar salaries leading to higher saving
  • Live in well-developed countries
  • Have access to world-class education & healthcare
  • Gain access to citizen benefits
  • Get a powerful passport that facilitates international travel
  • Transform your family’s life

Best countries to work abroad

A work visa or permit allows you to live and work in a country for a certain period. Before applying for a work visa/work permit, knowing all the necessary criteria based on the visa type is vital. Below is the list of the best countries to work abroad. 

Work in Canada

Canada Work Permit is issued to applicants who meet the specific eligibility requirements. People need to apply for a Work Visa only after getting a job offer or an employment contract from a Canadian employer. The employer must obtain from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), which permits them to recruit foreign skilled workers for occupations that cannot be filled in by citizens or permanent residents of Canada

As one of the world’s leading economies, Canada is a perfect destination for individuals seeking to work abroad. The Canadian Work Permit Visa is the best route for foreign nationals willing to migrate to Canada permanently. Typically, applicants need to have a job offer in hand to apply for a Canada work permit. With our end-to-end overseas career solutions, Y-Axis can help you find a job and apply for a Canadian Work Visa. 

Work in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for many reasons. The country ranks among the top countries in the UN Human Development Index. Australia scores high on education access, life expectancy, and socio-economic progress.

  • Australia has 800,000 job vacancies. 
  • The 2023-24 permanent Migration Program has a planning level of 190,000, emphasizing skilled migrants. The Program has an approximately 70:30 split between skilled and family visas.  

  • Australia offers numerous permit options for workers. The government issues work permits for temporary or permanent employment and permits sponsored by employers.

  • To give job seekers with specialized skills opportunities, the Australian government created the Skill Select program in 2013.
  • Applicants to this program are assessed on a points-based system and can qualify for a visa only if they have the required points. The government regularly updates the list of occupations.
  • Companies here recognize several professional qualifications. If you have these qualifications, you have greater chances to qualify for the Skill Select program.
  • Migrants working and living in Australia are entitled to some pension benefits.  They can avail the benefits of a healthcare system and a social support system.
  • Australia has a multicultural society, with people from different parts of the world coming and settling here.
  • In case you want to improve your educational qualifications, the country offers more than 20,00 courses of study and has over 1,200 educational institutions.

Work in Germany

The growing economy offers numerous job opportunities. This translates to job opportunities in the IT and engineering sectors. Germany is looking for STEM graduates, especially scientists and engineers. The healthcare sector also needs new talent to replace its retiring workforce. Top companies in these sectors look for talented and qualified individuals.

  • The many job opportunities indicate it is easy to find a job of your choice in Germany.
  • Workers in Germany are paid competitive salaries. They are given benefits such as paid sick leaves of up to six weeks, paid vacation time of up to four weeks in a year, and maternity and parental leaves for up to a year. Even though you need to pay a higher income tax rate, you are compensated with social benefits.
  • German companies focus on upskilling their employees. They invest in the training and development of employees. So, you can look forward to enhancing your professional skills when you come to work here.
  • Employees are not discriminated against based on age, gender, race, or religion. Companies give fair wages to workers.
  • Everyone is entitled to medical insurance, and German companies often agree to pay
  • To encourage foreign workers, the German government has made it simpler to obtain a work permit in Germany.

Work in the UK 

The UK global market is huge and has 13 million job vacancies. The country issued 4 lakh work visas in the first half of 2023. Work in the UK encompasses a diverse and dynamic employment landscape, offering opportunities across various sectors.

From the bustling finance hub of London City to the innovative tech centers in Manchester and Cambridge, the UK presents global talents with a rich tapestry of roles. Its historical significance and a forward-looking approach create an attractive environment for professionals seeking growth. 

The nation's rigorous work ethic, diverse workforce, and emphasis on innovation make it a focal point for many aspiring individuals. The UK's rigorous academic institutions and training programs also support continuous learning, ensuring a skilled workforce ready to tackle contemporary challenges. 

Work in the US

In July 2023, job vacancies decreased to 8.8 million, a reduction from the previous year's high of 11.2 million at the close of 2022. However, these numbers remain on the higher side. Concurrently, 6.2 million US citizens are on the job hunt. This indicates a ratio of 1.4 job positions available for every individual actively searching for employment.

Work in the US embodies a vast and vibrant employment ecosystem, spanning from the tech-driven corridors of Silicon Valley to the financial epicenter of Wall Street. The US, known for its entrepreneurial spirit, offers myriad opportunities across its vast expanse, catering to professionals of diverse backgrounds and expertise. 

