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Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

Why to apply for PEI PNP?
  • 50,000+ job vacancies
  • CRS score required is 50 points
  • Easy path to settle in Canada
  • Holds draws every month
  • High demand for Tech and Healthcare professionals
About Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the smallest among all the Canadian provinces. Referred to as “The Island” by the local population, PEI offers rewarding career opportunities and a business community especially supportive of entrepreneurs. Prince Edward Island or PEI was the 7th province to become a part of the Confederation of Canada.

PEI finds its place both among the Maritime Provinces in Canada as well as the Canadian Atlantic provinces. Previously known as Acadie or Acadia, the Atlantic Provinces in Canada comprise 4 provinces – PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Canada’s Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) offers immigration pathways for those willing to take up their Canadian permanent residence and settle within Atlantic Canada.

‘Charlottetown is the capital city of Prince Edward Island.’

The prominent cities in PEI include:

  • Charlottetown
  • Summerside
  • Stratford
  • Cornwall
  • Three Rivers
  • Kensington

Prince Edward Island Immigration

A part of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Canada, PEI has its own immigration program – the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) – for the induction of newcomers into the province. The selection process of the PEI PNP operates through a points-based Expression of Interest (EOI) system that assesses potential candidates prior to issuing an invitation to apply.

Candidates with the greatest potential of economically establishing themselves in the province are prioritized by the PEI PNP. If approved as a provincial nominee by the PEI PNP, the principal applicant as well as their dependent family members can then proceed to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC] for taking up permanent residence in Canada in the Provincial Nominee class.

Prince Edward Island PNP Streams 

Candidates can migrate to the PEI through three streams:

  • PEI PNP Express Entry
  • Labour Impact Category
  • Business Impact Category
Prince Edward Island PNP Eligibility
  • Job offer for full-time and/or permanent employment from a PEI employer.
  • Basic work experience.
  • 50 points in PEI Points Grid.
  • Required scores in a language proficiency test.
  • An intention of living and working in PEI.
  • Legitimate work permit and other associated documents.
  • Occupation under any of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Type 0: management jobs, Skill Level A: professional jobs, or Skill Level B: technical jobs.
  • Proof of legal residence in their home country.
  • A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIS) confirmation letter.
PEI PNP Requirements
Category  Requirements
PEI PNP Express Entry Job offer not required
An active Express Entry profile;
Eligible for any of the programs like FSWP, FSTP or the CEC.
PGWP with four months validity at the time you submit your EOI;
Studied outside of PEI;
Minimum 9 months of work experience under a PEI employer.
Labour Impact Category 21 – 59 years of age;
Full-time permanent or at least two-year job offer from a PEI employer in an eligible position;
Proof of funds to settle in PEI;
Strong intention to reside in PEI;
Meet the language requirements of CLB of 4.
Business Impact Category 21-59 years of age
Able to invest a minimum net worth of CAD $600,000;
Secondary education;
Transferable business ownership;
Minimum language requirements of CLB 4;
Stong intention to reside and work in PEI;
Manage the proposed business firm within PEI

STEP 1: Check your eligibility through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

STEP 2: Review the PEI PNP selection criteria.

STEP 3: Arrange the checklist of requirements

STEP 4: Apply for PEI PNP.

STEP 5: Move to PEI, Canada.

Month PNP Program No. of draws No. of candidates
May PEI PNP 2 280
April PEI PNP 1 189
March PEI PNP 3 303
February PEI PNP 1 228
January PEI PNP 2 223
Total 9 1,223

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What is the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program [PEI PNP]?

A provincial program under the PNP of Canada, the PEI PNP allows Prince Edward Island to nominate immigrants – to IRCC for Canada PR – that have the potential of filling the labour market and economic requirements of the province.

Does PEI PNP have any Express Entry linked PEI immigration pathway?

Yes. The PEI PNP Express Entry stream is linked with the Express Entry system of the federal government of Canada.

How does a PNP nomination help an Express Entry candidate?

An Express Entry candidate that is a provincial nominee under PNP Canada is automatically given 600 CRS points. CRS here stands for the Comprehensive Ranking System used for ranking Express Entry profiles. With a CRS 600 by PNP, an Express Entry candidate is guaranteed an ITA in the next federal draw to be held.

