Job Search Services – WE WILL FIND A JOB FOR YOU!

Y-Axis provides job search services to all prospective customers for different countries across multiple domains and industries. We have a strong team of Job search experts who are skilled in different industries as per the standard of the international recruiters. These job search experts assist our clients in their job search in the global market. They use advanced search methods such as Boolean search, x-ray search, and data mining to enhance efficiencies and suit our diverse client requirements.

We do it all for you:

  • Job Search experts prepare your Job Search Strategy Report which contains the overall plan pertaining to the positioning of your profile in your selected country.
  • They conduct research, identify industry trends and job opportunities.
  • The experts also provide inputs to improve your visibility to employers on social media and building the strong professional network.
  • They register your profile on the job sites and apply to all the relevant openings and job opportunities that suit your profile.

Countries Served:

We provide job search services in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Ireland, and New Zealand to name a few countries.

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