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Job trends – Canada – Engineering manager

Posted on October 14, 2020
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Engineering Manager jobs in Canada

The job of an engineering manager is to plan, direct, organize and control the activities in the engineering department or firm. They can find employment in various private and government establishments, engineering consultants and scientific research firms.

Job prospects for engineering managers

Engineering manager-NOC 0211

Median wage per hour- The median wage for this profession is 50.96 dollars per hour and the maximum wages for this profession is in Saskatchewan where the median wage is 55.67 dollars per hour.

Salary table

Community/Area Wages ($/hour)
Low Median High
Canada 30.77 50.96 76.92
Alberta 31.73 53.77 76.92
British Columbia 38.46 54.00 80.00
Manitoba 18.75 50.26 64.61
New Brunswick 24.52 54.87 72.12
Newfoundland and Labrador 24.52 54.87 72.12
Northwest Territories N/A N/A N/A
Nova Scotia N/A N/A N/A
Nunavut N/A N/A N/A
Ontario 31.00 50.51 76.92
Prince Edward Island N/A N/A N/A
Quebec 24.00 49.04 72.12
Saskatchewan 40.87 55.67 81.73
Yukon Territory N/A N/A N/A

Skills required

  • Management skills
    • Resource allocation and control Allocating and Controlling Resources
    • Co-ordination and organization
    • Evaluation
    • Recruitment and hiring
    • Strategic Planning
    • Supervision
  • Analytical skills
    • Analyze information
    • Planning
    • Projection of outcomes
    • Research and investigation
  • Communication skills
    • Conduct interviews
    • Networking
    • Negotiation
  • Business, Finance and Management skills
    • Business administration
    • Client service
  • Engineering and Technology
    • Design
    • Engineering

3-year job prospect-The job prospect in the next three years for engineering managers is fair in most provinces of Canada.

Location Job prospects
Yukon Territory Undetermined
Saskatchewan Fair
Quebec Good
Prince Edward Island Undetermined
Ontario Good
Nunavut Undetermined
Nova Scotia Good
Northwest Territories Undetermined
Newfoundland and Labrador Fair
New Brunswick Good
Manitoba Fair
British Columbia Fair
Alberta Fair

10-year predictions

There will be more job openings than job seekers for this position in the next ten years. Vacancies may not get filled due to skill shortage.

Employment requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • Considerable experience in an engineering discipline, including supervisory experience
  • Registration as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers

Number of vacancies- There are 89 job openings for engineering managers in Canada.

Professional certification and licensing

Location Job title Regulation Regulatory body
Alberta Underground Coal Mine Manager Regulated Alberta Labour, Occupational Health and Safety, Government of Alberta

Responsibilities of engineering managers

  • Plan, organize, direct, regulate and evaluate the operations and activities of an engineering department, service or company
  • Develop and enforce engineering and technical work strategies, standards and procedures conducted in the department, operation, laboratory or company.
  • To prepare specifications, clarify ideas and present engineering reports and results, consult and negotiate with clients
  • Assign, organize and check the department or project teams’ technical work
  • Recruit staff and supervise the development and maintenance of their skills in the areas needed
  • They may participate directly in the design, production and inspection of technical projects or in the department’s engineering work

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