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Posted on October 04 2022

Are H-1B’s allowed to work multiple jobs in USA?

By  Editor
Updated January 06 2024

Highlights: Do H-1B’s can work for multiple jobs

  • Yes, H-1B visa holders are allowed to do multiple jobs
  • There is no limit for the concurrent jobs that H-1B’s can do
  • But, candidates are not allowed to do two similar roles under the same speciality
  • The second employer has to convince the USCIS that a candidate will work for a unique job role
  • Concurrent H-1B can be filed after getting the ‘valid H-1B status’

Multiple jobs through H-1B visa

H-1B visa is the common form of employment visa in the US. Candidates who want to work in US have to apply for this visa to get engaged in a full-time employment with a single employer. Recent  rules also allows H-1B’s to go for concurrent employment. Concurrent employment means that more than one employer can take the services of an H-1B visa holder.

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All you need to know about Concurrent H-1B

An H-1B petition has to be filed to give an authorization to an H-1B visa holder to have a concurrent employment along with the current full-time employment. This type of visa is known as concurrent H-1B. The second employer also has to go through the entire process to hire an H-1B visa holder.

The employer has to convince the USCIS that the candidate is suitable for the job for which hiring is being done. The employer has to pay the prevailing wages to the hired employee. The second employer has to fill out a Labour Condition Application or LCA along with other H-1B requirements.

The speciality of the concurrent employment should be different from the specialty of the first employment.

When to file concurrent H-1B

The concurrent H-1B cannot be filed simultaneously with the first H-1B selection. The concurrent H-1B petition can be filed after the employee enters ‘valid H-1B status’. An employee can have multiple numbers of concurrent H-1Bs. The working hour for each job should be reasonable for that employee. Employees have to work for 35 to 40 hours a week for the first job.

The first employer may or may not be informed about the concurrent employment but the second employer has to select the concurrent employment mentioned in the Form I-129.

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