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Posted on September 02 2022

Sean Fraser: Canada launches new online immigration services on Sep 1

By  Editor
Updated December 06 2023

Sean Fraser- Canada launches new online immigration services on Sep 1

Highlights for new online immigration services

  • A new online service has been introduced across Canada’s immigration system to enhance the client experience and lower the backlogs.
  • Foreign nationals who meet certain criteria might be exempted requirement of a medical exam for temporary and permanent residence applicants who are already in Canada.
  • IRCC has initiated the transition to convert into 100% digital applications for many of the permanent residence programs from September 23.
  • And the remaining immigration formats are made available for the people who are required for accommodation.
  • Application status trackers are going to be launched in spring 2023, for seven more temporary and permanent residence programs just like the ones that have been launched in Feb 2022 for the partner, spouse, and dependent child sponsorships.
  • IRCC plans to expand the Canadian citizenship tool to offer online applications for minors who are under the age of 18 by the year's end.

New online services in Canada Immigration

Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister has introduced new online services in Canada’s immigration system, to make things for the client’s experience and lessen the backlogs.

Since the pandemic, the globe has entered into a new digital world and suggested a need for an experienced modernized immigration system. Digitization has affected all the sectors including operations at Immigration Refugees and Citizenship and Canada (IRCC).

Following are the advancements that have been initiated for newcomers and future citizens.

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Medical exams have been exempted for a few in-Canada applicants

To reduce waiting times, some of the temporary and permanent residence applicants who are already in Canada have been exempted from the requirement of medical exams. This measure is applicable to people who qualify for certain criteria. Yet the criteria are to be released. IRCC anticipates that 180,000 newcomers will be benefited from this step.

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During the period June 2021 and March 2022, Canada waived the requirement of the medical exam. This initiative of taking new measures like reducing the wait times and increasing the processing times will help in the build-up of the team with 1,250 employees for immigration authorities.

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Canada announces open work permit for PGWP holders

Extension will be given to the PGWPs expired after September 20, 2021

How can I immigrate to Canada in 2022?

IRCC began Immigration applications transitioning to 100% digital

IRCC has begun all the necessary steps to transit immigration applications to 100% digital for most of the permanent residence programs on September 23. The remaining and alternative formats of programs are made available for the people who are looking for accommodations.

IRCC devoted itself to making immigration applications digital since January 2022. Initially has plans to implement to make immigration department to be an online application portal in the spring or summer, of 2022.

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Canada distance learning measures will stay in place until August 31st, 2023 – IRCC

Application status trackers to be applied for more programs

The seven more permanent and temporary residence programs might get application status trackers by spring 2023. Similar to the status tracker that has been launched for partner, Spouse, and dependent child sponsorship applicants.

The citizenship application status tracker which was initiated in May 2021, for the clients will get an expansion to incorporate access to the spokesman sometime by end of this month.

IRCC has been keenly working on improving its online processing times tool to give precise information. Beginning of this fall, IRCC will be looking into more of the processing of an application.

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Who is eligible for a Canada open work permit?

Canada to introduce new fast track program for temporary workers

50,000 immigrants in Canada convert temp visas to permanent visas in 2022

Modernizing Canadian citizenship

IRCC introduced a citizenship tool in August 2021 that allows certain citizenship applications to be submitted online. This tool is made open to allow groups of adults whose age is 18 or older to apply together.

IRCC has plans to extend the features of the tool to provide online applications for minors who are underage 18 by the year's end. Canada already surpassed its citizenship goals for 2021-2022, by welcoming more than 217,000 new citizens.

Canada has already invited more than 116,000 new citizens during this fiscal year i.e., from April 1 to July 31 compared to 35,000 in the same period in 2021.

300,000+ new permanent residents till now in 2022

IRCC has already set a historic record by welcoming more than 405,000 new permanent residents to Canada in 2021. The new target in welcoming 431,000 permanent residents in 2022 and have already seen success in it. So far, Canada has welcomed 300,000 permanent residents till August 2022, comparatively surpassing the last year’s record and creating a milestone.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser considers Immigration as its people. It is basically about beginning a new job, reuniting with the family, and or building a new life in Canada.

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