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Posted on April 18 2022

70,000 Blue Card Holders in Germany in 2021

By  Editor
Updated December 05 2023

70,000 Blue Card Holders in Germany in 2021 Germany has been the most migrating country to many foreign nationals since mid of the 90s. By 2020, the Federal statistical office, Destatis, reported that around 10.6 million foreigners live in Germany 2020. The world report says that Germany is considered the fifth-best country to migrate to worldwide. https://youtu.be/-yZ1o3oDDHU According to the Federal statistical office, German government has stated that there has been an increase in holding blue cards in 2021. Around 70,000 highly skilled professionals have got their Blue card in Germany. This is 6% more compared to the previous years. Do you need professional guidance in applying German PR or to know the details about Blue card talk to Y-Axis for detailed information? Blue card eligibility for Germany German Blue card eligibility to fulfill her requirements

  • It would be best if you had a German degree or an equivalent degree recognized by Germany.
  • Must have a job offer from a German employer.
  • Must have relevant five years of work experience.
  • Should meet the threshold of minimum salary.

If you want to migrate to Germany, avail Y-Axis services for step-by-step guidance.  Reasons for German Immigration:

  • High-quality standard of living.
  • Enormous career opportunities.
  • Highly paid salaries.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Safe and Secured International environment.
  • High-quality health care and quality facilities.
  • International immigration law.
  • Residence Permit after Residence.
  • A stable political system.

If you want to work in Germany, avail Y-Axis services for step-by-step guidance. . Apply for EU Blue Card:

  1. Finding a job: It is crucial to find a qualifying job offer of at least a year and should meet the salary threshold. Then only can German blue card.
  2. Apply for employment VISA to Germany: Book an appointment with German immigration to apply for Employment VISA. After getting the VISA, one can start using a blue card application with immigration authorities.
  3. Get the work authorization: if you have a job that pays you an annual salary of 43,992 euros. You need to get approval from the Employment Agency, Germany, for these shortage occupations. If you do not belong to these shortage occupations and your annual salary is 56400 and above euros. Then you do not need this approval.
  4. Get registered for your residence address: After moving in, get recorded with your living residence address within 14 days.
  5. Get health insurance: Before getting the EU blue card, you need to register with any German health insurance provider.
  6. Get ready with the mandatory documents: Get the required documents prepared by checking the immigration policies listed on the Government immigration website.
  7. Apply for Blue card by checking the rules with German immigration authorities: Make an appointment by checking the required rules with the authorities.

      Check your Eligibility to Germany through Y-Axis Germany Immigrations points calculator Reasons for the increase in Blue card holders in Germany, 2022 The Destatis has revealed that most cardholders that worked in Germany during the last year from India and every third member out of ten were highly qualified professionals and have studied from top-rated educational universities in Germany. The German Federal office for migration has announced that the minimum annual gross salary requirement has been reduced by 0.7 percent since January 1, 2022. The federal office for migration says the minimum gross salary is 56,400. Become proficient in German language with the help of Y-Axis German language coaching services. Also Read:   How can I get job in Germany in 2022?


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