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Listen to What Our Clients Say about their Experience with Y-Axis Overseas Careers

Y-Axis client Priyanka Sharma’s testimonial on JAS and RMS services

Y-Axis client Kehkashan Sultana‘s video testimonial on Study Overseas Process

Y-Axis client Karimali Khimani’s video testimonial on UK visit visa

Y-Axis client Sean Thomas‘s video testimonial on Study Overseas Process

Y-Axis client Selina‘s testimonial on Study Overseas Process

Y-Axis review from Jasmeen for her UK student visa processing


Y-Axis Review from Arupa Pathare’s

Y-Axis Review from Arijit Ray Tanzania’s

Y-Axis Review from Deepika Chhabra

Y-Axis client Ankit Varma‘s video testimonial on Australia PR visa processing

Y-Axis client Israel Vivek ‘s Video Testimonial on visit visa process

Y-Axis Review from Keerthi

Y-Axis Review from Bhaswati Mukherjee’s

Y-Axis Review from Setty Innamery

Y-Axis client Kiran’s video testimonial on Australia visit visa processing

Y-Axis client Ms.Srividya Basawa’s feedback on her USA Business visa grant

Y-Axis Review from Rani

Y-Axis Review from Yousuf Reshma Sultana

Y-Axis Review from Sumridhi Ganeriwala

Y-Axis Review from Shruthi’s

Y-Axis client Shruti‘s Video Testimonial on USA Visa processing

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