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Posted on November 19 2022

Canada world ranking is among the top 25 best countries for retirees

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights: Canada ranked 22nd among the world’s best countries for retirees

  • Canada world ranking in the list of the best countries in the world to live after retirement is 22.
  • The country was recognized for its high quality of living and progressive immigration programs.
  • In Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025, the country has set a target of 1.45 million immigrants.
  • The PGP (Parents and Grandparents Program) is the best pathway for elderly people to immigrate to Canada to enjoy a retired life.

Canada achieved another recognition on the world level by being 22nd on the list of the world’s best countries to live a retired life. This Canada world ranking has increased the country’s appeal on the world stage. Canada has so much that makes the country so ideal for elderly people to live a retired life.

One of the most prominent reasons is the natural resources it has. There’s so much to enjoy outdoors with sky-high mountains, remote beaches, fantastic glaciers, and vibrant cities. In short, the country offers everyone something to enjoy.

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It’s already well-known that Canada is easily the most welcoming nation for immigrants. The country has highly progressive immigration programs that allow various categories of individuals to move into this country. In its Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025, the country is planning to welcome 1.45 million newcomers.

In Canada access to residency permits and other visas is easy. The country features a high quality of living. The Canadian government is keen to promote Canada visas that enables elderly people to immigrate to Canada and join their family in the country. In this direction, the country has the PGP (Parents and Grandparents Program) which allows Canada immigrants and Canadian citizens to sponsor their parents and grandparents to settle in Canada with them.

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The elderly thank the PGP

Thanks to PGP, elderly people who are related by blood or adoption can immigrate to Canada and join their sons/grandsons who are PRs or citizens in Canada. Even in cases where a divorce/separation has happened, the spouses/common-law partners of parents and grandparents have the eligibility to immigrate to Canada.

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The main requirement in PGP is that the sponsors in Canada have to submit an Interest to Sponsor form prior to entering a pool of such candidates.

Random draws are conducted through which these applications are chosen for approval. They are then sent ITAs (invitations) where after the sponsor and the sponsored parents and grandparents have to submit a full application within 60 days.

Who can be a sponsor?

It’s necessary that the sponsor must

  • live in Canada
  • be aged at least 18 years of age
  • be a permanent resident in Canada, Canadian citizen, or one with a registration in Canada in the status of an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
  • have sufficient money to give support to people they want to give sponsorship to by meeting requirements of minimum income for the previous three years.

It’s allowed that candidates in the application they can add a co-signer, with the combined income to be taken into consideration.

It’s also mandatory that sponsors

  • are ready to support the parent/grandparent financially for 20 years from the date of approval of their permanent residence
  • pay back to the Canadian government any dues in social assistance paid out to the parent/grandparent in that period of time

The bottom line

It will be interesting for you to explore how the Canadian government maintains and promotes programs for immigration of elderly people who desire to enjoy the Canadian lifestyle with their relations in Canada. It’s no wonder that Canada finds its way into the list of the world’s best countries for retirees, a position that the country will better in the days to come.

If you are willing to migrate to Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the world.

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