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Posted on September 30 2022

US to open 100,000 slots for H and L worker visas

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023

US to open 100,000 slots for H and L worker visas

Highlights: US to open 100,000 slots

  • United States to open around 100,000 slots in the coming few weeks for workers visas of H & L specially designed for drop-box cases.
  • These open slots especially are for the newcomers (first-time applicants)
  • US embassies to set up interviews for the student visa candidates from mid-November.
  • U embassy is also working on lessening the wait times for B1 or B2 visas, as the current wait time is 800+ days.
  • The F, M, and J visa slots are given more priority in the next few weeks.

Open visa slots for the United States

Over 100,000 slots are to be open by the United States government for the applicants for H and L worker visas in the next few days. These are especially open for dropbox cases who are first-timers.

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Also, the US consulates and the embassies to begin student visa interviews in India from mid-November to December end. Half of the interview appointment slots for students will be open in mid-October and the remaining will be open in mid-November.

The wait times for the Tourist visa (B2) and Business visas (B1) will come down in the next few months with special measures which have been planned by the US embassy. The present visa wait time for B1/ B2 is more than 800 days.

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US consulates and embassies plan to process more visas in 2023.

The type of visas that are given more priority, got waived off for in-person interviews and wait times, read the following article. US Visa is open for Appointments, after 2 years

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