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The PTE is one of the most accepted English proficiency tests. The test is used by embassies and employers in their candidate assessment processes. It is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for candidates wanting to study or immigrate abroad. The PTE score is accepted by various academic institutes worldwide including Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale University. A good PTE score can greatly improve your chances of success.

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PTE – Pearson Test of English

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English language test on similar lines as the IELTS and the TOEFL. This computer-based exam focuses on day to day usage of the English Language as opposed to high-level English. It tests a candidate on the effective understanding of the English language on a day to day basis. The grading system used in PTE ensures a better level of understanding of the candidate’s proficiency in the English language.

Since the PTE is a computer-based test the results are usually given within 5 business days from the test date. Some candidates receive the score within 3 days and some even within a day.

Why the Pearson Test of English (Academic)?

The Pearson Test of English (Academic) is trusted across the globe by various Governments, Universities, and Educational Institutes.

How many modules are there in PTE?

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
Reasons why most people opt for the PTE
  • Flexible: Test dates are available almost for over 360 days in a year in over 250 centers worldwide
  • Fast: Results are declared typically within 5 working days
  • Fair: Since the test uses computerized marking, it ensures that all test takers are scored accurately and impartially
  • Secure: Various measures are taken to ensure test security like randomized test forms, palm-vein scanning and data forensics
  • Unlimited: Test takers can send their test results to as many Universities or Institutions as they like with no extra payment
How is the PTE scored?

The scoring in PTE is done from 10 to 90 with 10 being the lowest and 90 being the highest. Increments happen by 1 point. The grading scale showcases the test taker’s ability to read, write, speak and understand instructions given in English. The scores are also provided in a graph for easy understanding of the candidate as well as the areas of improvement.

Where can it be used?

The PTE (Academic) can be used for both immigration and study overseas. The governments of Australia and New Zealand accept PTE (Academic) test scores for immigration. Various Universities across Australia, New Zealand, and Europe also accept PTE (Academic) test scores.

What is the fees for PTE exam?

The standard price for the PTE exam is INR 13,300 while the fees for late booking is INR 13,965.

What is PTE General Test?

PTE General assesses the ability of a person to effectively communicate in the English language.

All 4 skills – Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing – are assessed.

Do note that the PTE General is not recognized for the purposes of immigration. For immigration, you will have to appear for PTE Academic instead, if required.

Where can I give the PTE exam in India?

In India, you can appear for the PTE Academic at any of the Test Centres in the cities of:

  • New Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Noida
  • Pune
  • Chandigarh
  • Coimbatore
  • Ahmedabad
  • Jaipur
  • Kolkata
  • Cochin
  • Vadodara
  • Vijayawada
  • Rajkot
  • Patiala
  • Nagpur
  • Jalandhar
  • Ludhiana
Is there a difference between PTE (General) and PTE Academic?

The main differences between the two are –


PTE General

PTE Academic

About the test

Formerly London Tests of English General.

Launched in 2009. Endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

Who accepts?

Only a few countries accept.

Most universities accept for admission purposes.

Who should give this test?

Non-native speakers of English migrating to an English-speaking country.

Those who wish to apply for colleges or universities abroad.

Eligibility criterion

No age limit or specific qualification needed.

Age should be at least 18 years or above.

Exam Format

Mainly 2 sections – a written paper, and a spoken test.

Similar to the IELTS, there are 4 sections – Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing

Validity of Score

Lifetime validity. PTE General certificates do not expire.

Valid for 2 years from date of issue of result.

When is the exam held?

Check here for the upcoming test dates.

Held in 200+ locations globally, more than 360 days a year.

Who conducts the test?

By Pearson in partnership with Edexcel Limited.

By Pearson Language Tests. Endorsed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

What is PTE Young Learners?

PTE Young Learners is an English language assessment test for students between the ages of 6 to 13. Accredited by Pearson Edexcel, it assesses the English language in a stress-free and fun way.

Do note that the PTE Young Learners is not recognized for the purposes of immigration.

Why is the PTE considered a ‘quick’ test?

PTE Academic is considered a quick test as the test results are delivered within 5 business days.