What if I'm eligible for more than 1 PEI PNP streams?

While you might be eligible for more than 1 PEI PNP streams, the PEI will only be issuing 1 nomination per applicant. Hence, in such situations the most recommended course of action is to determine as to which would be the ideal stream to apply to and to proceed accordingly.

I already have an application in process for a non-Express Entry stream with the PEI PNP. Can I switch to Express Entry?

Those eligible for more than 1 stream should decide before applying as to stream that they would prefer applying under. The PEI PNP might not allow switching streams prior to nomination. Those already nominated through 1 PEI PNP stream might not switch streams.

I don’t qualify for the Express Entry system of Canada. Can I still apply for PEI immigration?

If you don’t qualify for IRCC’s Express Entry pool, you cannot get a PNP nomination under the PEI Express Entry stream. Nevertheless, there are other PEI PNP streams that you can explore and check eligibility against.

Currently, I am working in PEI. Does this make me eligible for PEI Express Entry stream?

The PEI PNP prioritizes applicants currently working in the province in a position that matches their education and/or work experience.

Can I include my parents on my PEI Express Entry application?

No. Only spouse and dependent children [below 19 years of age] might be included in the PEI Express Entry application along with the principal applicant. Other family members – such as parents, grandparents or siblings – cannot be included.

What is the Labour Impact category of the PEI PNP?

The Labour Impact category of the PEI PNP supports foreign nationals – with a valid job offer as well as support from a PEI employer – that intend applying for a PNP nomination for Canada PR through the PEI PNP.

At what stage of Canada immigration through PEI PNP process do I have to apply to IRCC?

If selected by the PEI PNP as a provincial nominee, you will have to submit your application for Canadian permanent residence within 3 months of receiving your nomination certificate.

What are the details of the Prince Edward Island PNP?

Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program also known as the PEI PNP provides prospective immigrants with experience and skills opportunities to apply for the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Certificate after which they can apply for the Canadian permanent residence.

The PEI PNP offers three major immigration categories:

  • PEI PNP Express Entry
  • Labor Impact Category
  • Business Impact Category
What are the details of the various categories under PEI PNP?

PEI PNP Express Entry

Under this category, candidates who are eligible under the Express Entry pool and are interested to live in the province can apply. However only those candidates who have skills that match the labor needs of the province will be considered for nomination under this category.

The PNP Express Entry is a PEI immigration stream that is consistent with the federal Express Entry immigration selection scheme. Candidates who receive an enhanced provincial nomination from this stream receive an additional 600 Detailed Ranking System (CRS) points, resulting in an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

Labor Impact Category

Immigration candidates who have the required skills and experience to meet the needs of the labor market in the province. The stream has three categories:

1.Skilled Worker Stream

This stream is for workers who have been selected or identified by an employer in the province. To be eligible to apply under this stream, the applicant must be either working in the province or have a job offer from an employee in the province.

2.Critical Worker Stream

This stream is applicable to workers who have been hired by an employer in the province and the employer wishes to sponsor them for a PR visa. The applicants can belong to either a semi-skilled or unskilled profession.

3.International Graduate Stream

Recent graduates from recognized universities and colleges in the province who have already been hired by a PEI employer. Eligible applicants will have to work in a skilled profession related to their field of study.

Business Impact Category

This category has a single stream called the Work Permit Stream. This stream is for individuals who want to invest in a business in the province.

What are the steps to apply for the PEI PNP Express Entry stream?

Step 1: After a full application and all supporting documents have been submitted, the processing period for qualifying applications will take up to three months or longer.

 Step 2: Within six months of obtaining your candidate certificate, apply for a permanent resident visa for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC). Applicants, their spouse/common-law partner, and their children.

For eligible foreign nationals, the PEI PNP Express Entry combination makes immigration to the province both quicker and easier. When using Canada Express Entry, the entire PEI immigration process could take as little as six months in some cases.

Individuals nominated for Canadian immigration through the PEI PNP would score high enough on the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking Calculator to almost guarantee a place in the next draw. It does not take long to be approved for PEI immigration after receiving an invitation to apply to become a Canada Permanent Resident, as applications are processed in six months or less.

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