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Posted on March 06 2024

UK granted 337,240 work visas to health and care workers in 2023

By  Editor
Updated March 06 2024

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Highlights: The UK doubled the number of work visas to health and care workers in 2023

  • The number of work visas given to foreign workers has almost doubled in 2023.
  • The net migration in the UK hit a record of 745,000 in 2022.
  • Illegal migration through small boats from France decreased by 33%.
  • 146,477 visas were for workers in residential care homes and those caring in people's houses.


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UK granted 337,240 work visas in 2023


The UK granted 337,240 work visas in 2023, 26% higher than in 2022. Among these work visas, 91% were given to health and care sectors. And out of 146,477 visas in the care sector, 60% were for workers in residential care homes and those taking care of people's homes.


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Net migration in the UK hit a record in 2022

Many workers brought their dependents to the UK, which is related to the health and care sector; 73% of the 279,131 visas were given to the family members of workers. The latest figures released in November show that the annual net migration to the UK hit a record 745,000 in 2022.


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How to apply for a work visa in the UK

  • Step 1: Have a valid job offer from the UK
  • Step 2: Complete the online application form
  • Step 3: Give your fingerprint and Submit your Photographs
  • Step 4: Pay the required fees
  • Step 5: Make an appointment at your destination country’s embassy
  • Step 6: Submit the form with all necessary documents.
  • Step 7: Attend visa interview
  • Step 8: If eligibility criteria are met, you will get a work visa to the UK.


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Web Story:   UK granted 337,240 work visas to health and care workers in 2023


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