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Norway Tourist Visa

Norway offers a mix of cultural and natural attractions to tourists. This land of the midnight sun has the stunning Northern Lights to offer. There are beautiful sceneries from snow-caped mountains to spectacular Fjords. The country is home to museums dedicated to a range of subjects from Vikings to seafaring. If you are planning to visit Norway on a tourist visa, then you must know the visa requirements.

You will need a short-term visa to visit Norway which is valid for 90 days. This short-term visa is also known as the Schengen visa. As you may be aware the Schengen visa is valid in all the European countries which are part of the Schengen agreement.   Norway is one of the countries under the Schengen agreement.

With a Schengen visa you can travel to and stay in Norway and all the other 26 Schengen countries.

About Norway

Norway (the “northern way”), is a country in the northern part of Europe. Almost 50% of the inhabitants of Norway live in and around Oslo. Approximately two-thirds of Norway is made up of mountains.

During the 20th Century, Norway came into its own as a prominent industrial nation. Today, Norway offers one of the highest standards of living in the world, along with a comprehensive social welfare system.

The austere natural beauty of Norway attracts many visitors from all over the world. 

As per official statistics, Norway’s population has increased by an estimated 2.1 million since 1950, and now totals 5.4 million.

Norway has two official languages – Norwegian and Sami.

Oslo is the national capital.

Prominent tourist destinations in Norway

·       The Atlanterhavsveien, commonly referred to as the Atlantic Road in English, connects the mainland of Norway with the island of Averøya

·       Tromsø Arctic Museums

·       Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

·       Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, Bergen

·       Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

·       Geirangerfjord

·       Lillehammer

·       Akershus Fortress, Oslo

·       Bygdoy Peninsula

·       Varanger peninsula, a birdwatcher’s paradise

·       Akershus Fortress, Oslo

·       Pulpit Rock, leaning over the crystal-blue waters of the Lysefjord

·       Lofoten Islands

·       Trolltunga, or “Troll’s Tongue”, a 10,000-year-old rock formation


There are many reasons that make Norway worth visiting. These include –

  • The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights
  • A destination full of charms – quaint fishing villages, famous fjords, cultural heritage, etc.
  • A nature lover’s paradise
  • Many trendy cities to explore
Eligibility requirements to apply for tourist visa:
  • A valid passport whose validity will exceed the duration of the visa you apply for by three months
  • Old passports if any
  • 2 passport size photos
  • A copy of your completed and signed application form
  • Proof of hotel bookings, flight bookings and a detailed plan of your activities during the duration of your stay in Poland
  • Copy of tour ticket
  • Proof of having enough finances to support your travel and stay in the country
  • Valid medical insurance with a cover of 30,000 pounds
  • Cover letter mentioning the purpose of your visit to Norway and your itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation during the duration of stay
  • Proof of civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children etc.)
  • Invitation letter containing the address and phone number of the family member or sponsor.
  • Bank statement of the last 6 months

Before you apply for a tourist visa, ensure that you meet the visa requirements and have the required travel documents.
Ensure that you pay the required fees for the visa

How Y-Axis Can Help You?
  • Advise you on the required documentation
  • Advise you on the funds that need to be shown
  • Fill out the application forms
  • Review your documents for the visa application
What is the processing time for the Norway visitor visa?

Ideally, applications are decided upon within 15 days from submission of the application.

The processing time can be extended to a maximum of 30 days if more scrutiny of the application is needed.

In certain specific cases where some additional documentation is required, the processing time can be extended further, that is, to a maximum of 60 days.

We advise you to apply at least 4 weeks before departure. Your application can be registered 3 months before your scheduled travel.

The case handling time is 15 days after receipt of the application at the Norwegian Embassy.

How long can I stay in Norway on a visitor's visa?

A visitor’s visa will let you stay on in Norway for up to a total of 90 days over a period of 180 days.

When you get a visitor visa for Norway, you can also visit any of the other Schengen countries as well.

You’ll need a reasonable cause if you want to extend your Schengen Area visa. Visa extensions are given for humanitarian purposes, such as staying to continue to obtain required medical care, essential personal reasons, such as a relative’s funeral, or force majeure, which may mean anything from the outbreak of war in your home country to severe weather conditions that make it difficult to fly back.

Reservation or itinerary for round trips. Dates and flight numbers indicating entry and departure from the Schengen area must be included.

What other documents should I carry when I travel on a Schengen visa?

Do keep in mind that merely having a Schengen visa in your possession does not confer you with an automatic right to enter the Schengen Area.

You might be asked to produce additional documents at the external border. Documents might be required justifying the purpose of stay and conditions attached to your stay; as well as for proving that either you have sufficient means of subsistence with you or are able to arrange the same lawfully. The means of subsistence should cover your intended stay as well as return to home country or to a third state into which there is a certainty of your being admitted.

Travel insurance policy: A document which proves that you have travel health insurance coverage for the whole of the Schengen zone, with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 in the event of any medical emergency, such as illnesses, injuries and even repatriation in the event of death.

Evidence of the means of financing. Evidence that you have enough money to financially support yourself during your stay in the Schengen area. This may be one of the following things:

  • Bank account statement, which indicates that for the trip you have enough money in your account. The statement must be not more than 3 months old.
  • Letter of funding from another person who ensures that your travel to the Schengen region will be financially sponsored. In order for this letter to be valid, it must be followed by a sponsor’s bank statement not older than three months.
  • A combination of a statement from your bank account and a sponsorship letter.

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