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Renewable energy projects in Victoria set to create 1000s of Australia jobs

Posted on October 24, 2018
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Renewable energy projects in Victoria set to create 1000s of Australia jobs

Increase in renewable energy construction projects in Victoria is on its way to create over 6,000 annual jobs. By the end of August 2018, these large-scale projects had created 5,169 job years of employment. It has overtaken Queensland with 5,156, according to an analysis by Green Energy Markets.

Victoria currently owns 26 operational large-scale wind and solar projects, 12 under construction and 28 with planning approval. According to the Green Energy Markets director of analysis, Tristan Edis, the construction boom would be attenuated by 2020. Firstly, there is no federal policy intervention. Secondly, the generation certificates scheme would be overflowed.

Renewable energy made up 25.5% of the electricity in August, which was enough to power 12.1m homes. Till August there were another 6,184MW of new large-scale renewable energy projects under construction. 15,511 jobs were produced, most of which were located in Queensland and Victoria.

Edis was then quoted as saying that there would be a drop-off in the wholesale power price in around 2020. Jobs associated with renewable energy will be affected as well. It might drop from 2.4 per megawatt to 0.13 per megawatt during operation.

The Grattan Institute energy program director, Tony Wood, indicated that there is no clear energy policy. In this case, there would not be further renewable energy investment in Australia. This was supported by Miriam Lyons, The GetUp campaigns director, who called it an embarrassment.

Wood said long-term targets can result in a steady demand. That would be better for both energy suppliers and workers, as reported by The Guardian News.

According to Lily D’Ambrosio, the Victorian environment minister, construction jobs were the product of a record investment in renewable energy. She added that investment would be highly affected if the Coalition won the state election next month.

NSW currently leads the number of jobs in the rooftop solar installation industry. However, jobs in rooftop solar in Victoria are believed to increase due to its $2250 solar panel rebate.

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