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Posted on November 02 2022

Canada targets 1.5 million migrants by 2025

By  Editor
Updated January 12 2024

Highlights of New Canada immigration Levels Plan: 1.5 million migrants by 2025

  • Canada announces new Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025 and aims to welcome more than 1.5 million immigrants
  • The maple country raised its immigration targets for each year till 2025 and around 500,000 immigrants will be invited in 2025
  • The economic immigration pathways like Express Entry and PNP targets are also increased including the spouses and dependents
  • The family class sponsorship or PGP targets are raised to 28,500 in 2023, 34,000 in 2024, and 36,000 in 2025
  • Canada’s new immigration targets are made to handle the economic recession in Canada


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Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

The immigration Levels plan is a blueprint for Canada to aim and welcome immigrants for the next three years. Canada announced its new Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025.

The table mentioned below shows the number of immigrants that Canada plans to welcome for the next 3-years in detail.

Immigration Class 2023 2024 2025
Economic 2,66,210 2,81,135 3,01,250
Family 1,06,500 114000 1,18,000
Refugee 76,305 76,115 72,750
Humanitarian 15,985 13,750 8000
Total 4,65,000 4,85,000 5,00,000

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Canada has already crossed its immigration target record by inviting around 405,000 immigrants in the year 2021 and is expecting 432,000 by end of 2022.

The main goal of Canada’s immigration is to improve the economy, reunite families and provide asylum to refugees.

A rise in Express Entry, PGP, and PNP targets

  • Most of the new permanent residents immigrate to Canada using economic routes through Express Entry System or Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).
  • The targets for Express Entry rose for the next 3 years. These targets include Principal applicants, common Law partners, spouses, and dependents.
  • The immigration targets for PNP for economic class pathways also increased for the years 2023- 2025.
  • The second largest PR route is family class sponsorship under Immigration Levels Plan.
  • The Parents and Grandparents or family class immigration program immigration targets increased for the next 3 years.
  • Usually, the applicant needs to sponsor PR to partners, spouses, children, or other family members.

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Canada PGP invited 13,180 candidates, which is two times more compared to the 2021

A decline in Refugee and humanitarian pathway targets

Canada has a history a reputation for proving asylum to persons who are displaced and fleeing due to unsafe situations in their own home countries.

The humanitarian and refugee route also have allocation under the new Immigration levels Plan 2023-2025. The current targets are dipping year by year.

The table below shows the allocations of immigration targets for each economic, family, humanitarian, and Refugee class for 2023-2025

Immigrant Category
2023 2024 2025
Target Target Target
Overall Planned Permanent Resident Admissions 465,000 4,85,000 500,000
Federal High Skilled (EE) 82,880 109,020 114,000
Federal Economic Public Policies 25,000 - -
Federal Business 3,500 5,000 6,000
Economic Pilots: Caregivers 8,500 12,125 14,750
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program 8,500 11,500 14,500
Provincial Nominee Program 105,500 110,000 117,500
Quebec Skilled Workers and Business NA NA NA
Total Economic 266,210 281,135 301,250
Spouses, Partners and Children 78,000 80,000 82,000
Parents and Grandparents 28,500 34,000 36,000
Total Family 106,500 114,000 118,000
Refugees and Protected Persons
Protected Persons in Canada and Dependents Abroad 25,000 27,000 29,000
Resettled Refugees - Government-Assisted 23,550 21,115 15,250
Resettled Refugees - Privately Sponsored 27,505 27,750 28,250
Resettled Refugees - Blended Visa Office-Referred 250 250 250
Total Refugees and Protected Persons 76,305 76,115 72,750
Humanitarian and Other Total Humanitarian & Compassionate and Other 15,985 13,750 8,000
Total 465,000 485,000 500,000

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1.5 million migrants

Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025


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