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Posted on May 10 2022

High demand for nurses in Germany

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

As life expectancy is gradually increasing and German society is aging further, the number of young people in the country who begin their professional careers is decreasing. It has, therefore, created a massive demand for nurses, besides vital medical care.

Even though Germany does have a robust healthcare system, there are not enough nursing professionals in the country. They are needed at hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities of other types. Furthermore, nursing professionals of varying levels are required. The requirement for nurses is only expected to increase shortly.

Duties of Nurses

Nurses tend to people at all stages of their life. There are types of nursing activities – caring for patients, caring for the aged, and caring for children.

The responsibilities of these professionals include will include independent inspection, assistance, supporting, and caring for patients, both inside hospitals and out of it. They would also be required to document and assess nursing procedures, follow medical instructions, and aid in medical procedures.

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Eligibility for foreign nursing professionals

Those who want to carry out the nursing profession in the world's fourth-largest economy for their lives need to be officially authorized to practice their work. Nurses require the following to practice in Germany.

Required qualifications: Credentials for nursing obtained by aspirants in the country of their origin should be considered on par with those in Germany. An able authority will check whether particular qualifications are equivalent to the ones Germany recognizes. In case they are not, those individuals must sit for an assessment exam or run through an adaptation period to prove that their level of knowledge is equivalent. Nurses can submit their applications to the authorized officials in the state where they intend to work.

Basic proficiency in the German language: Nursing professionals should to have German language proficiency in the B1 or B2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Medical fitness: German doctors must certify that nursing professionals are physically able and mentally sound and are thus fit for these jobs.

Individual suitability/Reliability: Moreover, nursing professionals must provide evidence that they do not have any criminal records. For this, they either need to provide a conduct certificate from their country of origin or a certificate of conduct from Germany (Führungszeugnis).

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demand for nurses in Germany

Shortage of nurses in Germany


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