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Posted on November 21 2022

What is IRCC's strategic plan for Indians to migrate to Canada?

By  Editor
Updated December 05 2023


Highlights: Details of IRCC's plans for Indian immigrants to Canada

  • IRCC has announced a new plan to attract immigrants from India and other countries
  • IRCC hopes to collaborate with other Asia and American countries to boost immigration and economy
  • Canada wants to work with India refine the quality of immigration
  • IRCC's also plans to boost the influence of Canada in North America

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Abstract: IRCC has formulated strategic plan for India and other countries to boost immigration and economic growth.

IRCC or Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has announced their strategic plans for India, other continents of Asia and North America as well as South America. It hopes to collaborate with the authorities of the countries in both regions. It will aid in better immigration processes to Canada, boost collaboration with the respective governments of the countries in these regions. The plans will particularly aid the immigrants to promote Canadian immigration pathways.

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Canada’s exceptional immigration plan for Indians

India is the major contributor to Canada's immigration. The country is an influential partner and Canada hopes to boost the quality of immigration for Indians.

IRCC will work towards protecting the ethics of the programs in India and also increase the magnitude of immigration efforts from India. It will contribute to promoting economic and social relation for both Canada and India.

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IRCC's strategic plan for Asia

The primary objective of IRCC in Asia is protection of refugees and migration management.

The region has the largest number of individuals who opt to migrate to Canada through Canada PR visa or citizenship. Therefore, IRCC is hoping to implement multiple measures with the respective governments in this region to ensure higher, better, and consistent immigration takes place. Canada aims to expand the existing immigration pathways to Canada from Asia, by maintaining the integrity of immigrant nominating system of Canada.

The other countries of Asia benefiting from Canada's strategic plans for immigration are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines

IRCC's plans for the immigrants in the Americas

Canada hopes to collaborate with the governments of certain countries of the continents of North and South America to enhance its influence in the region, strengthen local security, and share expertise in immigration.

The American countries gaining from Canada's plan in the region are:

  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  • Haiti
  • Mexico

Canada had announced its Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-2025, recently. The plan gives importance to the objectives and interests stated in the strategy report for Asia and America.

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