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Posted on September 15 2022

Top 5 reasons why Germany needs more migrant workers for its economy to survive

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Highlights: Why to migrate to Germany?

  • German Government works on a new proposal to create an ‘opportunity card’ which will be based on the point-based system.
  • The eligibility includes four different criteria, which are age, education, work experience, and language skills.
  • In the coming 15 years, i.e., by 2036 approximately 12.9 million individuals in Germany will retire. These citizens are born between 1957 and 1969 and are working as part of the labor market. Around 1/3rd of workers will be leaving by then.
  • 43.6% of the companies were affected due to the unoccupied jobs and a record level of 49.7% are to fill in by the August end.
  • The fertility rate in Germany decreased in 2020 and 2021.
  • Based on a survey, the German population is been declining by 14%.
  • The median age of the citizens in Germany has increased and is currently it is 44.6 by 2020.

Reasons for choosing Germany for migrating

1. Opportunity Card

German Ministry of Labor has planned a new immigration scheme for the federal government to initiate a new immigration opportunity in a few months for skilled foreigners. The Ministry is looking to create an ‘opportunity card’ which will be given based on the points-based system.

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Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must be 35 or younger
  • Must possess a degree
  • Need to have at least 3-years of work experience
  • Possess language skills or stayed previously in Germany

The applicant who satisfies a minimum of three out of these four criteria will be given an “opportunity card” to enter Germany and also look for work.

By this fall, this modern immigration law will get implemented. The opportunity card will be issued based on the transparent points system with which Singapore can hire talented people easily.

But the experts say that the Opportunity Card is a good start during the current period, Germany has to do a lot more than the opportunity card to fill in the labor gaps that have fallen short in many industries.

And the opportunity card will be having an annual cap on the number of cards that are issued, and this needs to be increased going forward to fill in the needs of Germany’s labor market.

Based on the expert suggestions, Germany is in a dire need of more workers as currently there are a lot of shortages and

  1. The average age in the country is very high
  2. A huge number of people are here for retirement in the next coming years

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70,000 Blue Card Holders in Germany in 2021

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2. 13 million German people are about to reach retirement age in the coming 15 years

The Statista provide by the statistical office in Germany released data, in early August this year, that some German individuals will start to retire. With this, the German labor market might be losing many million people who are economically active.

By the year 2036 which means within the next 15 years, around 12.9 million people are going to retire, these individuals are born between 1957 and 1969, and are currently working as part of the German labor market.

By the end of 2036, Germany is going to lose around one-third of its present workers. This can be handled by getting the individuals who are entering the labor market in or around equal to the number who are leaving.

The old age groups consist of more economically active people than the younger ones. In Germany 63.6 % are 60-64 years old and are currently actively working in the labor market, 71% are of 20-24 years are also currently working in the labor market.

There are people aged 15-24 in Germany who are going to enter the labor market after completing their education and training, but yet the number to replace the gaps in labor is considered low as 8.4 million in 2021 when compared with the people who are retiring.

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3. Germany has a huge shortage of Skilled Workers

Since the year 2009 to this august, the shortage of skilled workers rose to a new high in Germany, which affects almost half of the country’s companies.

Around 43.6% of the companies were affected in April month by the vacant job positions which were unable to fill in. the rate increased to a record level high of 49.7% by the August end.

A labor market expert from Germany stated that many of the businesses that are in Germany are forced to go back, as there is a shortage of staff. This shortage is severe in both medium and long-term businesses.

The top hardest affected industries are listed as follows:

Industries that got affected The percentage of shortage in skilled workers
service providers 54.2 % shortage of skilled workers
accommodation and event industries around 64 %
warehousing and storage 62.4 %
the manufacturing sector 44.5 %
food manufacturers 58.1 %
retail businesses 41.9 %
manufacturers of data processing equipment and of metal products 57 %
construction companies 39.3 %
wholesalers 36.3 %

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4. Longer life but low fertility rates for German Citizens

The fertility rates in Germany went up for the very first time in 2017 with around 22,000 more new-borns. Whereas in 2020, and 2021 the fertility rates went down among the citizens of Germany.

Based on a survey by European Union’s statistical agency Eurostat, by the end of 2060, Germany’s population will go down by 14%.

The average age of German citizens is been increasing every year and it is 44.6 in 2020 there is a 0.01 increase compared to the last year.

Another expert says that the deaths in Germany have exceeded the births. And there is a big gap between births and deaths.

The birth rate is reduced per thousand inhabitants every year in Germany, this is called as crude birth rate.

As decreasing and aging of the population are happening at the same time, there is a huge need to bring foreign skilled workers from outside to fill in the gaps of labor shortages to make Germany stronger year by year.

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5. Study free in Germany

You can study for free at German public universities, there are around 300+ public universities in Germany and 1000+ study programs on average.

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Public universities where you can study for free
University of Cologne
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU)
Goethe University Frankfurt
RWTH Aachen University
University of Münster
Ruhr University Bochum
University of Duisburg-Essen
Universität Hamburg
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
Technical University of Munich (TUM)
University of Würzburg

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