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Job trends Canada – Human resources clerk

Posted on January 18, 2021
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canada job trend human resource

Human resources clerks assist human resource officers and human resources specialists to compile, maintain and process information relating to staffing, recruitment, training, labor relations, performance evaluation etc. They are employed in personnel departments in both private and public sectors.Job prospects for human resources clerk in Canada

Human resources clerk-NOC 1415

Median wage per hour- The median wage for this profession is CAD 25.13 per hour and the maximum wages for this profession is in the Canadian province of British Columbia where the median wage is CAD 23.90 per hour.

Currently, an individual working in Canada with their job under the NOC 1415 group of occupations can expect to earn between CAD 16/hour to CAD 31.75/hour.

Hourly wages
Province/territory Low Median High
Alberta 19.03 27.88 49.32
British Columbia 17.50 23.90 29.10
Manitoba 14.00 22.76 31.25
New Brunswick 21.00 25.00 29.23
Newfoundland and Labrador N/A N/A N/A
Northwest Territories N/A N/A N/A
Nova Scotia 17.31 25.00 29.23
Nunavut N/A N/A N/A
Ontario 16.35 24.40 27.69
Prince Edward Island N/A N/A N/A
Quebec 19.89 26.67 33.67
Saskatchewan 17.69 24.80 42.05
Yukon N/A N/A N/A

Skills/Knowledge required for NOC 1415 in Canada

Skills Analysis ·         Analyzing information

·         Planning

Communication Professional communicating
Information handling Processing information
Service and Care Serving others
Knowledge Business, Finance and Management ·         Clerical

·         Personnel and Human Resources

Essential skills Reading
Document use
Oral communication
Digital technology
Other essential skills Working with others
Continuous learning

Job opportunities for NOC 1415 over the next 3 years

Job prospects Location in Canada
Good Manitoba
Fair ·         Alberta

·         British Columbia

·         New Brunswick

·         Nova Scotia

·         Ontario

·         Quebec

Undetermined ·         Newfoundland and Labrador

·         Northwest Territories

·         Nunavut

·         Prince Edward Island

·         Saskatchewan

·         Yukon

10-year predictions

For human resource clerks new job openings over the period between 2019-2028 is expected to be 3,500+.

Job openings and job seekers are expected to be at relatively same levels in the projection period and the balance between labor supply and demand is expected to exist till 2028.

Employment requirements for NOC 1415

Generally, completion of college or other courses in personnel administration might be required.

Certain amount of previous clerical experience might also be required to be able to work in Canada as a human resources clerk.

While a progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience, positions at the officer level might be attainable with additional training and experience.

Responsibilities of a human resources clerk

  • Classification of the operation, staffing and other personnel records
  • Manage the database of personnel information
  • Prepare information on personnel relationships
  • Spread information about health and safety
  • Arrange training for in-house and external employees
  • Answer questions about personnel matters
  • Arrange for job opening ads and posting them
  • Screen candidates for jobs
  • Administer employment tests and rate them
  • Perform reference checks
  • Create reports

Professional certification and licensing

As such, no licensure is required to work in Canada as a HR clerk.

NOC 1415 is not regulated, as per the Foreign Credential Recognition Program [FCRP] of Employment and Social Development Canada [ESDC].

There are many ways for a skilled work to acquire permanent residence in Canada. Of these, the Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Program [PNP] remain the most sought-after Canada immigration pathways.



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