What is the pass mark for PTE?

As such, there is no “pass mark” per se. You are awarded points based on your ability to use the English language.

PTE Academic measures the ability “to use English in academic settings”.

The score report has an overall score, from 10 to 90 points.

Separate scores are also given between 10 to 90 to each of the skills of – Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing.

The PTE score that you should be aiming at will depend upon the course that you are applying for.

Generally, the following are required –

  • For UK Tier 4 visas for students wishing to study below degree level: PTE of at least 36
  • For UK Tier 4 visas for students wishing to study at or above degree level: PTE of at least 51

Do keep in mind that if you wish to pursue your studies at any U.K. Higher Education institution, either at the degree level or above, the concerned university will be the deciding factor for the PTE score that will be required.

Usually, the following have been seen to be needed for admission to universities in the U.K.–

  • For MBA: minimum PTE between 59 to 69
  • For postgraduate studies: minimum PTE between 57 to 67
  • For undergraduate studies: minimum PTE between 51 to 61
What is the average score in PTE?

As the PTE requirement depends upon the purpose of taking the exam, there is no average PTE score as such.

The overall score in PTE Academic is a combination of the scores achieved in all the 4 individual skills, and not the average of the scores.

As per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF), the PTE score ranges as per proficiency levels are:

CEF Level Proficiency Level  PTE Academic score range 
A2  Basic User  24 to 42
B1  Independent User  36 to 58
B2 Independent User  51 to 75
C1 Proficient User  67 to 84
C2  Proficient User 80+

The CEF is used as a benchmark for reference to understand scores in any language qualification exam.

How many questions are there in PTE?

Candidates taking the test will have to answer twenty different question formats which includes multiple choice questions, essay questions and questions that involve interpreting information. The test intends to test real-life and academic English of candidates, so, they are asked to listen to excerpts from lectures and look at charts and graphs.

PTE General

The test has 2 parts –

  • A written paper
  • A spoken test

PTE General assesses the ability of the test taker for communicating in the English language in everyday situations.

A scenario-based English language test, PTE General uses real-life tasks and materials for assessing how well can the test takers express themselves in everyday situations.

PTE Academic

For appearing for the PTE Academic, you will be assigned a computer and a headset at any of the test centres of Pearson.

Total duration of the test: 3 hours, in one sitting

Parts of the test:

Part of the Test Duration 
Part 1: Speaking & Writing (77 – 93 minutes)
Part 2: Reading (32 – 40 minutes)
Part 3: Listening (45 – 57 minutes)

A 10 minutes break, optional, can be taken between the reading and listening parts.

20 different question formats are in the PTE Academic. Questions asked range from multiple choice questions on one hand, to interpreting information and essay writing on the other.

What is the validity of PTE test?

The validity of PTE General and PTE Academic differ.

PTE General certificates do not have any expiration date.

PTE Academic scores are valid for 2 years from the date that the result has been issued.

What is a good score in PTE?

PTE Academic scores that you should aim for depends upon the university that you are hoping to get into.

For example, here are the PTE scores accepted by some well-known universities:

Name of Course Institution  Location PTE required 
Computer Science MSc Middlesex University London  London, U.K. 58
Master of Data Science The University of Sydney Sydney, Australia 61
MSc in Computer Science  McMaster University  Hamilton, Canada 60
Master of Science in Information
Technology Management
Golden Gate University San Francisco, U.S.A. 57

Always check with the official website of the educational institution that you are planning to gain admission into. Take note of the PTE scores required for your intended intake. Plan accordingly.

What is the minimum score required for PTE?

There is no such thing as a minimum score.

You will have to check directly with the institution that you are applying to.

PTE Academic scores are also accepted for the purposes of immigrating to Australia and New Zealand. Do note that PTE General is not recognized for immigration purposes.

For the purposes of Australia immigration, while the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is more popular, PTE Academic scores are also accepted.

As there are many visa pathways that lead to Australia immigration, the PTE Academic scores required will vary from case to case.

Generally, while some require a minimum PTE of 50 in each of the 4 components of the test, in certain cases a minimum of 65 in each of the 4 components might be needed.

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