The blend of cultures, boundless innovation, and the "American Dream" ethos provide a unique platform for career advancement and personal growth. A powerhouse in multiple industries, from entertainment in Hollywood to cutting-edge research in Boston, the US fosters a competitive yet collaborative work environment. This dynamism attracts talent globally, making it a sought-after work destination.  

Types of work permit

There are two types of work permits.

  • Temporary work permit/visa: Allows you to work in the country for 2 to 4 years.
  • Permanent work permit/visa: Allows you to work permanently in the country for 5 years along with PR visa.

But these differ based on the country and the type of employment. Generally, each country has work visas/permits, the most popular ones are listed below:

US work visa

The US provides a variety of work visas, with the H-visa, L Visa, J Visa, O visa, and EB Visa being the most prevalent. To be eligible for a US work visa, you should be working in certain professional fields, such as IT experts, architects, accountants, and so on.

UK work permit

There are various UK work visa categories tailored to different qualifications and needs. Among them, the Tier 2 General visa stands out as the most sought-after option for international workers.

Canada work permit

Canada Work Permit is granted to those who fulfil certain eligibility criteria. Individuals must secure a job offer or employment agreement from a Canadian employer before applying for this visa.

The hiring company is required to acquire an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada). This assessment allows them to hire overseas professionals for roles that cannot be occupied by Canadian permanent residents or citizens.

Australia work visa

Australia offers a range of temporary and permanent work visa options. In many cases, to qualify for an Australian work visa, an employer nomination is required, and the employer must file a distinct application for the prospective employee.

Germany work visa

The most common work visa in Germany is the EU Blue Card. You have to go through a points system measuring your qualifications to qualify for the German work visa.

Work abroad jobs

Country No. of job opportunities
USA 8.8 million
Canada 1.1 million
Australia 8 lakh
UK 13 million
Germany 2 million

Work Visa Requirements

To obtain a Work Visa, you must possess the requisite talents in demand in a certain country. You should also possess the requisite educational credentials and certifications for the position. You should also have the required work experience for the position. 

  • Job Offer: Typically, you need a confirmed job offer or employment contract from an employer in the destination country. Some visas require the employer to demonstrate they cannot fill the role with a local candidate.
  • Relevant Qualifications: You should possess the necessary qualifications, certifications, or skills pertinent to the job role. Some countries may require validation or recognition of foreign qualifications.
  • Application Documentation: This can include a completed visa application form, passport-sized photos, a valid passport, and any other documents stipulated by the immigration authorities.
  • Language proficiency: In some countries, you may also be required to take a Language Proficiency Test. This is especially true in English-speaking nations, where you may be required to take an English test such as the IELTS before applying for a Work Visa. 
  • Health and Character Assessment: Some countries require medical examinations or police clearances to ensure you don't pose a health or security risk.
  • Visa Application Fee: Each country has a specific fee for processing the work visa application. Some might also have additional fees for biometric services or other administrative costs. 

Work permit processing time

Country Work permit Processing Time (Approximate)
Canada 1 - 27 weeks
The US 3 - 5 months (H-1B visa)
The UK 3 weeks - 3 months (Tier 2 visa)
Australia 2 - 4 months (TSS visa)
Germany 1 - 3 months (Blue Card)

Work visa fees

Country Work Visa Fees (Approximate)
Canada CAD 155 (Work Permit Fee)
The US USD 460 (H-1B Base Filing Fee)
The UK GBP 610 - 1,408 (Tier 2 visa, depending on the duration and if it's a "shortage" or "non-shortage" occupation)
Australia AUD 2,645 - 5,755 (TSS visa, depending on the stream and duration)
Germany EUR 56 - 100 (Blue Card, depending on specific circumstances)

Y-Axis - The best work abroad consultancy

Thousands of professionals approach Y-Axis yearly to help them realize their overseas career ambitions. Our suite of services includes:

  • Resume Writing Services: Ensure your resume meets international standards and showcases your strengths
  • LinkedIn Marketing: Improve your chances of getting discovered online by recruiters and companies with our LinkedIn marketing solutions
  • Resume Marketing: Be present in your target country’s job market with our Resume Marketing services that apply for jobs on your behalf through overseas job boards, classifieds & job postings

With Y-Axis, you discover opportunities that are best suited for you and get the tools and experience to help you with the highest chances of success. Talk to us today to begin your journey of working abroad.

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