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Posted on April 05 2022

How can I get job in Germany in 2022?

By  Editor
Updated January 09 2024

Germany is one of the most attractive countries to migrate to if you are a skilled migrant. The Skilled Workers Immigration Act enforced in March 2020 has made it easier for skilled workers from non-EU countries to work in Germany.   The predictions of the Institut für Arbeits- und Berufsforschung (IAB) show that Germany would need about 3,600,000 workers by the year 2030 for filling in the skill shortages in its workforce. Germany would need to add 200,000 skilled migrants per year to the richest European county’s labor force to achieve this goal.  

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As the Skilled Workers Immigration Act of Germany becomes effective, skilled foreign workers from the non-EU nations can expect rules for immigration to be more relaxed and rationalized.   The new laws will ensure that employers who want to recruit skilled workers will no longer require to carry out a priority check – a rule that the government had earlier insisted upon to make sure that the job openings could not be filled with citizens of Germany or European Economic Area (EEA).  

The foreign workers would not require priority checks if they are employed under the same working conditions as the citizens of Germany. The Residence Act has also been modified with the act, which will now consider foreign workers having a vocational degree to be on par with academic degree holders. So, this will allow the foreign workers to be regarded as skilled migrants under the Residence Act’s scope. As per this law, international workers will be granted permanent residency within four years. The German government hopes that the introduction of the Skilled Migration Act would streamline the immigration procedure for skilled workers from outside of Germany for its native employers. Within the law are provisions to fast-track the application process and provide businesses of Germany the talented workers that they require.  

Advantages for overseas job applicants When the act was passed, skilled professionals with vocational and non-academic training who belong to non-EU countries can relocate to Germany to search for work.   The law has modified the classification of a qualified professional. After two years, it will now include individuals with a tertiary education degree or vocational training. Such professionals must have their qualifications recognized by German authorities before working in the country.

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Three top routes to obtain a German job in 2022: If you wish to migrate to Germany in 2020, these are the suggested options for you:   Jobbörse: German for a “job market” or “job fair”, Jobbörse is the official job portal of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (the Federal Employment Agency of Germany).   The portal allows you to perform direct searches depending on the vacancies. Applicants can also post their profiles in a segmented way so that employers of Germany can find appropriate profiles and contact them directly if they are suitable. By the way, to make it easier for workers to apply for jobs, Jobbörse has also been made available in the form of an app.   Do remember that though the job offers are regularly updated, most of the postings for jobs would be in the German language.

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German portal:   A portal, Make it in Germany, of the German government has been created particularly to cater to talented professionals worldwide.   In the portal, detailed information is provided on how to search for jobs, how visas are processed, and how immigrants can expect to live in the world’s fourth-largest economy. There is a provision for entrepreneurs and researchers to search based on their skills in Germany. Additional information is also provided for professionals on vocational training and higher education.   You can search for more information on German job opportunities by browsing the classified sections of local newspapers of Germany. Meanwhile, large companies post their latest job openings on their websites. Furthermore, avail the assistance provided by the staffing agencies of Germany ease your job search.  

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Is knowledge of German essential to get a job in Germany?   The post will mention if a particular employer wants employees with minimum proficiency in the German language. Though German will only be essential for jobs located in rural Germany, basic proficiency in the German language would always be of help while living in that country. Suppose you want to improve your eligibility score to migrate to Germany. In that case, we can help you with that through our German language learning.  

What are the most sought-after jobs in Germany? People with skills in sectors such as IT & Software Healthcare Accounting & Finance Engineering, and other service sectors are always in-demand in Germany.   Germany is an attractive destination for talented workers to migrate to because of factors like quality of living, social benefits offered by the German government, multicultural society, excellent educational facilities, low crime rate, etc.   Know if Germany meets all requirements, you have been dreaming about when working overseas, by heading to Germany on a job seeker visa, which allows you to stay for six months there.  

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