Work In Africa’s Hottest Economy

South Africa is a key player in the economic boom that Africa is undergoing. As these countries modernise and grow, the demand for skilled talent continues to rise. The South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa is your key to working and settling in South Africa. One of the most beautiful countries in the world, South Africa has seen a dramatic rise in its economic and cultural profile in the past two decades. It also has a thriving expat community with Indian, British, Dutch and other nationalities calling it home. Y-Axis can help you leverage this opportunity and establish yourself in South Africa.

South Africa Critical Skills Work Permit Visa Details

The South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa is aimed at skilled professionals whose occupation is on the critical shortage occupation list. It allows workers holding this visa to visit South Africa and search for a job. Once the applicant has found a job, he or she can then convert it to a work permit. Key features of the South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa are:

  • An applicant can enter South Africa without a job offer
  • Visa is based on skills and qualification as per the Critical Skills list defined by the South Africa Department of Home Affairs
  • Visa is initially granted for 12 months and is extendable as per the Authority
  • Applicant needs to find a job within the Visa grant period
  • Visa is then extended to 5 years to a Critical Skills Work Permit
  • No need to go through the onerous labor certification process which is required for a General Work Visa application
Documents Required

The documentation required for the South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa includes:

  • Current passport and travel history
  • Educational credentials
  • Professional credentials
  • Recent medical report
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Other supporting documents
How Y-Axis Can Help You?

Y-Axis has the knowledge and experience to assist you at every step of your South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa application. Our services include:

  • Immigration documents checklist
  • Complete application processing
  • Forms, documentation & application filing
  • Updates & follow up
  • Job search services
  • Relocation and post-landing support in South Africa

Your Y-Axis consultant can guide you through the process and help you file an application with the highest chances of sucesss. Talk to us today.

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