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McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

McMaster University, also known as McMaster or Mac, is a public university that is located in Hamilton in the Ontario province of Canada. The main campus is spread over 300 acres of land in Hamilton’s residential neighborhood. The University has three more regional campuses in Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Niagara.

Named after a well-known former senator of Canada, William McMaster, it houses six academic faculties: the DeGroote School of business, engineering, health sciences, humanities, science, and social science.

McMaster University is one of the top three research institutions in Canada. Established in 1887, McMaster was relocated from Toronto to Hamilton in 1930, its main campus.

The University houses 11 faculties for graduates and 17 faculties for undergraduate students. At McMaster University, more than 100-degree programs are taught. The most popular courses in the University are engineering and sciences programs, particularly at master’s levels.

At McMaster University, the number of student enrolments from India has been increasing continuously. The cost of attendance, which averages CAD42 199, an affordable fee, is why international students are attracted to McMaster University.

As per Q.S. Graduate Employability Rankings, McMaster University’s graduates were ranked number 81 in the world in terms of employability. The University provides practical experience via internships and career & placement workshops. With co-op opportunities, students obtain professional work experience, allowing them to earn up to CAD10,000. People who graduate with MSc from this University earn an average income of CAD90,000. On the other hand, Master graduates from the University obtain job offers with an average salary of CAD160,000.

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Rankings of McMaster University

According to the 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, McMaster University ranked #80 out of more than 1,500 institutions. It ranks #19 globally as far as the Clinical Health stream is concerned.

Highlights of McMaster University
  • Campus: Since it is one of the most research-intensive universities in Canada, it houses more than 70 centers and institutes, including three national Centers of Excellence (CoE). QS Ranking 2022 ranks McMaster University at 140th globally.
  • Admission Deadline: There are two admission intakes at McMaster University – Fall and Winter.
  • Admission Requirements: A foreign applicant is required to get a GPA of an overall minimum of 3.0, besides a score of 6.5 in IELTS, to gain admission at McMaster University.
  • Attendance Costs: The average tuition fee, accommodation costs, and meal plans at McMaster University is about CAD42,000.
  • Placement: McMaster University ranks number fourth for graduate employability among the ten highest-ranked universities in Canada.
Campus and Residence of the McMaster University

McMaster University’s main campus is located in the Westdale suburb of Hamilton, between Toronto and Niagara Falls. The commute to the campus is easy with available bus routes and the metro. All the essential amenities are within a radius of three km of the campus.

The McMaster campus, which is spread over 300 acres, has divided into three main regions:

  • Core Campus houses most of the academic, research, and housing buildings of the University.
  • North Campus encompasses the University’s athletic quarter and few numbers of surface parking.
  • West Campus, which is the main campus’s least developed area, comprises only two buildings and surface parking, in addition to undeveloped land.

McMaster University’s student club overseas and backs on-campus about 250 academic, cultural, and social issue clubs. The other regional campuses of the University are Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Niagara. There is also a university student club, athletics teams, and a fitness center.

Accommodation at McMaster University

McMaster University has twelve on-campus residences to accommodate more than 3,600 students. Their accommodations are just five minutes away from the classes, athletic facilities, libraries, and dining facilities. Accommodations are of various types, such as old-fashioned dormitory-style and apartment or suite-style, along with a private room, kitchen, washroom, and living room that is available on a shared basis.

On-campus Housing

Moreover, there are co-educational and female-only halls of various sizes. Foreign students may apply for a guaranteed or conditionally assured residence accommodation. At McMaster University, the cost of on-campus accommodation is given below:

Type of Accommodation Cost (CAD) per year
Double Room 7,515
Single Room 8,405
Apartment 8,940
Suite 9,103
Off-campus Housing

McMaster community has been offering off-campus services for the past ten years. McMaster University helps out students who are on the lookout for off-campus accommodations. University’s off-campus housing is offered on a whole dashboard that helps them access rental listings.

Suppose an international student does not wish to look for housing off-campus through University off-campus. In that case, they can look for accommodations in neighborhoods of Downtown Hamilton, Westdale & Ainslie Wood, and Dundas. It is better if foreign applicants apply for rental postings quickly, though they are available throughout the year.

The accommodation costs on and off-campus at the University are given as follows:

Type of Accommodation Cost (CAD) per year
Shared Rentals (four-persons) 2,692
Two-bedroom apartment 6,566
One-bedroom apartment 5,416

Applicants need to note that these are ballpark costs and vary each year slightly. Foreign students must visit the official webpage of the University to find accommodation.

Programs & Faculties at McMaster University

McMaster University offers over 150 graduate and 3,000 undergraduate courses in its six academic faculties. These facilities have earned the University a name globally by providing research-based intensive higher education, which is student-centered.

Its faculty of engineering, faculty of health sciences, and faculty of sciences are considered some of the best in this North American country. Foreign students can apply for classes according to their schedules, study plans, and preferred languages.

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Admission Process for McMaster University

McMaster University’s application process for admission is similar to all the courses offered there. Indian students can use the OUAC portal to apply with a fee of CAD 106 for all programs, barring Master’s degree. The application fee for Master’s course is CAD145. Some of the following steps are common for the application process of all programs.

