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Posted on November 19 2022

BC-PNP modified point allocations for applicants. What is your next move?

By  Editor
Updated January 11 2024

Highlights: BC-PNP modified point allocations

  • British Columbia has implemented a changed point allocation for its PNP
  • It has been effective since November 16, 2022
  • The NOC code has been replaced by the TEER code
  • The wage ceiling for awarding points has been raised

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Abstract: The point allocation system of BC-PNP has been modified and has been effective since November 16, 2022.

The BC-PNP or British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has modified its points system to award points to the applicants.

The point system of the BC-PNP is similar to the points system used in the programs under Express Entry-managed programs. It is used to evaluate the eligibility of the applicants for immigration through Canada PR or permanent residency.

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Know more about BC-PNP modified point allocations

These are the following changes introduced in the points awarding system of BC-PNP:

Change #1: No points for NOC of Job Offer

The major change in the points system for BC-PNP has been the removal of points on the basis of the NOC skill level of a job offer for the applicant.

Earlier, a maximum of 60 points was awarded to a candidate on the basis of their NOC job offer. The points are now distributed among the economic and human capital factors of candidates.

Change #2: Redistribution of points

The removal of points based on the NOC code of a job offer has led to increased weightage for economic and human capital factors. The details of the modifications are given in the table below.

Redistribution of Points in BC-PNP
Factors Points (now) Points (earlier)
Directly related work experience 60 40
Highest level of education 40 25
Language proficiency in English or French 40 30
Hourly income of job offer 55 50
Employment in British Columbia 25 10

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Change #3: Points for eligible job roles

An additional 5 points are awarded to eligible job roles held by an applicant for economic factors. It includes a valid trade certificate issued by SkilledTradesBC or ITABC or Industry Training Authority British Columbia.

Change #4: Require CLB Language score in French and/or English

A maximum score of 9 in the CLB or Canadian Language Benchmark for language ability will result in awarding of 30 points to the candidate. Previously, the highest score was 10 in CLB. The CLB is the national standard of Canada for assessing language proficiency, on the basis of official language tests.

Proficiency in both French and English is now recognized and the applicants are awarded 10 points more if they have the required score in both languages.

Change #5: Readjusted weighting for location in British Columbia

The points-awarding system for immigrants employed in British Columbia has been amended. Earlier, certain locations out of Vancouver would be awarded a categorized number of points, the present scoring criteria awards:

Employment in British Columbia
Places Points-Awarded
Metro Vancouver District 0
Employment in the Abbotsford Squamish, Mission, Agassiz, and Chilliwack 5
Other areas in British Columbia 15

Education or work in British Columbia is awarded an additional 10 points to applicants. Previously, 1 year of any Canadian experience was awarded points.

Change #6: Raised wage ceiling

The wage ceiling has been raised to be awarded the maximum points on the basis of income. Applicants are awarded 55 instead of 50, as was done previously.

Earlier, an annual income of 100,000 CAD would ensure maximum points for the applicant. British Columbia has adjusted the ceiling to an income of 145,000 CAD per year. Candidates who had an income of 100,000 CAD will now be awarded 33 points, compared to 50 points awarded previously.

Hopefully, the information about the changed BC-PNP points system will help the reader plan better for their migration to British Columbia.

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BC-PNP modified point allocations

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