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Posted on July 07 2022

Germany makes getting a PR easier, with the new bill on Wednesday

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights of Germany PR news

  • Many of the migrants who are living in Germany without any extended long-lasting permission are made eligible for permanent residency as per the government's new bill.
  • The migrants who have lived in Germany at least for five years by Jan 1, 2022.
  • Migrants under 27 can apply for permanent residency in Germany if they have lived in the country for three years.

New regulation presented by the Cabinet, Germany

The new regulation bill that the German Cabinet presents is for immigrants who stay in Germany for a year without any long-lasting permission to stay in the country and are eligible for permanent residency after the new migration bill is approved.

The migrants who are qualified for this need to apply for one-year residency status and can late apply for permanent residency in Germany. The applicant must speak German and earn their own money to support themselves and their family. Also, the person must prove that the applicant is well integrated with German society.

The Cabinet advocates this new migration bill that applies to around 136000 people who have been living in Germany for the last five years by Jan 1, 2022.

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The migrants who are qualified can apply for 1-year residency status and can apply for the German permanent residency later. Those under the age of 27 can now apply for the permanent residency path in Germany if they have lived in the country for at least three years.

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Interior Minister "Nancy Faeser"

 According to the Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, "we are looking for the people who can take up for the good opportunities in the country. In this way, we can end the uncertainty in the society which is already done in our country".

This new migration regulation allows learning German for asylum-seekers. Previously the asylum-seekers in the country were only eligible to take up language classes; now, the asylum applicants also get the chance to register for classes.

The government plans to attract more skilled workers for the urgently needed sectors and expects these skilled labourers to come to Germany and excel in their skills that benefit the country.

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New regulations and skilled workers

The new regulation for skilled labourers like information technology specialists and many others whose professions are listed in desperately in shortage of labourers can move to Germany along with their families, which was not possible before. Family members need not possess language skills before moving to the country.

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New bill for German migrants


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