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Visa & immigration processes require a lot of time spent on documentation and small errands. While these are simple tasks, they end up taking the time that could be spent more productively. Y-Axis Concierge is a done-for-you service that takes care of these small but essential tasks. Our international presence and global alliances ensure that we can serve you across the globe.

Notary Service

Most visa procedures require the submission of notarised documents. Y-Axis simplifies this process for you by collecting your original documents, verifying them and then notarising them. Currently, we offer notary services in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai & Ahmedabad.

Notary Service
Translation Service

Applying to a non-English speaking country? Need your Indian language services converted into English or a foreign language? Y-Axis offers high quality translation services to and from any language. With quick turnaround time and double-checked translation, rest assured that your documents are in the right hands.

Translation Service
Transcript Service

Submitting academic transcripts is an essential part of most visa application packages. Y-Axis takes the difficulty out of procuring these documents by collecting your transcripts, syllabus and mark sheets from the college or university. We can also help you acquire duplicate mark sheets and degree certificates from your institute. Read More>>

Transcript Service
Student Education Loan

Studying abroad is a life-changing but expensive decision. The combination of applications, admissions, relocation and student living expenses mean that the price suddenly seems high. Y-Axis can help you apply with complete peace of mind with our student education loan services. We are allied with some of the leading banks and lending institutions and can help you avail the highest quality of service at the best possible rates. Read More>>

Student Loan
Exam Slot Booking

Block your exam date at your desired location through Y-Axis. We are allied with leading testing & assessment organisations and can help you with booking a slot. Whether you are in a city with the assessment centre or visiting just for the exam, our team will assist you to get your desired date and test slot for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE & GMAT. Read More>>

Exam Slot Booking
Banking Services

Y-Axis has developed international banking alliances to help you stay connected to banking channels when you’re on the move. With our experience with helping students, professionals and families relocate across the world, we can help you structure and organise your finances to keep your peace of mind and stay connected to your bank with minimal disruption. Read More>>

Banking Services

Y-Axis can help you manage your foreign exchange requirements with the best prevailing conversion rates. For students moving abroad for higher studies, we offer managed payments that meet their academic fee payment cycles. Our global partnerships allow us to deliver secure, timely forex solutions to you. Read More>>

Travel Insurance

Travel with complete peace of mind with our travel insurance solutions. Y-Axis helps you acquire insurance coverage based on your travel plans and offer appropriate solutions for students, professionals, families and corporates. Read More>>

Travel Insurance
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What is the Notary?

A qualified candidate who is eligible to perform specific legal formalities, such as ensuring deeds, contracts, and related requirements for use in other jurisdictions.

What is the definition of translation?

The translation is an activity that conveys one or many meanings of a given linguistic discourse from one language to another.

What is a transcript?

A transcript is evidence of education that has an accurate record of every subject you have studied, along with the scores presented in the form of grades or marks given by the institution.

Who requires the transcript?

The applicants who apply for their higher education overseas or those who choose to apply for a PR visa in Canada.

Why is a transcript required?

The applicants are asked to submit their academic transcripts as a part of their application during their admission processes. These documents or transcripts aid the higher educational institutions calculate the abilities, understanding, and qualifications of the candidate for a specific course.

What is an Education Loan?

An education loan is a total amount of the money borrowed from a financial institution for post-secondary education or any higher-related expenses.

What are the benefits of student loans?

Education loans provide financial support for the students who would be unable to attend college otherwise. As per the financial institution’s terms & conditions, there is a possibility of repayment through easy installments.

What is Forex, and how does it work?

The foreign exchange (which is popularly known as Forex or FX) market is a global marketplace for exchanging national currencies. The currencies rate against each other as exchange rate pairs. Because of the worldwide reach of commerce, trade, and finance, the forex markets are said to be the largest and most liquid asset markets globally.

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