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Most In-Demand jobs in Portugal


Working in Portugal can be a rewarding experience for several reasons. The country offers a diverse and growing job market. The cost of living is generally lower than in many other European countries, providing good value for your money. Portugal's work culture often emphasizes a healthy work-life balance, contributing to a more relaxed and enjoyable professional environment. Additionally, the country's pleasant climate, rich history, and welcoming culture can make it an attractive destination for those looking to combine a fulfilling career with a high quality of life.

Introduction to Jobs in Portugal

Finding the right job in Portugal based on your skillset and subject expertise is crucial. There are many job openings to work in Portugal. Let’s find out more about it in detail.

Highest paying jobs/occupations in Portugal and their Salaries


                          Average Annual Salary

IT and Software



€ 28,174

Accounting and Finance

€ 25,500

Human Resource Management

€ 30,000


€ 24,000

Sales and Marketing

€ 19,162


€ 19,800


€ 38,000


€ 24,000


€ 25,350


Source: Talent site

Why work in Portugal?

  • More than 57,000 job vacancies
  • Earn an average of €22,000 yearly
  • Work life balance
  • One of the safest places to live in

Migrate with Portugal work visa

A Portugal work visa will allow you to enter the country and work there, and you must hold a work permit prior to entering the country. After getting a work visa, you will be eligible to apply for a residence permit after you have lived and worked for 5 years in Portugal.

Types of Portugal work visa

Portugal offers various work visas and the validity of each visa varies depending upon the type of visa the candidate applied for. The list of Portugal work visas are given below:

  • Skilled workers work visa
  • Highly skilled workers work visa
  • Work visa for cultural activities
  • Training work visa
  • Tech visa
  • EU Blue Card
  • Teaching work visa
  • Self-employment work visa

Requirements for Portugal work visa

  • Valid passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Valid employment contract
  • Proof of finance to support your stay
  • No criminal record
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of accommodation

Work Visa and Residence Permit

Portugal is a popular destination for foreign professionals for work, and obtaining a work visa usually requires a job offer. The job market in Portugal is vast with many job opportunities and high paying salaries.

Candidates will also be able to apply for a residence permit after living and working in Portugal for 5 years.

List of High-Paying jobs in Portugal

Portugal has ample job opportunities and opens doors to employment for foreign nationals, the list of high paying jobs are given below:

IT and Software: The tech industry is growing rapidly in Portugal, and the sector represents 10% of the nation’s GDP. There is a high demand for IT and software professionals as companies seek skilled individuals who can contribute to the expansion of the sector and country.

Engineering: Engineers are in demand in Portugal, as there is a huge need for infrastructure development and other related projects. There are ample opportunities in mechanical, civil, electrical, and other engineering fields, and as an engineer you can find the job that suits you the best.

Accounting and Finance: Accounting and Finance is considered to be one of the prestigious sectors. There are many businesses in Portugal and as they expand there is a need for Accounting and Finance professionals in managing and optimizing the finances. Professionals can get many opportunities with high paying salaries.

Human Resource Management: Every organization needs HR professionals in order to support organizational growth and maintain a positive workplace environment. There is a strong demand for these professionals in Portugal offering them with many job opportunities with well paying salaries.

Hospitality: There is a demand for Portugal’s tourism industry as tourists consider the country as one of the attractive destinations to visit. The demand for hospitality professionals is always high as they continue to contribute to Portugal’s tourism sector.

Sales and Marketing: Businesses always thrive to reach their targeted and wider audiences, for which sales and marketing professionals are always in demand as they plan their strategies in order to reach wider audiences contributing to the success of the business. Professionals can find many opportunities with high paying salaries.

Healthcare: Health and to be healthy is always the essential part of life. Healthcare professionals are top in demand, and the need is always high as they care for the people by providing proper service. With high paying salaries, healthcare professionals can find ample opportunities in hospital settings in Portugal.

STEM: STEM occupations are rapidly booming and are expected to grow 8.8% by 2028. Professionals in STEM are sought after in Portugal for fostering innovation and addressing technological challenges across various industries.

Teaching: There is always a focus on education and teaching, for which there is constant demand for qualified teachers in schools and educational institutions in Portugal.

Nursing: Nursing professionals are crucial for maintaining the well-being of the population and the healthcare system always relies on skilled nurses on providing quality patient care. There is a demand for Nurses in Portugal. 

*Looking for work overseas? Y-Axis will guide you in step by step process.

Additional considerations for Expatriates

Cost of Living in Portugal: Research on the expenses, transportation, cost of living, and other daily expenses.
Cultural and Social Aspects:  Familiarize yourself with Portuguese transitional, customs, and lifestyle which will help in adapting to the place.

Language Requirements: A large population in Portugal speak English, but learning the basics of Portuguese can help you with daily life and interactions which is beneficial for both professional and personal life.

Work-Life Balance:  Portugal's work culture often emphasizes a healthy work-life balance, contributing to a more relaxed and enjoyable professional environment. This can enhance your overall satisfaction and well-being.

Networking Opportunities: Research about gatherings, events, organizations, and online platforms for networking. Engaging with the local community can enhance social interactions and connections.

Healthcare System: Familiarize yourself with Portugal's healthcare system, including access to public healthcare, private insurance options, and any specific healthcare requirements.

Education Opportunities: If you have children or plan to pursue further education, explore international schools and continuing education options available in Portugal.

Taxation System: Get information on Portugal's taxation system to manage your finances effectively. Understanding income tax rates, deductions, and any other considerations is essential.

Local Transportation: Learn about the local transportation, including public transport and driving regulations.

Integration Services: Explore services and resources designed to assist newcomers in integrating into Portuguese society. Local support networks, community events, and orientation programs can help you on settling easily.

Steps to apply for Portugal work visa

Step 1: Have a valid job offer and your employer must apply for a work permit on your behalf

Step 2: After you are approved for a work permit you must apply for a work visa

Step 3: Once you receive your work visa, you can enter and work in Portugal

Step 4: Upon your arrival you can apply for a residence permit in the country


Work permit to Portugal PR


Candidates can apply for a Temporary Residence Card after they have worked in Portugal for 6 months and after living and working for 5 years candidates will be eligible to apply for permanent residency, and can obtain Portuguese passport, or citizenship.


Portugal has diverse job market and opens door to foreign professionals to come and work in the country. With high standard of living, ample job opportunities, and high paying salaries Portugal is one of the top choices for expatriates looking for work. Start exploring the opportunities that wait for you in Portugal!

Next Steps

Explore In-Demand Jobs: Research the jobs that are in demand and the skills and qualifications needed for each sector, understanding and acquiring these skills and qualifications will enhance job prospects in their respective sectors in Portugal.

Practical tips for expatriates: Research on life in Portugal, culture, language, cost of living, and other related information in order to have a smooth transition into the country.

This guide aims on helping aspiring individuals with knowledge that is needed to move and work in Portugal.

How can Y-Axis help you?

Y-Axis, the world's top overseas immigration consultancy, provides unbiased immigration services for every client based on their interests and requirements. Our impeccable services at Y-Axis include the following:

  • Expert guidance/counseling for working in Portugal
  • Coaching ServicesIELTS/TOEFL Proficiency Coaching
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  • Job search services to find related Jobs in Portugal


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