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Posted on August 29 2022

How to get German citizenship?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Highlights for German citizenship

  • If you are living in Germany permanently, then you can apply for German citizenship under specific conditions.
  • Foreign nationals who have been living in Germany for the last eight years are considered eligible for citizenship.
  • The applicant must be at least 16 years old at the time of application, in order to apply for citizenship independently.

Germany Citizenship

If you are already living in Germany on a permanent basis, you have a chance to be a citizen under some specific circumstances. International citizens living in Germany for a minimum of eight years will be eligible to apply directly for citizenship. The candidate must have a minimum age of 16 years to file for citizenship individually.

Parents need to file the application on behalf of their children who are of 16 years.

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 Fundamental essentials for German citizenship

  • During the naturalization process, permanent residence is a right – if the candidate has an EU Blue Card or has a time-limited residence permit then it might lead to permanent residence.
  • Giving up on the previous citizenship
  • Get acquainted with the legal system, living and societal conditions of the Federal Republic of Germany (after passing the naturalization test)
  • No criminal history or sentences
  • Support oneself without taking the alternative for social assistance
  • Speaking and Written German language skills that are equal to level B 1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)
  • You should possess an accustomed and legitimate place of residence in Germany for at least eight years.

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Note: this period could be lessened to seven years if the applicant has successfully completed an integration course and can even be brought down to around six years if the applicant has special integration measures).

Cost of German Citizenship

Details about the applicants Costs for it
German citizenship per person €255
Minor children naturalized with their parents, per child €51

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Childbirth in Germany

The kids who are born in Germany to parents who came from a foreign country to take German nationality, and on top of that if the parent is been living in Germany legally for eight years during the child’s birth will be having an unlimited right of residence.

 When the child turns 21, they need to select between the German nationality and their parents' nationality which is called Optionspflicht – a requirement to choosing between two nationalities. This step can be taken only when the kid who is grown up in Germany or possesses the nationality of any other EU State Member or nationality of Switzerland, and also German nationality. 

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 The naturalization test

 The important step that needs to be taken for getting German citizenship is passing the naturalization test. After passing the test, one can demonstrate and prove that they have knowledge of the legal and social system along with it the living conditions of Germany are also familiar to the applicant, hence you can be naturalized.

For applying to the Naturalization process, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees test centers are available

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