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Posted on June 28 2022

Germany to allow international workers to reduce staff shortages

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024


  • Workers from other countries will be permitted to work in Germany to reduce skills shortages
  • The demand for travel has increased after the restrictions related to COVID-19 have been eased
  • The shortage of employees at airports is in between 2,000 and 3,000

The German authorities have announced that workers from the other countries will be permitted so that skill shortages at the airports can be reduced. The decision has been taken by Interior, Transport and Labour Ministers. This will provide a temporary solution to resolve the situation at the airports.

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Many industries in Germany have been damaged due to Coronavirus pandemic and air travel is one of them. Staff shortage is the major problem in many European countries including Germany. The restrictions of the corona virus pandemic have been removed in many countries. This resulted in the increase in the demand for air travel which caused the skill shortages.

The authorities have reported that handling the flow of the international travelers has become difficult so there is a need for the temporary workers. Many inconveniences are being faced by the travelers at European airports. Passengers are facing the problems of long queues due to staff shortage.

Chaos could also be seen at the Dusseldorf airport as the photos of the passengers are waiting in a long line. The Interior, Labour and Transport ministers have stated that a joint campaign will be conducted so that temporary workers can be invited from other countries to reduce the staff shortages at German airports.

The local media of Germany has reported that the staff shortage in German airports is in between 2,000 and 3,000.The Labour Minister, Hubertus Heil has stated that employers have to pay collective wages and accommodation to the temporary workers for a limited period.

According to a report Germany Lufthansa has planned to cancel 1,000 flights in July as shortage of staff is creating problems. A Lufthansa spokesperson has revealed that around 900 domestic flights have already been canceled. Eurowings is also planning to cancel several flights in July.

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