UG Program’s Admission Requirements

Application Portal: OUAC 105
Application Fee: CAD95
General Requirements for Admission: 

  • Educational Transcripts
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Résumé/CV
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Supplementary Applications
  • ACT score of 27
  • SAT score 1200 or
  •  Test score for English proficiency
    • IELTS- 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT- 86

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PG Program’s Admission Requirements

Application Portal: University Portal
Application Fee: CAD110
Master’s Application Fee: CAD 150
Documents Required for PG programs:

  • Educational Transcripts
  • Résumé/CV
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Application Declaration Form
  • GMAT score of 670/GRE score of 305
  • Test score for English proficiency
    • IELTS- 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT- 92
Cost of Attendance at McMaster University

The average cost of attendance to pursue one academic year is about CAD10,000 at the University, without including tuition fees. The cost of attendance is based on different facilities that include tuition fees, type of accommodation, books & supplies, traveling, meal plans, and personal expenses.

McMaster University Fees

McMaster University’s fees vary as per the program, study plan, elected major, and the program’s level. Tuition fees for some of the sought-after programs and majors for foreign students are mentioned below:

Other Expenses

The expenses incurred for other amenities, not including tuition and housing, are also provided in the table below. However, foreign students need to note that certain expenses can vary based on their lifestyle choices.

Amenities Estimated Costs (CAD) per year
Books and supplies 1,508
Personal expenses 1,231
Meal plan 3,729- 5,612
Lodging 2,481- 9,972


Scholarships at McMaster University

Financial assistance is provided for foreign students at McMaster University, depending on their educational qualifications and financial situation. Most scholarships are offered on a provisional basis. The value of a scholarship value depends on the final admission average of a student to the program or courseTypes of scholarships accessible to foreign students at the university are:

  • The McMaster Honour Awards (general and named scholarships)
  • Faculty Entrance Awards
  • Athletic Financial Awards
  • Entrance Awards by Application
  • Entrance Awards for Indigenous Students

At the University, some of the popular scholarships that are offered include the following:

Scholarship Award (CAD) Program Eligibility
Engineering Honor Award 2,109 Engineering Faculty 96% on completion of courses
David Feather Family Master’s Scholarship 4,364 DeGroote FT/Co-op Master’s Meritorious applicants
Provost International Scholarship 6,619 All undergraduate applicants Nomination by the high school
BTech Entrance Scholarship 1,752 Engineering Faculty 85% on completion of courses

More often, 82% of the foreign students at the University apply for its co-op programs, where they are offered to work with industry giants in Canada and renowned U.S. employers.

Work While Studying

McMaster University’s Work-Study Program (WSP) allows students to work part-time on-campus or off-campus during the academic year and summer. International students can work-study in Canada, irrespective of their study program. They are allowed to work only up to 20 hours per week during studies and full time during vacations. The University offers, on average, about 1200 jobs in its 110 diverse departments. To work when pursuing studies, foreign students need to meet the following conditions:

  • Admitted to a full-time program.
  • Hold a valid study permit.
  • Hold a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Working outside the campus

International students also have the opportunity to work off-campus; you need to fulfill the following extra conditions:

  • Have already commenced my study.
  • Studying to get a degree, diploma, or certificate of duration of a minimum of six months.

McMaster University Placements

McMaster University’s graduate employment rate surpasses the mark of 90%. Q.S. Rankings (2022) ranked the University at number 93 for its graduate employability. To aid its students in having successful careers in the future, the University organizes the largest job fair in Hamilton. McMaster helps place its students.

Some of the highest paying sectors for graduates of McMaster University include Sales & B.D., Human Resources, Marketing, Financial Services, I.T. & Software Development, and Logistics.

Job profile Average Salary (CAD) per year
Sales & Business Development 110,217
Financial Services 94,711
Human Resources 84,280
Marketing, Product & Communications 71,821
IT & Software Development 67,633
Program & Project Management 65,831
McMaster University Alumni

At present, alumni of McMaster, numbering 275,000, reside and work in more than 180 countries from all over the world. Its notable alumni include academics, business leaders, government officials, Gates Cambridge Scholars, and Nobel Laureates. McMaster has in place an active portal to provide its alumni with various career improvement services. It offers recent students and graduates various employment services and guidance. Besides these services, McMaster’s alumni network also maintains an endowment fund.

Among Canadian universities, McMaster University ranks number four for its student satisfaction, as per Maclean’s rankings.

These rankings are determined considering both the assessment of student satisfaction and research success. In 2017 Research Infosource rankings, it was rated as Canada’s most research-intensive University. It suggests that pursuance of a program from McMaster University will yield opportunities for an international student for empirical learning and cultural diversity.

Since 1887, the University has been totally committed to the cultivation of true human potential by offering a proud tradition of research and academic excellence. This has been proven by the University’s ground-breaking learning and pedagogy.

McMaster University offers more than 3000 programs at various study levels at its more than 70 research centers and institutes. It also has been one of the only four universities in Canada that has consistently ranked among the top 100 in the world by Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

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