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Opportunities In Ireland

Ireland Startup Entrepreneur Program Details

The Ireland Startup Entrepreneur Program enables entrepreneurs to apply and settle in Ireland. With one of the lowest financial requirements, it is one of the most attractive options for entrepreneur immigrants. Under this program, you can:

  • Low Investment requirement of EUR 50,000
  • Settle with your family for two years, which will be renewable for a further three years
  • After 5 years, you will be eligible for long-term residence in the State
  • Low corporate tax rate of 12.5% of active business
  • No initial job creation target for the first 2 years
  • No specific business management experience is required
  • Get access to healthcare & education benefits
  • Gain access to a high standard of life

Settle in Ireland with Your Family as an Entrepreneur

As one of the world’s best-located and most welcoming economies, Ireland is the perfect destination for entrepreneurs seeking to settle abroad. The Ireland Startup Entrepreneur Program invites non-EEA entrepreneurs to setup their businesses and settle permanently in Ireland. With dynamic opportunities and a great standard of living, Ireland is perfect for entrepreneurs seeking global mobility. Y-Axis can help you make the most of this opportunity with our dedicated, expert immigration support. 

Eligibility Requirements

If you meet the following criteria, you may be eligible for STEP:

  • You are a person of good character.
  • You have never been convicted of a crime in a court of law.
  • Have the requisite €50,000 in funds
  • Your business proposal is unique

Immigrant Investor Program Ireland Process

  • Step 1: Find an Ireland immigration lawyer
  • Step 2: Evaluate Ireland's investment immigration and citizenship 
  • Step 3: Provide all the supporting documentation
  • Step 4: Submit the completed application to Ireland immigration officials 
  • Step 5: Obtain Ireland Golden Visa application approval from the Immigration Ireland Evaluation Committee. 
  • Step 6: Once the Minister for Justice and Equality approves an Irish Investor Visa application, the candidate must make their prescribed investment and submit proof that the investment has been made in full
  • Step 7: Supply proof of medical insurance
  • Step 8: Submit an Affidavit of Good Character issued by an attorney at law licensed to practice in Ireland. 

Documents Required

The documentation required for the Ireland Startup Entrepreneur Program includes:

  • Passport & travel history
  • Educational and business credentials
  • Hold €50,000 or more in a regulated bank for a period of 3 months prior to submitting the application
  • Capable of creating 10 jobs in Ireland and realizing €1 million in sales within three to four years of starting up.
  • Demonstrate English language proficiency

How Y-Axis Can Help You?

Y-Axis can help you evaluate your options and choose the course of action that is best for you. Our services include:

  • Immigration documents checklist
  • Complete application processing
  • Forms, documentation & application filing
  • Updates & follow-up
  • Relocation and post-landing support in Ireland

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