Australia Subclass 189 Visa

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Why Subclass 189 Visas?

  • Stay in Australia permanently
  • Work in Australia along with PR
  • Travel to and from Australia any number of times
  • Earn in AUD, 5 times more than your current salary
  • Settle in Australia along with your family
Subclass 189 Visas

A points-tested permanent visa, the Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is issued to skilled workers who have not been sponsored by an Australia-based employer, family member, or nominated by a state/territory. To get a Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189), applicants should get at least 65 points on the point assessment.You need to submit an expression of interest (EOI) and also need to be invited by SkillSelect to apply for this visa. After getting an invitation to apply (ITA) for this visa, you should submit your application in 60 days.

On the granting of the 189 Visa (Skilled Independent), a holder of the visa and accompanying family members can stay, work, and study as permanent residents in Australia.

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Advantages of Getting a 189 Visa

A permanent visa lets you:

  • Reside in Australia for life
  • Work and study in the ‘Land Down Under’.
  • Enroll in Medicare, a scheme for health care and its expenses in Australia
  • Sponsor close relatives for permanent residence (PR)
  • Take a trip for five years to and from Australia
  • Apply for citizenship of Australia, if qualified.
Subclass 189 Visa Requirements

To gain eligibility to apply for a 189 Skilled Independent Visa, candidates need to:

  • Possess an occupation that is listed on the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Fill out skill assessment successfully for the related occupation
  • have minimum English language proficiency
  • have a score of a minimum of 65 points.
  • Receive an invitation to apply

Here is the list of required documents:

  • Obligatory application form
  • Passport with photographs
  • Skills assessment report
  • English language test report in PTE or IELTS
  • Skilled occupation documents
  • Two color passport-sized photographs
  • Documents of education qualification (including highest degree)
  • Study requirement of Australia
  • Skills of spouses or partners
  • Relationship proof documents
  • Good health documents
  • Character certificates
  • Reference letters from employees
Any Additional Documents Requested

Collect all the documents carefully, for a single blunder can affect your chances. Ensure to verify with Australia’s immigration officials to overcome delays in processing.

How to Apply for a 189 Visa?

Step 1: Ensure that occupation is on the skilled list and score over 65 points

Step 2: Our migration agents file with the immigration department your expression of interest (EOI)

Step 3: Await receipt of an invitation to apply (ITA) for the visa from the immigration department

Step 4: Our experts file for your visa and communicate with the immigration department till a decision is taken

Step 5: After receiving the visa approval, you and your family emigrate to Australia

Eligibility for 189 Visa

You can apply for a 189 Skilled Independent Visa, provided you fulfill the following requirements:

Occupation and Talents

Your occupation must be present on the applicable list of eligible skilled occupations.
You need to complete the skills assessment through the accredited assessing authority to demonstrate that you hold the skills and qualifications to be employed in the occupation of your choice.

Invitation and Points Test
  • You must file for an Expression of Interest (EOI) and get an invitation to apply (ITA) for this visa.
  • You need to score at least 65 points to get an invitation to apply (ITA).
  • The last invitation round lists the point scores which attracted ITAs. There are also certain occupations where you need to get more than 65 points to be taken into consideration.
  • You need to fulfill the points score eligibility when you get an invitation to apply for the visa.
  • Calculate your points
  • You must provide proof of minimum English proficiency. Additional points will be granted for superior English scores.
  • Improve through an Online English Academy your score in English.

You must be aged below 45 to receive an invitation to apply.

Health and Character Requirements

You should fulfill the health & character requirements.

If you are a citizen of New Zealand, you become eligible to apply for the New Zealand Stream 189 Visa instead.


The tables demonstrate the estimated costs for 189 visas.

Application Fees for Subclass 189 Visa

Primary Adult Applicant AUD 4,115
Additional Adult Applicant (more than 18 years) AUD 2,055
Dependent Child (fewer than 18 years) AUD 1,030

Other Expenses Associated with Subclass 189

Type of Fee Fees to be paid per individual
Education Credentials & Work Assessment (ACS) USD 390
Police Clearance Certificate (varies from one country to another) USD 18
English Proficiency Test USD 200
Medical Examination (varies from one country to another) USD 350

It is a long and extensive process to get an Australian visa. You can pay the visa fees online making use of both debit and credit cards. However, you may incur additional transaction charges when you pay with the cards. 

Subclass 189 & Subclass 491 Visas – Processing Times

There are various aspects to processing times needed for these visas such as time taken by skill-assessing authorities, invitation rounds, state sponsorship, and others. Here is a step-by-step guide for processing Subclass 189 and Subclass 491 visas.

Guide for Processing Times of Subclass 189 & Subclass 491 Visas

189 Visa Processing Time Permanent Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) Visa
7 – 12 Working Days Confirm if your occupation or profile is existing in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
0 – 15 days Ensure to meet all the eligibility requirements
2 – 3 Months Finish the Skills Assessment Tests
15 Working Days Submit through Skill Select an EOI
2 Months Lodging Visa Application
15 – 30 Days Await a decision

The overall processing time for the Subclass 189 visa can range from eight to nine months after the submission of the Skilled Independent Visa application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the better visa? Is it Subclass 189 or Subclass 491?

The Subclass 189 visa is exclusively for permanent residency and therefore immigrants opt for it more. A transitional visa, the Subclass 491 visa only allows relocation to other parts of Australia for employment after three years and permanency subsequently. 

What is the Subclass 189 visa’s validity period?

The validity period of the Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa is indefinite. It is a permanent resident visa and also includes in the application close relations.

Are 70 points enough for a Subclass 189 visa?

For the Subclass 189 visa, the minimum points required at the 2019 year-end were 90 to get an invitation. To get an invitation, these candidates too had to wait for four months.  

How can an applicant of Australian PR increase his/her points?

For candidates of Australian PR, additional means to get more points are as follows.

  • Taking an English language proficiency exam 
  • Obtain from an Australian state or territory a nomination 
  • Skills of spouse/partner also help
  • Get work experience in Australia
  • Become a qualified translator
  • Possess STEM qualifications
How does the subclass 189 visa differ from the subclass 190 visa?

Requirements for these two subclasses differ. While the 189 visa does not need any sponsorship, the 190 visa needs a nomination from a state or a territory.

How much work experience is required for an Australia PR visa?

You can apply for Australian citizenship after you hold the PR visa for three years. Overall eligibility criteria include work experience of eight to ten years within or outside Australia.