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Global Talent Independent Program

Australia’s Global Talent Independent Program is also referred to as the Global Talent Visa Program.

With the global competition for talent ever-intensifying, Australia is working towards attracting the best and the brightest to the country, for helping grow a stronger economy.

The Australian government has dedicated talent attraction programs designed for turbocharging the Australian economy.

Exceptionally talented individuals and high-value businesses are being specifically targeted by Australia. With the individuals and businesses that come to Australia, their capital, ideals as well as networks too find inroads into the country.

The GTI Program of the Australian government creates a streamlined Australia immigration pathway for highly-skilled professionals to come to the country for working and living on a permanent basis.

10 future-focused sectors are covered under Australia’s GTI Program.

Designed for helping grow innovation and tech economies, the GTI Program will be creating opportunities for Australians – through the transfer of skills, promotion of innovation, as well as the creation of jobs in Australia.

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries worldwide, often dubbed to be a “lifestyle destination” and cosmopolitan to the core.

In addition to a business-friendly approach of the government and strong trading links, Australia also offers a wide range in opportunities for innovation.

Through the GTI Program, the Australian government will be granting Australian permanent residency visas for making new lives in the Land Down Under.

Australian permanent residents and citizens can visit, work as well as live In New Zealand

No visa will be required by an Australia PR holder or citizen for travelling to New Zealand.

15,000 spaces are available for the GTI Program in 2020-21.

Eligibility for the Global Talent Visa Program

For an individual to be granted a visa by the Australian government under the GTI Program, they must be “highly-skilled” in any 1 of the 10 target sectors.

Targeted sectors for the GTI Program of Australia are –

  1. Agri-food and AgTech
  2. Circular Economy
  3. Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space
  4. DigiTech
  5. Education
  6. Energy
  7. Financial Services and FinTech
  8. Health Industries
  9. Infrastructure and Tourism
  10. Resources

In order to be eligible, the candidate would also be required to be able to attract a salary – in any of the 10 above-mentioned sectors – meeting the high-income threshold.

Currently, by a high-income threshold is implied having the ability of attracting a salary either at or above the Fair Work high income threshold of AUD 153,600.

The high-income threshold is subject to an annual adjustment.

Steps to apply for a Global Talent visa

  • Apply to receive a unique identifier issued by the Global Talent Officers and
  • Secure a nominator and
  • If successful with these two steps, apply for the visa.

Requirements for Global Talent visa

  • Valid passport
  • A national ID card
  • Achievement documents, any relevant qualifications, awards, certificates
  • A nomination form 1000
  • A statement of support from your nominator.
  • Character documents
  • Proof of your financial status – Sufficient amount in your bank account for your stay in Australia
  • English language documents

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