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If you are planning to study abroad, then you need to take the GRE exam which is the most widely accepted assessment test for admission to graduate courses. A good score in the GRE exam can not only give you more options for admission to your desired universities but also improve your chances of getting merit-based scholarships.

Y-Axis provides coaching for GRE that combines both in-class training and other learning options to suit hectic lifestyles.

We provide the best GRE coaching in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune

Our GRE classes are held in coaching centers located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

We also provide the best GRE online coaching for those planning to study abroad.

Y-axis provides the best GRE coaching in India.

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Learning Mode (Instructor Led)
Weekday Prepare anytime anywhere 12 Verbal & 12 Quants
2 hours each class
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Minimum: 1 hour
Maximum: 2 hours per session as per tutor availability
Weekend 8 Verbal & 8 Quants
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LIVE ONLINE: ₹ 2550 per hour

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The above packages are applicable for the customers who opted for services with Y-Axis effective 18th July'2022.

What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination or the GRE is a standardized test that is used to measure the verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills of students who wish to do their graduate studies abroad.

The test helps to assess the potential of the applicant for advanced study. The GRE score is used by graduate schools in different countries to select applicants. Students applying to these universities must submit their GRE scores with their application.

This is a computer-based test where each student will get a unique set of questions. The maximum score for GRE is 340. However, the GRE score is not the only criteria which will determine the applicant’s admission to a university. The test is only one of the factors that is taken into consideration.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For GRE?

Applicants for the test need to have only a valid passport to take the GRE exam. The exam does not require a minimum qualification or age requirement. The tests are conducted at Prometric Testing Centers located across the country.

What Is The GRE Exam Like?

The GRE exam consists of 3 modules:

  • Analytical Writing
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning

There is an option to either take a paper-based or computerized test. The Analytical Writing module is the first section in the test while the others are presented in a random order. There may also be un-scored sections in the tests. The duration of the test is about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Analytical Writing Verbal Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning
Two Tasks Two Sections Two Sections
Analyze an issue 20 questions per section 20 questions per section
Analyze an argument
30 minutes per task 30 minutes per section 35 minutes per section
Score: 0 to 6 in 0.5-point increments Score: 130 to 170 in 1-point increments Score: 130 to 170 in 1-point increments
How can one register for the GRE exam?

Registration can be done either online or through phone or mail. The website  has more details.

What is the minimum score in GRE for acceptance?

Top Scores – These scores will place you in the top 10% of all test candidates:

  • Verbal: 163 – 170
  • Quantitative: 165-170
  • Writing: 5.0 – 6.0

Competitive Scores – These scores will place you in the top 25% of all test candidates and put you in a highly competitive place in admissions:

  • Verbal: 158 – 162
  • Quantitative: 159-164
  • Writing: 4.5

Good Enough Scores -These scores put you ahead of the 50%+, but will not be as helpful when applying to highly competitive programs:

  • Verbal: 152-158
  • Quantitative: 153-158
  • Writing: 4.0

Below Average Scores – These scores may be adequate to get admission into a wide variety of graduate programs but will be below average:

  • Verbal: 151 or below
  • Quantitative: 152 or below
  • Writing: 3.5 or below
What GRE score do I need for Harvard?

Harvard is a highly competitive institution for graduate applicants globally. The average GRE scores for admitted candidates are around 155 to 170 for Quantitative and 155 to 166 for Verbal. Many programs require scores in 160s or the top 10 to 15%.

What is a good GRE score for MBA and MS?

A good GRE score for MBA and MS is Total 315 and AWA Score 4.0

Are GRE scores the only factor in admission to universities?

The GRE score is only one of the various criteria that the admission council in a college or university considers for admitting students. But a good GRE score improves the chances of admission and even financial aid for the student.

How much does it cost to take the GRE exam?

The GRE registration fee is USD 205. You will have to pay an extra amount of USD 50 if you want to reschedule the test or change your center. The amount you pay for registration also covers the cost of sending your scores to 4 colleges that you should specify after taking the test.

Contact our coaching centers in Hyderabad and Pune for more details.

How many times can one take the GRE?

There is no limit to the number of attempts you can make for the GRE test. But there must be a minimum gap of 21 days between two tests. Apart from this you are allowed only 5 attempts in a calendar year.

Our Y-Axis coaching centers in cities like Ahmedabad and Bangalore can provide your more guidance.

How soon can one get the score after giving the GRE test?

 You will get your score for the math and verbal reasoning section as soon as you finish the test, but the score for the analytical writing section will take 7 days.

What is the validity of the GRE test score?

Your score is valid for five years from the date of taking the test.

If I take the test more than once, which test score will be considered by the universities?

Most universities will only consider your best score. If you have taken the test for multiple times, you can choose to include your best score in your university applications. Our coaching centers in Delhi NCR and Mumbai will provide the required support to achieve your target score and submit it to universities.

Do I need to submit my GRE score at the time of applying to universities?

Yes, you will need to submit your test scores at the time of application.

How early before the application deadlines of universities should I take the GRE test?

Since the GRE scores are valid for five years from the date of taking the test, our advice would be to take the test before you start shortlisting the universities you would like to apply for.  However, if you have not planned it this way, take the test at least 15 days before the deadline, so that you have your score at the time of application. Contact our coaching centers located across India including Coimbatore for more details. 

What is a good score on the GRE?

If you manage to get the below specified scores in the different sections of the GRE, you have  a chance to be placed among the top 25% of the test candidates and will greatly improve your chances of getting admission in your desired university:

  • Verbal: 158 – 162
  • Quantitative: 159-164
  • Writing: 4.5
What is the best GRE coaching in Hyderabad?

You have to choose the best GRE coaching centre in Hyderabad to ace your GRE score. Y-Axis is the best coaching centre for GRE in Hyderabad. You can avail both online and offline services as per your convenience.

The GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a test to measure your mathematical, verbal, and analytical skills of the students who have the goal of pursuing their studies abroad. The applicants in different countries are selected on the basis of the score through the test. You need to submit the score along with the other requirements in your application.

GRE test modules

There are three modules of the exam which include

  1. Analytical Writing
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Reasoning

The first section of the exam is the analytical writing. The other sections are included randomly. The test duration is 3 hours 45 minutes.

Y-Axis offers three types of courses for GRE, based on which you can select the best to score high:

  1. Self-Paced
  2. Batch Tutoring
  3. 1-on-1 Private tutoring
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