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Highest Paying Jobs in Denmark


Denmark is coming up as an attractive destination for overseas job seekers. This is because the country rates highest in the quality of life index. The Danish job market is active, with new openings every day, and you will find a suitable job that matches your qualifications and experience. Denmark also gives a chance for the multi-faceted progress of individuals. Careers and opportunities for business are essential for a prosperous lifestyle, but friends, family, leisure activities, and personal time are also given equal weightage in Denmark.

Introduction to the Denmark Job Market

One of the best ways to get a job in Denmark is to go through the list of in-demand occupations. The list of Denmark job for foreigners is announced by Denmark twice a year and also catalogues all the professions that are in demand in the country. This list makes it more convenient for individuals who are looking for jobs in Denmark.

List of Highest paying jobs/occupations in Denmark and their Salaries


Average monthly salary

IT and Software

77,661 DDK


59,000 DDK

Accounting and Finance

98,447 DDK

Human Resource Management

32,421 DKK


28,000 DKK

Sales and Marketing

45,800 DKK


25,154 DDK


76,307 DDK


35,345 DDK


31,600 DKK


Source: Talent site

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Why Work in Denmark?

  • The economy of Denmark is stable and booming.
  • Denmark is offering approximately 28,000 job vacancies.
  • The average annual salary in Denmark is 9477 Euros.
  • The average working hours in Denmark is 33 hours.
  • Denmark offers a healthy work-life balance.

 Migrate with a Denmark work visa

Denmark is an efficient and family-friendly destination to live and work for multiple reasons. The condition of getting a visa depends on the type of role you have applied for. It is easy to get a work visa if you are coming to Denmark for a job which is having a skill shortage. In these cases, you can apply for a Positive List visa. Also if you are coming to the country on a job that pays significantly higher than the average salary or if the government has approved your employer as an international employer, it will be easier to get your visa processed.

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Types of Denmark work visa

The different types of work permits in Denmark are listed below:

  • Pay Limit Scheme – This work permit is for international professionals with an annual income of 60,180 Euros or more.
  • Positive List – This is for those professions that are experiencing workforce shortages in Denmark
  • Fast Track Scheme – This scheme is available to those who have found employment in Denmark through a recruitment agency.
  • Trainee – This is for international individuals who have been offered a short-term traineeship in Denmark.
  • Herdsmen and farm handlers – If the individuals have got the job offer in the agricultural sector of Denmark can use this work permit.
  • Side-line Employment – This permit is applicable for candidates who have a residence permit in Denmark and an employer-specific job but wish to find additional work as side-line employment.
  • Employment for Adaptation and Training purposes – Individuals who are authorized to work in Denmark for the purpose of training or adaptation. This includes Doctors and dentists.
  • Work Permit for accompanying family members - Those who intend to stay with their family or dependents in Denmark can use this work permit.
  • Special individual qualifications – This is issued to international individuals with skills, such as performers, artists, chefs, coaches, and athletes.
  • Labour market attachment – If the international individual has a residence permit as a reunified family or refugee or their partner already has a residence permit in Denmark, they are eligible for this scheme.


Requirements for Denmark work visa

To obtain a work visa in Denmark, the following requirements are needed:

  • Valid passport
  • Copy of the passport with blank pages
  • Health insurance
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee
  • Duly filled form for power of attorney
  • A valid job offer
  • A contract of employment
  • Proof of academic qualifications
  • Authorization for the job from the concerned bodies in Denmark

Work Visa and Residence Permit

There is a shortage of skilled and qualified workers in various jobs in Denmark. Overseas immigrants with skills in high-demand occupations can easily get a Residence and Work Visa through the Positive List scheme.

More than 40% of the job vacancies can be found in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The country wants to hire foreign skilled workers to meet the challenge of skills shortage. Jobs are available in many sectors, and we will talk about some of them here.

