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Dubai is well known for its rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality. With a thriving business community on one hand, and many natural wonders as well as shopping malls on the other, Dubai has many business and leisure visitors in any given year.

Hospitality and courtesy are highly prized in the Arab culture. The Emirati, or the citizens of the U.A.E., are warm and welcoming of all foreigners.

About Y-Axis Immigration Consultancy in Dubai

Y-Axis is reckoned among the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Our first office in Dubai became operational from 2016. Located in the prestigious Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) at Cluster D, Y-Axis has since then opened two other offices in JLT itself.

Ideally situated and close to two metro stations as well as the airport, JLT has 68 residential and commercial towers. With over 300 restaurants and 600 retail outlets, indeed there is a lot going on at JLT.

Currently, Y-Axis offers a wide range in services from its three offices – at Cluster D, Cluster Y, and Cluster H – in JLT, Dubai. Providing exceptional services at par with the best anywhere in the world, Y-Axis has worked relentlessly towards becoming one of the most reputable immigration consultants in Dubai.

ADDRESS: 303 Indigo Tower, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lake Towers, United Arab Emirates
PHONE:   +971 (0) 42 483 936
TIMINGS: Mon to Sat – 10:00 AM to 6.30 PM

Y-Axis Dubai is strategically located on Sheikh Zayed Road, between the fifth and the sixth interchange. Our Dubai offices are near the Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Palm Jumeirah, the famous artificial archipelago of Dubai.

What makes Y-Axis the best immigration Consultant in Dubai?

Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from the rest. We tell you as it is. No fake promises and no tall claims. To be counted among the Top 10 immigration consultants in Dubai is an achievement.

Our 23 years’ experience in the visa and immigration industry, supplemented by a million success stories and over ten million counseling sessions affirm our stance that “no other company understands overseas careers like we do”.

The main queries that we routinely receive at Y-Axis Dubai are regarding – Canada visa consultant in Dubai, Australian immigration consultants in Dubai, and New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai.

What are the Key Services being offered by Y-Axis Dubai?

As an established Dubai visa agent, Y-Axis offers all kinds of services pertaining to the visa and immigration industry.

Y-Axis Dubai has helped many Emiratis get ahead in life by providing them with an opportunity to study, work and live in Canada, Australia and many other countries.

Our counseling process involves Eligibility – Evaluation – Opportunities.

Our highly trained and well-experienced handpicked counselor will assess your profile, priorities, and plans for the future. Considering various key factors like your education, work experience, background, and travel history our counselor will then outline the opportunities that are available for you.

The opportunities that we put before you are your best options for studying, working, or settling abroad. The ease of migration as well as the demand for your education and skills are taken into account.

Y-Axis provides a complete Eligibility Evaluation Report for the selected countries.

As part of our services, our One Contact approach involves an agent being specifically assigned to your case, providing complete and comprehensive end-to-end support. Based on your requirements and qualifications, we help you in shortlisting the most ideally suited countries for you. Y-Axis takes pride in being the premier visa consultant in Dubai.

As one of the top-most visa consultants in Dubai, Y-Axis offers the following services –

  • Visa assistance
  • Concierge
  • Legal immigration advice and assistance
  • Admissions
  • Job Search Services
  • Immigration
  • Canada PR
  • Australia PR

Y-Axis and Dubai – Working in tandem to realize overseas dreams

With cutting-edge technology and the most efficient workforce, Y-Axis is the PR agency Dubai of choice for many. Every day, we have a significant number of inquiries from qualified professionals, new migrants, and students for legal immigration advice.

Our consultants are fully trained professionals, well equipped to handle all kinds of issues related to visas and immigration. We also offer unbiased advice for obtaining visas for various countries. Y-Axis Dubai will also help you if, for any reason, you require a change in your visa category.

Regardless of your reason for seeking out immigration agents in Dubai, Y-Axis is always more than happy to help.

Looking forward to seeing you at any of our offices in JLT, Dubai.

Y-Axis is your one-stop-shop for everything related to visa and immigration. We help you migrate to –

Do keep in mind that as the rules and procedures differ in each country, the overall costs, as well as the processing time, will be affected accordingly.

What are the key services offered by Y-Axis?

At Y-Axis, we understand that individuals migrate to different countries for different reasons. The visa application process also differs from person to person. A visa might be needed for any reason, such as:

The visa application procedure, requirements, and documents needed also differs for different visas. 

Y-Axis offers a wide range of services:         

Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation: The Y-Axis points calculator helps measure the strength of your profile when applying for a visa to settle, work, or study abroad. These are the many components of the Y-Axis Eligibility Evaluation:

  • Score Card
  • Country Profile
  • Occupation Profile
  • Documentation List
  • Cost & Time Estimate
  • Best Options Based on Your Profile.

Coaching: Many countries use standardized tests for sifting through the visa applicants.  A good score in these tests will ensure success in your visa application. As India’s #1 Visas & Immigration company, Y-Axis offers you the best coaching for



Concierge: With our Concierge service you can keep track of the documentation process in the visa application process. This service takes care of these small, yet essential, tasks. Services offered by us include:

Visas: We provide guidance and counselling for the following visas for our clients

  • PR Visas
    PR Visa 
  • Visitor Visas
    Visitor Visa 
  • Study Visas
    Study Visa 
  • Business Visas
    Business Visa 
  • Investor Visas
    Investor Visa 
  • Dependent Visas
    Dependent Visa

Overseas Jobs#: We help our clients find jobs in the following sectors:

With more than 50+ offices and close to a million success stories, we have established our presence in the field of visas and immigration consultancy.

Please get in touch with our representative for a free consultation.

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*Under Job Search Service, we offer Resume Writing, LinkedIn Optimization and Resume Marketing. We do not advertise jobs on behalf of overseas employers or represent any overseas employer. This service is not a placement/recruitment service and does not guarantee jobs.

#Our Registration number is B-0553/AP/300/5/8968/2013 and Placement services are provided at our Registered Center only.