Work In The US As A Specialty Worker:

The US H1B Visa is one of the most popular ways to work in the US. It is a visa that must be applied for by an employer on behalf of a specialist employee. Since the visa is granted to specialists, typically applicants hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and are from fields such as IT, finance, architecture, medicine, science etc. Y-Axis helps employers with filing for H1B petitions for their employees. We also help employees from across the world get hired by companies likely to sponsor them for an H1B visa.

US H1B Visa Details:

The H1B Visa is one of the most competitive visas to apply for. Due to there being an annual visa cap, there is a huge demand from US employers applying for this visa. Additionally, since it is a route to a Green Card, it is one of the best visas to apply to work in the US.

Under the H1B, successful petitioners can:

  • Live and work in the US
  • Extend the stay in the US
  • Change employers during H-1B status
  • Stay with their dependent spouse & children (aged under 21) in the US
Documents Required:

The H1B is a point based visa system and you need a minimum of 12 points for your application to be assessed. You must have:

  • A Bachelors or Masters degree from the US (or an equivalent in your country)
  • Or 12 years work experience
  • Or a mix of education and work experience

You are awarded points as follows:

  • 3 points for every 1 year of college studies
  • 1 point for every 1 year of work experience

Once you score a minimum of 12 points, your H1B petition can then be prepared.

How Y-Axis Can Help You?

The H1B visa requires the highest quality of documentation in order to give your petition a chance at success. Y-Axis has the knowledge and experience to ensure your application is thorough and meets all benchmarks. Our teams assist with:

  • To work at a branch, parent, affiliate, or subsidiary of the current employer
  • Job Search Assistance in the US
  • Preparing your documentation
  • Complete Application Processing
  • Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing

The H1B Visa is a life-changing opportunity for anyone looking to work in the US. Y-Axis can help you make the most of this opportunity with our end-to-end support that starts with helping you find a job, applying for a visa, applying for a PR and more. Talk to us today to discover how we can help you.

How can I get a job in the USA?

There are 2 options to get a job in the US. The first is to obtain a job in an MNC and get posted onsite in the US. The second option is to study an MS degree in the US and search for a job there.

How can I get Work Permit in the USA from India?

The application process for a US Work Visa differs depending on the location of the US Consulate/Embassy. Below are some of the common steps to be followed for the US Work Visa application:

  • Applicants must fill the DS-160 Form online and get the printout of the confirmation page upon submission. The recent photograph of the applicant along with the confirmation page must be carried to the Visa interview.
  • Applicants are offered the option to schedule an interview for submitting documents only after they pay the non-immigrant Visa fee of $190
  • Applicants must visit one of the VACs for providing fingerprint scan before visiting the US Consulate/Embassy. The VAC will also capture the photograph of the applicant.
  • Applicants must schedule an appointment for the Visa interview for submitting their application with the necessary documents
How much does it cost to get a working Visa for the USA?

The US Working class Visas includes H-1B, L-1, etc. The USCIS website has its fee structures along with the forms that need to be submitted for obtaining these Visas. However, the cost of obtaining these Visas is to be borne by the employer and not the worker/employee.

How long does a US Work Visa last?

Your current immigration status in the US or the type of US Visa that you hold will decide the duration of your Work Visa. In most of the cases, it is 12 months. Nevertheless, obviously, no individual will be offered a Work Visa that has longer validity than their authorized stay in the US.

What are the requirements for Work Visa in the USA?

The requirements that need to be fulfilled for the US Work Visa (Q, P, O, L, or H Visa) are:

  • Form DS -160 electronic application for Non-immigrant Visa
  • A valid passport for travelling to the US that has a minimum validity of 6 months after your stay period in the US
  • One 2X2 inches photograph taken within the past 6 months
  • You may have to pay extra fee for Visa reciprocity based on your nationality if the Visa is offered
  • You will have to pay fraud detection and prevention fee if you are an L-1 applicant on a blanket application
  • The receipt number specified on your authorized petition I-129
How long does it take to get US Work Visa?

It may take around 5 months for processing your US Work Visa and in some cases up to 7 months. This is after USCIS – US Citizenship and Immigration Services receives your application for the Visa.


If I would like to work in the US, can I apply for an H-1B visa by myself?

No, this is not possible. To apply for this visa, you must have a job offer from a U.S. company or organization.

How long can a person stay in the US on a H-1B visa?

This visa has a validity of three years with the option to extend it up to a maximum of six years.

Once the maximum period for the visa is over, a foreign worker must either leave the U.S. or obtain a different visa.  Otherwise he can lose his legal status and can even be deported.

How many H-1B visas are issued each year?

Presently the H-1B visa programs issue 65,000 visas to qualifying foreign workers. However, 20,000 additional visas are issued to those eligible to work under the H-1B advanced degree exemption.

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