List of jobs at Denmark for foreigners

  • Healthcare and Social Assistance – This sector includes healthcare and social workers who provide assistance to the public. It aims to maintain people’s health and well-being by providing support to individuals. This includes medical activities, hospital services, nursing care, and social work.
  • Retail – This industry refers to the marketing of goods or services directly to consumers. It includes businesses such as supermarkets, specialty stores, shopping malls, and online retailers. Retail plays an important role in the economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the growth of the commercial sector.
  • Manufacturing - Manufacturing is an important sector in which industrial processes produce various goods. Raw materials or components are transformed into finished products using machines and skilled workers. The Danish manufacturing sector includes jobs in transportation, mechanical engineering, and electronics.
  • IT - The Danish IT sector includes many industries, including the production, processing, and distribution of information technologies and services. It plays an important role in the digitalization and development of the Danish economy.

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  • Business Services - Business services refer to various professional services provided by businesses or individuals to support the operation and growth of businesses. These services include a wide range of activities that help businesses achieve their goals and improve their operations. Examples of business services include management consulting, human resources consulting, accounting and auditing, legal services, marketing and advertising, IT consulting, and financial consulting.
  • Hospitality and Tourism - Hospitality and tourism encompass various activities related to providing accommodation, meals, and experiences to tourists and travelers. This applies to industries such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, transportation and entertainment.
  • Construction - Construction includes the creation, renovation, and maintenance of buildings, infrastructure, and other facilities. It plays an important role in shaping the physical environment and supporting the economic growth of the province.
  • Transportation and Logistics - It is a vital sector in Denmark that is involved in the management and transport of goods and foreigners through various modes of transport such as road, rail, air, and sea, and involves the flow of goods and services from supplier to consumer. This sector plays a vital role in supporting domestic and international trade as well as promoting economic growth and development in Denmark.
  • Financial Services – Services provided by financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and investment companies that help businesses manage their money. It includes various products such as insurance, investment options, loans and much more.

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  • Education – This includes both public and private institutions that provide education to students of all ages. The education sector helps in developing and shaping the skills, abilities, and knowledge of individuals and prepare them for career growth.

Additional Considerations for Expatriates

Before making the move to Denmark, consider various factors:

  • The Danish lifestyle: The Standard of living is high in Denmark. Accommodation, food, and transport is quite expensive. It is also one of the safest country to live in.
  • Language Requirements: Prioritise the importance of Danish and English languages.
  • Rules: People in Denmark take punctuality for business meetings very seriously and they also expect the same from others as well.  
  • Healthcare System: Denmark provides free healthcare facilities for its citizens and residents
  • Education Opportunities: Its known for its best education system, offers scholarships to deserving students
  • Taxation System: Brief on Denmark’s taxation system.
  • Local Transportation: Has fully automated system and operates 24/7


How to Apply for Denmark Work Visa

The process involves how to apply for Denmark work visa:

  • Choose a suitable Denmark Work Visa Scheme.
  • Create a case order ID
  • Pay the required amount for the work visa fee.
  • Arrange the documents required for the visa
  • Submit the application
  • Submit the biometric information
  • Wait for the response

Work permit in Denmark

To apply for a Denmark work permit, you must meet the following requirements for eligibility:

  • Foreign nationals who are not residents of a country in the EU or EEA region.
  • Those who wish to stay in Denmark for study or work are required to apply for the Type D Visa of Denmark.
  • The Type D visa of Denmark is offered to candidates who wish to stay for more than 90 days.



The Danish officials will decide on your work visa depending on whether there are already enough qualified people working in Denmark who may take on the job for which you are applying. They will also decide whether or not the qualifications required for the job are a specialist category to warrant a work permit.

Whatever the outcome of your visa application, you must have a written contract of employment or job offer that gives details of your salary and employment conditions, both of which must be on par with Danish standards.

Next Steps

  • Explore In-Demand Jobs: The job market in Denmark is booming and many sectors are facing skills shortages. Therefore go through the jobs that are in high demand and apply.
  • Practical Tips for Expatriates: Go through shortage occupation or positive list that will be released by Denmark twice a year.

This guide will help you to get relevant job opportunities and knowledge needed to work in Demark.

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