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Y-Axis | Where ordinary people do extraordinary work. Join us and change your life by helping others change theirs.

Why Work For Us

1. Secure

Y-Axis is the market leader in an industry where demand for international opportunities outstrips the supply. We have been growing year after year by maintaining our market position through stellar service and continuous marketing.

Huge demand for Indian professionals who want to go abroad

Indian passport holders face complex visa challenges which we help navigate

Y-Axis offers a stable job with clear cut roles and well defined growth paths. Your merit will take you places

We are fast growing, recession-proof and an established brand


2. Meaningful & purposeful work

Y-Axis offers you the unique opportunity to leave a lasting impact on an entire family, and maybe even generations to come. Every aspect of your work is in service to the goal of changing someone's life for the better. Your efforts will lead to continued learning and an uncapped salary coupled with recognition among your peers.

Meaningful & purposeful work

Enriching job that turns you into a people person & hones your skills

Energizing work that will revitalise your zeal to contribute

Create an impact on your society through your knowledge & values

Gain recognition as an expert who can transform lives

Our merit driven policies mean you can go as far as your skills take you

3. Growth Mindset- Not Yet

Platform  | Learning | Open to change | Transparency | Meritocracy

Since 1999 Y-Axis has fostered a culture of growth through our philosophy of "Not Yet". Our aim is to continually learn and grow in order to prepare for the challenges ahead. Our openness to change, our investments in technology, our cutting-edge knowledge systems, our focus on merit, and our integrity, have made us the employer of choice for dynamic individuals seeking growth.

4. Earn more

Know what? We share nearly 12% of our Gross Sales with our Teams instantly. That is nearly 25% of our profits. More than 46% of our Sales Consultants earn more than 100% of their salary in incentives and commissions alone 38%, take home between 90%-50% of their salary in incentives and commissions and rest at least 25%. This is in addition to their monthly salary. You can take home 2x of your salary in incentives alone, every month

Great Compensation & Benefits

Competitive Salaries
Statutory Benefits
Medical Insurance
Paid Leaves
Generous Incentives
Uncapped commissions

5. Opportunities to learn & grow

Life Long Learning | Great Training | Grow in Responsibilities

Our exceptional learning systems offer you the opportunity to continuously grow in knowledge and skills. We believe that each Y-Axian is a learner for a lifetime and reward those who apply these learnings to demonstrate their growth in their career. Our streamlined growth tracks allow you to explore opportunities in your areas of interest in

Y-Managers Track
Y-Managers Track
Y-Specialist Track
Y-Specialist Track
Y-Global Track
Y-Global Track

6. Cutting edge technology

Y-AXIS is a 100% digital company. We use cutting-edge technologies like Salesforce CRM, Genesys Call Center Solutions and 0365 to run our global operations. We are amongst the largest users of Salesforce. 

Our extensive technical infrastructure collects data from across our systems and displays it on an intuitive dashboard. This level of sophistication allows us to be transparent, responsive, and create a culture of merit that rewards performers immediately.


7. Meritocracy

We hire, reward, and promote talent purely based on merit. You are judged solely by your efforts, skills, abilities, and performance, regardless of gender, race, class, national origin, or sexual orientation.


8. Work Life Balance

We believe it is critical to manage your work and the rest of your life in order to create meaning for yourself. Our policies allow for flexibility to include your family, your preferred timings and your health goals.

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Day jobs

Schedules Icon

Fixed schedules

Flexible shifts Icon

Flexible shifts

Work in Office Icon

Work in the office closest to you

Paid Leave Icon

Paid leave


On-site fitness classes

9. Safe place to work

We take the safety & security of our staff very seriously. We have invested in several physical security measures at all our offices to ensure you are safe at all times. Our policies reflect our commitment to creating a secure work environment you enjoy coming to.

All our offices are centrally located

Access card, CCTV and on-site security at offices

49% of our workforce are women who

Appreciate our women-friendly policies

Women are never assigned night shifts


10. Honest taxpayer & ethical employer

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Y-Axis is a good citizen who pays 100% of all the taxes due.

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We comply with every regulation with every statutory authority.

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We are privately held and have negligible debt allowing us to operate at the highest values without compromise.

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We will never do anything that you would not be proud of.

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We have written counselling notes and clear contracts with our clients.

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Our prices have integrity and don’t change based on the client.

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We have accountability internally as all transactions are digitized.

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Student Counsellors: Our counselling has more integrity as we are not biased by any univerisities. We work for you.

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