Russia Tourist Visa

Russia Tourist Visa

Russia is a country with a rich history, culture and world-famous architecture that makes it a dream destination for travelers. Apart from this, it has natural scenic sights like snow-covered mountains and natural geysers.

To visit the country, one needs a tourist visa which is valid for 30 days. You can apply for either a single entry or double entry visa.

While the single entry visa allows you to travel only to Russia, the double-entry visa allows you to make trips from Russia to neighboring countries such as the CIS countries and Baltic states and back trips to countries such as China and Mongolia and the return trip is through Russia.

The tourist visa cannot be extended except for medical reasons.

Tourist invitation:

To visit Russia as a tourist will require a tourist invitation. This is basically an agreement between a foreign citizen and a Russian travel company. The travel company should be included in the United register of tour operators. Getting a tourist voucher from a travel company is a quick and easy process. The tourist voucher should contain the following information:

  • Name of the Russian tourist company and its reference number
  • Full name of the applicant and their passport information
  • Purpose of visit
  • Terms of visit
  • Number of entries (single or double)
  • Dates of entry and exit
  • Cities that the applicant plans to visit.
Documents required
  • A valid passport
  • Two passport size photos
  • A copy of your completed and signed visa application form
  • Copy of tourist voucher
  • Proof of funds
  • Confirmed return ticket

Before you apply for a tourist visa, ensure that you meet the visa requirements, fill the application form, attach the required documents and pay the required fees.

Processing time

The processing time for a tourist visa is usually 10 working days.

eVisa for tourists

An eVisa can be applied for online and takes 4 days to process.  The visas issued by Russia allow international travelers to visit specific Russian regions for short stays. The eVisa is issued for the following regions:

  • Far East, for which visitors will need to apply for a Russian eVisa for the Far East regions
  • Kaliningrad, for which they have to apply for eVisa for Kaliningrad
  • St Petersburg and Leningrad region, for which eVisa for St Petersburg and Leningrad region is required.

The eVisa is valid for 30 but allows a maximum of 8 days stay in the region.

How can Y-Axis help you?

Y-Axis team will help you:

  • Advise you on the required documentation
  • Advise you on the funds that need to be shown
  • Fill out the application forms
  • Review your documents for the visa application
What is the expected processing time for Russia visit visa?

Generally, the processing time for a visit visa for Russia is within 10 working days, provided the required documentation is complete and the applicable consular fees paid.

Can I request for a faster processing of Russia visit visa?

In emergency situations, an urgent visa application might be submitted that is processed within a maximum of 3 working days. Do note that the order for expedited processing must have been given by the concerned authorities.

What is the longest processing time for Russia visit visa?

In certain cases, the processing time for a visit visa to Russia can go up to 30 calendar days.

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