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Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program

Northwest Territories is a region in northern and northwest Canada. For a greater part of the 20th century, Northwest Territories made up more than one-third of the total area referred to as Canada.

With the creation of Nunavut in 1999 – out of the eastern portion of the Northwest Territories – the area that came to be known as Northwest Territories from that time onwards was reduced by more than half.

The Northwest Territories, or the NWT as the territory is commonly known as, is bordered by the territories of Yukon to the west and Nunavut to the east. The southern border of the territory is shared by the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Towards the northern side, the NWT extends far above the Arctic Circle, encompassing various islands.

Yellowknife is the territorial capital.

Other prominent cities in the Canadian territory of NWT include – Fort Providence, Hay River, Fort McPherson, Inuvik, Norman Wells, Fort Smith, Behchoko, Fort Simpson, and Tuktoyaktuk.

Of the 3 territories that make up Canada along with the 10 provinces, the Northwest Territories and Yukon are a part of the Provincial Nominee Program [PNP]. Nunavut, on the other hand, does not have any immigration program for the induction of newcomers into the territory.

It is through the Northwest Territories Nominee Program that NWT nominates individuals for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence.

In order to immigrate to Northwest Territories, an individual must either – [1] have a valid job offer from an employer in the NWT, or [2] be ready to open, purchase or invest in a business in the NWT.

Northwest Territories streams available
Category Description Stream
Employer-Driven stream

For employers that intend hiring and nominating foreign nationals where there are no Canadian permanent residents or citizens of Canada available.

A job offer from an employer in the NWT is mandatory in order to be eligible.

NWT Express Entry

[linked with the federal Express Entry system]

Skilled Worker
Entry-level/Semi-Skilled Occupations
Business Stream For individuals that intend to start a business, purchase an existing business, or invest in and operate an existing business based in the NWT. 

The NWT Express Entry offers expedited application processing times for skilled workers that intend to live and work in the NWT.

By fetching a nominee 600 points in the federal Express Entry pool, a nomination – through any of the Express Entry-linked PNP streams – is a way of fast-tracking applications for Canadian permanent residency.

The intake for new applications for the Northwest Territories PNP Business Stream is on hold until further notice.

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How can I immigrate to Northwest Territories in Canada?

You can immigrate to NWT in Canada either as a skilled worker or as a business person.

Do I need a job offer to immigrate to NWT as a skilled worker?

A job offer from an employer in NWT is compulsory. The Northwest Territories Nominee Program does not accept an expression of interest from an individual without a job offer in NWT.

Which occupations are eligible for the Entry Entry-level/Semi-Skilled Occupations?

As per the National Occupational Classification [NOC] matrix, the skills levels applicable to this stream are – Skill Level C [intermediate jobs] and Skill Level D [labour jobs].

I am an Express Entry candidate. How will a PNP nomination by NWT help me?

When approved by the NWT Nominee Program, the nominated Express Entry candidate will automatically be given 600 CRS points, thereby fast-tracking their Canada immigration.

An Express Entry candidate that is a provincial nominee is assured of receiving an ITA from IRCC in the next federal draw to be held. It is only the highest-ranked profiles in the Express Entry pool that are invited.

What NOC Skill Levels apply to the NWT Express Entry stream?

The NOC Skill Levels applicable to the NWT Express Entry stream are – Skill Type 0 [zero] for management jobs, Skill Type A for professional jobs, and Skill Level B for skilled trades and technical jobs.

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