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Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

The name ‘Saskatchewan’ is derived from an anglicized version of a word in the Cree language that stands for “swiftly flowing river”.

Saskatchewan is one of the three Prairie Provinces of Canada. Alberta and Manitoba are the other two.

With British Columbia entering the picture, the four provinces together form the Canadian Western Provinces.

Bounded by the US states of Montana and North Dakota to the south, Saskatchewan has the Northwest Territories sharing the border in the north. While Manitoba lies towards the east, Alberta makes up the neighbouring Canadian province in the west.

Saskatchewan enjoys the unique distinction of being the only Canadian province that has fully artificially made boundaries, that is, not formed by a natural feature. The province is one of the two Canadian provinces that do not have a saltwater coast.

Saskatchewan is the sixth-most populous province in Canada, the fifth-largest of them all in terms of area.

A part of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program [PNP], SINP Canada refers to the PNP of Saskatchewan, that is, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program [SINP].

An individual looking to migrate overseas to Canada and settle within Saskatchewan after acquiring their Canadian permanent residence would have to go through the Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program.

Saskatchewan PNP categories available
Program Streams
International Skilled Worker International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry
International Skilled Worker: Occupations In-Demand
International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer
Worker with Saskatchewan Work Experience Saskatchewan Experience: Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit
Saskatchewan Experience: Semi-Skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit
Saskatchewan Experience: Health Professionals
Saskatchewan Experience: Students
Saskatchewan Experience: Hospitality Sector
Saskatchewan Experience: Long-Haul Truck Driver
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur
International Graduate Entrepreneur
Farm Owner and Operator Farm Owners and Operators
Farm Owners and Operators – Young Farmer Stream

In order to be able to immigrate to Saskatchewan as an International Skilled Worker a candidate will be required to score at least 60 points [out of a maximum of 120 points available] on the SINP point assessment grid.

SINP draws in 2022
Total Invitations: 9538
Sl. No. Invitation Date Stream Total number of Invitations
1 November 03, 2022 Entrepreneur 55
2 November 07, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 35
3 September 28, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 1146
4 September 15, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 326
5 September 7, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 943
6 September 6, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 760
7 September 1, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 941
8 September 1, 2022 Entrepreneur 43
9 August 25, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 629
10 August 18, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 668
11 August 11, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 745
12 July 28, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 748
13 July 21, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 802
14 July 14, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 627
15 July 7, 2022 Entrepreneur stream 64
16 July 6, 2022 International Skilled Workers stream 682
17 March 08, 2022 International Skilled Worker EOI System 235
18 March 04, 2022 International Skilled Worker EOI System 121
19 March 03, 2022 Entrepreneur EOI System 58


SINP International Skilled Workers: Expression of Interest (EOI) Selection Results 2022
Date of Invitations to Apply Category Score of Lowest Ranked Candidate Invitations Issued
January 12, 2022
Occupations In-Demand EOI 68 67
Express Entry EOI 68 37
Total invitations: 104


Saskatchewan PNP Program Application Process

Generally, applying for a PNP nomination involves a 2-step process.

The first step is that of submitting an Expression of Interest [EOI] with the PNP program concerned. The SINP in this case.

Those successful in securing a PNP nomination through Saskatchewan might then proceed onto the next part of the process. Here, an application for Candian permanent residence will have to be submitted with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC].

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What is an SINP International Skilled Worker Expression of Interest [EOI]?

A pre-application that is required by the SINP. An SINP International Skilled Worker EOI involves filling out an online form as a way of indicating an interest in applying to the SINP.

Are all EOIs invited by the SINP?

No. Not all are invited. Profiles from the International Skilled Worker EOI system that have the skills needed by the provincial job market in Saskatchewan are selected. If selected, a candidate will be issued an Invitation to Apply.

Can I make multiple EOI profiles with the SINP?

No. A candidate can have only 1 EOI profile with the SINP at any given point in time.

Is there a ‘cap’ or limit on the total number of candidates that can submit an EOI with the SINP?

No. There is no limitation on the number of candidates that might submit their EOI to Saskatchewan Canada PNP

How often do SINP draws take place?

Typically, SINP draws take place on a bi-monthly basis.

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