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Information on Canada investor visas

Canada grants visas to individuals who want to invest or intend to be entrepreneurs or self-employed in this North American country through various immigration pathways.

These pathways are offered by the federal government of Canada and also by its governments of provinces and territories.

Canada wants to attract individuals who with their investments and innovative ideas make a significant contribution to its economy. They can generate these investments by availing of venture capital funds. In order to allow them into the country, several Canada investment visas with various pathways are in place.

The objective of these initiatives is also to expand new profitable opportunities in Canada and to increase the country’s access to ever-growing global markets by encouraging business-savvy immigrants to enter its shores. If the immigrants are willing to integrate into Canada’s society, they can become permanent residents and later citizens of Canada.

The aspiring immigrants can decide on where they would want to reside by opting for the provincial nominee programs (PNPs) or by deciding to go with the Express Entry programs of the federal government.

Various Canada Immigration Programs  

For people who want to gain Canadian citizenship by investment, there is a Canada start-up visa program and the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP). With QIIP, individuals with a minimum net worth and adequate capital can invest in the Quebec province.

On the other hand, start-up visas allow entrepreneurs who have innovative concepts for floating a business with considerable potential in any part of Canada.

Among other programs, the provinces and territories of Canada allow entrepreneurs immigration pathways to help them start rewarding businesses in the country.

Self-employed immigration programs allow individuals having extensive experience in certain industries and occupations to apply for Canadian immigration.

The world’s second-largest country by area also offers eligible individuals temporary work permits that evince interest in starting a business or running one, which is already functional, more profitably.

As for Golden Visa Canada, you can invest in QIIP by investing CAD1,200,000 in sectors such as industry, commercial, or even farming. You can also secure this visa by investing CAD750,000 in other provinces and territories.

To become a citizen of Canada, apart from the above criteria, you need to reside in the country permanently for three years. Later, you must live in Canada for one year after securing your permanent residency (PR).

This is in a nutshell how the investor visas of Canada work. If you want to apply for one of these stated above, reach out to Y-Axis, the world’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Consultant

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How do I become eligible to invest in Canada?

It all depends on the funds you have at your disposal to invest in Canada. With the Quebec Immigrant Investor program, individuals have an option to invest a particular sum of money in a government-secured, inactive investment and relocate to the province. If you want to invest more actively, you could do so by investing in entrepreneurial or Provincial Nominee programs, needing you to invest in a Canadian business and operate it. Alternately, you can also avail the Start-Up Visa Program. 

How can I run a business in Canada?

If you have business acumen and experience, you are eligible for many entrepreneur programs within the Provincial Nominee Programs or even at the federal level.

What should I do to invest in one of the provinces in Canada?

All provinces, barring Nunuvat, have their own Provincial Nominee Programs. They were introduced to entice entrepreneurs to migrate to their province or territory and set up businesses. As per these programs, you have to set up a business or manage an already functioning enterprise in the province/territory. 

As a self-employed individual, can I set up shop in Canada?

Canada encourages welcomes self-employed persons belonging to various fields to set up their business in sectors, ranging from farming to industry to commercial enterprises in the country.

Do I have to prove my net worth while investing in Canada?

Yes, you need to show evidence of how you made money legitimately through bank accounts, tax returns, sale deeds of property, inheritances, etc.    

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